And Why Baldr Accepted the Mission


King Edward VII was not the brightest bulb in the socket, and he knew it. A thousand years of INBREEDING left the monarchy limited in many ways and perhaps not only averse to consummation but out and out sterile and pampered. The Queen Mum had to be artificially inseminated WITH WHAT SPERM? Not polite to ask but we all know upstairs what is known downstairs and THAT IS HOW THE WORLD IS RUN HERE and why we quake when they curtsy a certain way.

My father related a story told him by a Native American construction worker who was renting a room from him. This fellow said the Amish used to pull up to the site in their buggies, take a look at the gentlemen working and pick out a big, strapping fellow, and make him an offer. For $50 they would purchase a fairly quick donation of his MAN STUFF, provided right then, in the buggy, to the wife. My Latino father was aghast. There was no GETTING TO KNOW YOU. 

I once watched a famous Italian-American movie star in a ritzy steak house in New York lay down the law with a prospective ladyfriend about how their romance was to proceed. He started the date by picking the right Chianti with the waiter and swishing it about and finally pronouncing it FINE and pouring her a glass. Her eyes were just whirling almost, but she kept it up okay. She was not wearing a cocktail dress. I could have instructed her on the POWER of dresses, especially with a hint of decolletage. They are clearly the best. AT ANY AGE. Then the evening proceeded with many tales about Hollywood life. This fellow is most annoying for getting a television series UP AND RUNNING then walking away because the formula is boring in the end and he wanted to relax a bit. At one point he sang opera in Italian. The entire restaurant cheered. This culture cannot be replaced. We need a bit of CEREMONY in this world. Finally he proposed a WEEKEND in Big Sur and went on to tell her about the hotel and all of its glories along with the windswept hills and the beach and all of the elegances they would enjoy. But he made clear to point out, After this, we will be FRIENDS FOREVER. Yes, FRIENDS FOREVER. These words were repeated many times. My beau and I sat gobsmacked and wondered if we could have some of that STYLE, please. We want BIG SUR and FRIENDS FOREVER, not this stupid THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND RING EVER but these rings really should all end up chucked off the Brooklyn Bridge and I have an old kung fu injury in my foot and can’t walk that far, not really, and will just leave the bling in the apartment that is full of bugs.

Evidently the Amish maintained clarity about the fundamental principles of animal husbandry and that is if you need to do a line breeding, you breed only on ONE SIDE of the line and we could use some CONSTRUCTION WORKERS in our world. That will do.

There is a point where NATURE ITSELF pulls the plug on a line and that is clear in many Mormon worlds, where even as little as 150 years of CROSSED LINE BREEDINGS has caused the people to become shorter and shorter and less and less beautiful, and the only remedy is a PART-MORMON who makes me HOT.

So here we are with the CHURLISH English king who wasn’t ready to be a modern Monarch only parroting the Prime Minister but had every intention of SPEAKING HIS SOUL and that was about modern, mechanized war, another romp of which was right around the corner.

The Great War, a.k.a. WWI, was the last one where the aristocracy DID ITS DUTY as officers in the front lines. And were rewarded with massive casualties and a clear KNOWLEDGE of what this type of war would do to the populace.

Edward VII made the very bold choice of conceiving of this upcoming MODERN MECHANIZED war as two choices:

  1. Much dead and very nice boys
  2. We speak German

And went around speaking German, which he did for the rest of his life, especially after a snootful at a dinner party.

This was considered UNPATRIOTIC but was in fact TOO PATRIOTIC.

But he was also “off” and therefore did much of his real work in the underworld while the circuit of England’s sorcery ran through his system — and he felt it. He also FELT the moment when it was JUST to turn off THE ART, which he did, and which is why I have felt that it went DARK around the Second World War and why I have been BELTED IN in order to ‘stablish something kinda sorta like it but not really, just WHAT THE DEVIL IS THIS, says Scratch, who is going to talk about the difference between a DARK deal and a SUICIDE MISSION of Sheriff, which is what we are on about in THE COWS.

Consider our proposition, that the ANCIENT Rokkr Fey style of war was UNCONSTITUTIONAL a question of the right casualties and many underworld swap-outs in OFFICERS and reincarnation across enemy lines and WHERE IS OUR NOBLES? In China as serfs. And we did all this stuff for ENEMIES centuries and knew what war was. Eisenhower says it was TOGGLED ON in the war itself and not planned, though the South has much dealings in DARK WORLDS with ooooh. Now I go to FOUND.

