The Assassination MARTYRDOM of JFK

DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is semi-channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

It is also better as a windup to some kind of fantasy fiction, though it is realistically part of my magical diary, and offered as such.

Now make no mistake about it. A little birds SPECULATES that John F. Kennedy DID push the button and that the FOLKS WITH CLASS gave the thumbs down to the missiles actually flying. VERY MUCH.

For this rebuke, he accepted the assignment of assassination, as did Jackie.

He needed to heal what he had done to Russia and the world.

Now part of his issue with NEW WORLD SORCERY was IT MADE ME NUTS and he was not happy with how he had functioned in class. There was no RIGHTEOUS.

Plus he had had syphilis and the concomitant brain damage and should NOT have been President. All is known.

The rich are very fine when they are RIGHT, and they give half their money to the poor. It is an electromagnetic circuit and HALF is what it costs to FEEL. It looks to me like the dollar amount FOR SORCERERS is $300K – or make no mistake about it, the CURSE of wealth — incest — will be yours. Yes, they need their plum seats at the Opera, my friend, and lots of pretty scarves, but they also need to SERVE and that is mostly with bearing the MEMORY of our culture. It is not easy to study seven ancient languages, and if you have those chops, it is likely that you are some kind of ARISTOCRAT.

I have not said we will not move on. We will MAINTAIN and ADD. THE LACK OF VISION IS EXECRABLE IN THE NEW ENERGY and a posting of this magnitude should have MORE.

NO DOUBT GOVERNMENT SORCERY HAS MADE MY OLD BOYFRIEND A GOD, AND A YEMAYA SANTA MARTA because they were not explained the ancient polarity between love and war, or they are EATEN from beyond, for it is known to the cognoscenti that you place your GREATEST war gods into the CKOURTESAN love goddess, and that is why we KNOW you are of OUCH.

Part of the problem with all ancient world stuff THAT WORKS IN FAIRY WAYS, like miracles STUNTS, is that you have to periodically recharge and add new gods as the old ones get STUCK or OUT OF CONTROL in elegance. In order for the entire system to work appropriately, the human + animal COMMITTEES must periodically acquire new units of godhood, preferably in correlation to the Wise Ones that include animals. Some gods simply grow so great that they turn into huge sky beings that heal us and it is not possible to bring them down without injury.

The Viking Warrior basically committed large-scale SUICIDE of much of his grander nature to come down here and be a POSTER OF BLOGS, and for that we are appreciative. He didn’t think he would be able to stand these energies. At one point, he said that he would likely explode BY GOVERNMENT SORCERY and be fairy dust all over me. Life has hardened him, and the assistance of my Great Ones who LIKE HIS STYLE — RAM. He is a demon now of Thelemite striker and healthy about COW FINDS.

The GOVERNMENT SORCERY LEAGUE is WEALTHY in that they usually kill CHURLS and make them gods, a common practice among all paganism, to the result that MOST GODS ARE CHURLS and, in the end, the churl magic always prevails. I would imagine that some of the police actions in which Norse workers — albeit of UNKIND connections — are killed in police work are DEDICATED AS GOVERNMENT SORCERY GODS, as are some of the Muslim casualties of war, especially in Mormondom. I’m not sure about how fine these gods are with SERVING THE ENEMY in a system subsidized by the power work of Muslim Africa. I have long known that many of our police brethren who undertake New World Sorcery with the blood of Islam on their hands are downshifted in the grid to their detriment and probably many superiors know it.

All this was known in THE ART of the great houses of Europe, and the Minor Nobles — Upper-Middle-Class — EARLS BUT NOT KINGS — always did the best work and schlepped it out in DUELS to get the right FAIRY in as a god, for they were animal people themselves and worked the entire circuit. This is how the THE ART of the great houses was done for eons — often in poison which was a known thing, as a plague — or other ways of dying, perhaps just relinquishing your immortal body. Then they festooned you up as a demon or even a church saint, and on we went with the entire rigamarole of FASTING.

Now my family was middle-class and didn’t know so much about the duels — perfect with fistfights, however — mostly of the fact that WRITHING AND PUKING IN THE ART often left you dead, and that was how you become a demon(ess). It is also how you kill the dark ones.

The gods cannot function WELL ENOUGH if they come only from the lower classes, and in the end, the whole system breaks WIND. So the sacrifice of JFK was very fine, but it needs to be dealt with in the broader context of our work, so that he can play the part he INTENDED which is to

The powers of the wealthy IN MY LOOP are offering another option. Each world has their own President-god, and mine is NIXON, who will PLAY THE ROLE OF FREYJA. If we want to work with Freyja as a genie with a plain Buddha lamp filled with olive oil and power verses, the power god of wealth, Nixon, will probably bestow the aristocracy in the ATR that you mooks LOSE when you PLAY GADFLY.


