Why Loki Killed Baldr

DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

Now Loki’s transgression in killing Baldr needs to be reexamined in light of the MURDER WEAPON — mistletoe — still in use as a TRICK herb of Eros.

Every New Year’s Eve men around Christendom hold up the MAGIC HERB and demand a KISS and you have to give it, even to your BOSS.

Any good worker knows to HIDE YOUR TRACKS.

When Frigga demanded oaths of ALL BEINGS that they would not kill Baldr, she conveniently FORGOT to include the mistletoe, which means it was CHARMED so that she would not even notice it, and that is the herb that killed Baldr, as well as the herb that brought him into being with a wife who was TOO GOOD for that warlord.

THIS IS CRAZY IDEA AND I AM GOING TO ALLOW IT TO STAY IN: Anyone in Northrland would have KNOWN what this meant. This comes from a very OLD power world. Today we do not make souls with intention or with animals, as LUST. 

They would also have known what the Mayans did, and that is to build the soul of the developing fetus, the father has to DONATE his seminal fluid to the developing fetus — in the mother, of course — every single day, and that is NOT POSSIBLE if you are off charging around in a bunch of stupid, lovely wars.

As was Odin.

The child is NEVER right and always EATS THE WORLD — and the ancestors — which is Loki’s issue with Baldr, that nice rich kid who always lived above his means in power, and that is why no one believed a word he said. He couldn’t COMMAND anything.

It is also why the RICH need to allow themselves to be placed into lives of NOT SO RICH and not demand of the sorcerers that they shall be everlasting aristocrats, for that is why the sorcerers’ heads end up in FANCY JARS.

Oh, we expose the girl children, to the effect that the principal CASH CROP of the Irish is . . . WOMEN!

It was probably well-known that when you see the Viking ships, you just kind of have a party and CONJUGAL? they took a look at this year’s crop of young ladies and off you go, with not so much of injury. Some scruffing, maybe. WHY ABUSE THE GOODS?

This is how Northrland fell, really. You have to have the ladies doing THE WORK and for your own ancestors. You can’t buy it, and they knew that. I suspect the Viking Warrior had a foul world of CRIMINY.

Now Loki handed Odin his ass in the question of the building of Valhalla, when it was not possible to build Valhalla within Odin’s own means but he wanted a FANCY CRIB anyway. This is part of how we lost the war. Kings do not work well, but Earls do. It is more about the civilization of the dead than the pragmatism of the living. A fact the MAN OF THE ART was clear about. Why can’t we just normalize everything? 

For those of you who don’t recall, the unnamed builder of Valhalla had a stallion named Svadithfari who lugged the stones for his work. The fee for the construction was the sun, the moon, and the goddess Freyja. KNOWN! Now the Aesir — ever the braggarts — decided to welch on this agreement, and this is the ultimate cause of the downfall of their civilization. When asked by Odin to GET US SOME SLACK, MAN, Loki, whom I call the Master Strategist of the Norse, and always imprecate AS INSTRUCTED with some chagrin, identified the weakness in the system as the stallion, transformed himself into a lissome mare, and lured the fellow out. This caused the Aesir to receive Valhalla FOR FREE, which was not really fair, but they should have negotiated a compromise payment of something reasonable like regular money. It is always about TRICKING THE UNDERWORLD and that is why we have FEAR. Erfy, it’s not good to eat the world. 

Now Loki could have welched on his situation with the stallion, but out of SHEER RESENTMENT AGAINST DISHONOR, stayed a mare for eleven months and gave birth to the eight-legged steed Sleipnir, who by his eight legs was clearly an animal who had his OLD ONE involved — in the extra four legs — and worked as a sorcerer from the Deep Self. It was creepy and unnecessary to be so honorable to a HORSE, but Loki was remorseful about nothing. Odin had the good sense to demand this steed as his own mount and bestow gifts of its descendants to his favorites, which caused Loki to influence all of Odin’s little chicaneries FROM THE ANIMAL WORLD.

A fact known to none.

Now, if you are going to engage the underworld in a DEAL and are proposed the deal of a child, you had better get on board with how the underworld wants this entire sweep of your family’s life to be, and that is what the LESSONS LEARNED is from this.

Baldr was not well-made, and he could not fund himself by MAKING, which is to use your own ritual, meditation, and offerings to transform the effluvia of the living and the dead into structures usable by the living, dead, and fey ROKKR for a long-range and BEAUTIFUL civilization to the benefit of all. Otherwise, the effluvia becomes a layer of electromagnetic MUCK that Angels cannot make heads or tails of and only the REPTILES can see through with a terrible price of WE CAN EAT YOU. This is why the Old South commenced initiation with TOAD, as I have been instructed by MY ANCESTORS who worked the entire rigamarole with the ARK.

Instead, Baldr ate the dead, which we have seen in the extreme overuse of ancestors WHO ARE OFTEN NOT EVEN YOURS in government sorcery and in the extreme overuse of the living ALSO THE ANCESTORS in some practitioners of Enochian sex magic, which is reductive of the practice but COWED in those who do the full ritual work and meditation and study of the entire system and whatnot.

So Loki took Baldr out.

I have always considered Loki as right as he is AWFUL TO ME. I am a careless wing nut who is lusted after by SOME RAMS and now realizes how to TELL ON SERIOUS CREEPS.

The shift into magical decadence was well-known to the sorcerers who constructed these cautionary tales for the KINGS. And the people just crept around. FREEDOM is fine.

And that is why we are working on this whole Gotha thing and why we are going to offer many OBJECT LESSONS FOR SORCERY in the time to come, for many, are going to be able to CALL IN SOME CHITS for a giant crapout.

I can imagine the HONORABLE German sorcerers saying, What? You are killing the Jews, the homosexuals, and the gypsies? The ONLY powers who can keep us from being dominated IN SORCERY by America?

Exactly, says WHO? A lunatic. But ultimately the German aristocracy who did not WANT to continue incarnating into COWS — oh, I mean the lesser orders most of the time — for that is what it takes to recharge your batteries after an exhausting row after row after row in ARISTOCRACY. Look at those mooks who DO do the work. They COW FIND.

American sorcery is immature.

It takes a thousand years to make a tradition of sorcery work, and we in this room of crazy have been doing this for about that long. You will notice that my powers go back mostly about that far, though some are actually farther and called in for DUTY in immature crapouts like I AM A GOD!

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