Also, it was not FINE to leave the wrong dead hanging around in fields. They caused MANY THINGS. King Edward knew the WAR needed to be at home and small, so that the BOYS could be taken into the WORLD OF US in our own fields, thank you, and not EATEN in France, but that would not make the CUNTS as much WARBUCKS, so they crap crap crap on everything and he MARRIES TRASH to show them how to STYLE.

These mechanized weapons were not ENCHANTED yet and the Great War was a circuit overload of the British aristocracy such that ALL WENT MAD and they had to malefact MANUFACTURE a constitutional crisis involving the idea that OUR QUEEN MUST NOT BE A SLUT IN WORLD but only in underworld.

King Edward MIGHT HAVE wanted to be the actual COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF and I will fall for the Kingdom — it is presaged — we need some fresh blood in our gods. Churl gods always go South in the end.

A small, elegant guerrilla war fought in England would have SNARLED UP Hitler like nobody’s business, and King Edward knew, having dined with EVERYONE WHO WAS ANYONE his entire life, and that was much of his life’s work, to be an awe-ful aristocrat and do what needed doing IN ART.

Why don’t I go have dinner with Hitler and, if I don’t like the chap, I will just kill him. Myself.

No. Not so much, I can hear Churchill EISENHOWER saying. Archduke Ferdinand’s similar type of death caused a lot of problems, and we don’t need to bring back DUELS, having just gotten rid of them.

So I will cause a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS and show them.

Feel free, RAM.

Very well, old sport.

This is HOWL saying:

The corporate lie is supposed to be spoon fed to people, where in fact the AWESOME amount of money in war goods was not to be passed up by the English money fools, so Edward had to go and we needed the war to make some money and if we kill a few million CHURLS — who the devil even FEELS it?

I will send a message: WHORE.

And those Chinese brothel tricks were probably fun but I AM IN LOVE AND WILL krampus on ANYTHING I LIKE because Fool is the real deal, not practical.

WHY NOT HAVE AN AMERICAN QUEEN WHO IS A MESSAGE? That is what we are about here in the War Room(s).

He also decided that, in order to be this AWFUL type of king — an ECCENTRIC king — he needed THE RIGHT WIFE and that was not any of the fine ladies presented to him but this double divorcee who, for some reason, did the ENERGY WORK necessary for a rich and congenitally stupid WHORE to be who he wanted to be. And that is LEGACY.

Look at America. So spoon fed! So repressed! All of that energy could be marshaled at the start of the twentieth century in the LADY movie stars. And weren’t they amazing? Louise Brooks. Gloria Swanson. Jean Harlow.

They were ANIMALS and they were powerful.

Look at a period photo of Wallis Simpson. She was a PANTHER. Wouldn’t you like to have that thing walking about the place?

And she couldn’t get into the real business of aristocracy which is DEALS at dinner parties because she was LOW in just the right way. That was his gift to us Americans. We hear your pain, EMPIRE. 

And it doesn’t do for a psychic QUEEN King to be GLAD HANDING shtupping everyone. It is UNCLEAR. So he had her to do it and the underlings. Of course he had his life, but it isn’t felt properly when you’re always in the knickers.

Some people do better work in sorcery dead than alive and that is perhaps why he is not just our figurehead but real — though a channel to the kind of sorcery that we need, which is

1. traditional
2. yet adaptive
3. yet fuckdick

It was clear that the American sorcery WORLD COMMAND was coming in, so he married an American WHORE: message in a bottle. I suspect many of the events of his life could be DECIPHERED in similar fashion and that perhaps he himself may not know all of the REASONS for his actions but knew in his soul how he needed to be.

And with pugs.



If all the gods are churls, in the end sorcery loses the capacity to serve because the churls cannot really conceptualize the dimension of WORLD. And they always revolt, CIA. If a tradition of sorcery wishes to extend itself over broad reaches, it needs to lop off the heads of the actual kings, which the Mayans seem to have done, even if some body doubles CRAPPED creeped in, though the people knew what was COMING. And not just names on lists of soldiers who have fallen without knowing they were human sacrifices as well as . . . I thought this was a Christian outfit.

And that is why we in the South situation are wondering where our counterparts are in some mythical Great House that is no longer STERLING able to be anything more than KEYSTONE COPS in our opinion. ACE: Oh, that is us in some worlds. Crap.

I will discuss this relative to the Mormons in a coming post, and it is quite droll, I promise you.