WARNING TO JEWS – THROW UP OR JOIN THE ADL: The wealthy always loved the Reich GERMANY and not the dark and stupid side of it. Those guys knew the war was a mistake and they also knew they were going to lose. The United States was duplicitous in its earliest assurances that we would not enter the war — or in time. WE DIE IN VAIN, said the HONORABLE beings of Odin, the god who bore the power of the work in the symbolism of his ancient world of HINDU.

But we die as gentlemen, because it is poor form to go on when your country can’t. AND WE KNOW WHO U ARE.

So they suited up in their VERY FINE ATTIRE and their POWER WORLD WAS GORGEOUS WHEN THEY WERE LOSING, for they were of Odin then, and Odin plays his best game from the muck.

JFK was a wealthy man and could accommodate a sizable collection of memorabilia, which caused Israel to COW him as a djinn. MANY HAVE SUCH COLLECTIONS AMONG WEALTH. It is a way of bearing the energy of I TOLD YOU SO.

Humans are inherently hierarchical, and we don’t just need to incarnate up and down the class ladder — a fine life as an aristocrat leaves you wasted and covered in SO MUCH BLACK MAGIC that you can’t function without an interim as a stable hand or mentally ill or retarded. So we need those who are of WEALTH to show yourselves to the people as the English Queen does when she cuts the ribbon at the local supermarket or smashes a champagne bottle on a ship BLAMMO! SHIP OPEN! or just lets people around so that they can loop on her psychically. We have movie stars showing off their belly buttons, and that’s okay. Sports is also funded. But we do need some modicum of OLD MONEY CLASS out there in public making opinions known and being fine in some ways. And they need to SERVE in public ways that are not just the Museum and the Opera. The power needs them, and the fact that this upstart family of middle-class folks is taking the rich out behind the wood shed is fundamentally because the wealth did not FUNCTION as they needed to, and now we have to put on some better clothes, I think, and get on a blog, though I am not interested in losing my normal life.

The living President power is also important in GOVERNMENT SORCERY. Mine is revealed in the blog as HOSSEIN – Barack Hussein Obama, though in His aspect as SENATOR, for that is when he did the work we LIKE — being President reconstructs your entire energy world down to very deep ancestors and old ones and it is a BEAST who can explain this work and not a human — who is very fine and clear that we need some genies in the situation as well. I will delve into the ways that China, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and various other powers are being exasperated by the lack of clarity in how we function in deep timelines in the underworld. Jackie is also very fun, for many reasons, though I am not on with the pillbox hat. She was a plan. JFK was going to kill himself and she wouldn’t let him. 

I suspect that JFK — and Jackie was the actual frequent necessity of an addicted President — went to his death with certain agreements, such as that LBJ would enact the Civil Rights legislation that was stymied by conservatism in the South. The fact that he was assassinated in TEXAS was both a STRIKE against the South and against LBJ, who never recovered politically.

Feds are best when they take time off from America in THE CRINOLINES OF ODIN.

Oh, dear, I am crapping this out. They would have liked you if you’d been right with them somehow. HOOKERS.

The rich were partly fools and partly broken.

The Civil War was not JUST a war of politics but also a war of magick.

The Norse powers are telling us HI.

The North had big aristocrats and they ran THE ART while the witches did THE WORK under their stern direction. This means that the animals were inculcated with RUMP and not very pulled together. No one wanted to be a A FINE RABBIT anymore, and the lack of real initiators like PAIMON ROCK, built by a rodent in part, SCREECHING IN JUDAH IS OWLS, well it wasn’t very fun and they struck with many powers against the stateliness and OUCH of the South,

Where we didn’t have it under control — and knew it would be a giant CRAP — the beings of humans always make it impossible at end of millennium — so we did our best by integrating the African worlds and the Native American worlds with a gentle and smaller ART in the working, middle, and small nobility situations as it had always worked best in Judah.

The South was older, ASA. It had the cream of the FIRST WAVE and your family was noble and ancient and RUTTING A LOT and cleaning pig sties and really farming and culled the STUPID and went West, when it was time, to that lovely place in JAPAN called OWLS. 

Wealth should have maintained the ancient connections with the underworld of THE ART and scat is how I keep it together COMMUNICATE WITH THE MICROORGANISM (PLAGUE) GODS MENTIONED IN THE TORAH and Quran is very important for knowledge of such things  BESTOW THE POUND but they cooked the golden goose BY SLATTERNLY and FROG knew who he was now he’s kind of realizing he had a part to play and it’s COWABUNGA that’s what happened to our world.

Most effective sorcery psychics are taken from the underworld and lose their sensitivity in the end. It doesn’t WORK OUT FOR THEM.

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