Now back to Baldr, the only Jew who understands the job.

King Edward maintains that the Rokkr work is the very best to keep down the devastations of THE PUSSY WILLOW PEOPLE, or the dead of the Anglo-(Celts) of pre-Christian Europe whose sorcery is capable of WHAT U SEE NOW and that is eating the white peoples from within.

And that is why HIS CONTEXT is backing this one.

And the good demon work was always a suicide mission — nobody wants the fucking job anymore. Twenty years of Cabala then A WHOLE BUNCH OF BATS.

Now Baldr is the only one of those old Norse gods WHO NEVER WENT TO WAR. He was a sweet and gentle soul whose counsel no one accepted. And fine with sex, in my humble opinion. Odin is in a war with spy hookers as usual, but Baldr is my own personal LUST, which always causes WYRD strikes. And foreknowledge.

Consider the soul world of King Edward. He had just been through the most devastating debacle imaginable, so-called THE GREAT WAR because it was a tide that turned in the world and everyone knew it.

That was the last war when the nobles actually sent their sons in to fight. Now they merely sit back and KEEP TRACK OF THEIR INVESTMENTS.

The problem with GOVERNMENT SORCERY LEAGUE — and there are many subgroups here, and not just of the government — is that it seeks to extend power over a vast reach that it cannot chthonically supervise in HONOR and realistically, OUCH, whereas it should EXTERMINATE extend communication and somewhat respectfully. That is where my nose is out of joint, man.

The West Coast is NOT the same as the East Coast, and neither are London — or Jerusalem.

Now back to Baldr, who is FINALLY donning his CAP OF WAR, for Baldr was ever the general IN THE DEATH WORLDS where we are currently in formation which has been abandoned NONPLUSSED by the ATR in favor of — what the devil are you doing? The dark arts need to be FUNDED cry.

Let’s consider the VIKING WORLD, which made several centuries of preparation for transition and ALWAYS kept itself together through even the current phase, African slavery — and Hindu slavery — and Muslim slavery — ??

So northern Europe used to be an agricultural world of scant humans and much snow. There is no archaeological evidence of large-scale war in Scandinavia prior to the Roman invasion. They lived in small- to medium-scale agricultural, hunting and, to a very limited extent, trading enterprises, much of their talent focused inward into the question of SURVIVAL in the northern wilds and to banking a rich and beautiful shamanic civilization with much spirituality welded to technology — ALIENS, ANYONE? — very similar to the Amerindians of this continent who knew much about peoples in distant lands — because they occasionally washed up on the beaches — but didn’t bother with shipbuilding or moving about outside of the places where their ancestors and land gods and sky gods could speak to them in their FEET and that is where we have PLENTY.

But the Romans — ever alert to FINE enterprise and quashing it — always moved people away from their ANCESTORS, and without them, the shamanic people are lost. The Migration Period is replete with CRAZY and we are TRYING not to get sacrificed to FREYR again.

Then came the Roman invasion and all of the rest we know as VIKING which tracks in parallel with the Christian Era, and that is why we STOP in our Rokkr work with the VIKING ERA ouch and do not go back further, even if those old beings — we go back further but only if we have strikers who are clear — and this is only within the MY OWN BEING, thank you, not some conglomerate bureaucracy — have great POWER and could stomp around and make empires and whatnot. That is what New World Sorcery did — bind the oldest ones comprehensibly how we needed them. And still do. EARTHBOUND SOULS.

HOWL — and for purposes of King Edward, it is HOWL and the lot — he is fond of — for obvious reasons — says the Neolithic folks are INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

They worked human sacrifice, but the energy transformations of it are not even possible — even for an Odian — and we should step away from any type of it, even calling casualties of war and police work — CHECK! — human sacrifice in retrospect. We can’t track them! And it’s not a question of the energy of that person’s life potential going into a GRENDEL’S GLOVE. It is that we have parallel worlds in which such lives are STILL pursued and you destroyed the magic in this world that would enable you to GET YOUR SHIT ON — or did you?

The Rokkr work of the VIKING ERA is comprehensible because it was dealt with by the Roman World and its successor, the Christian World, and by its parallel world, the Islamic World, and we have many coordinates in those CONCURRENT traditions — and they traveled far, leaving their footsteps in the sand — and can REMIND the Rokkr that they have a part to play in this world and are valued and CREATED ANEW by our weltanshauung and our Rokkr worlds of TODAY — Enoch! Enoch! Enoch! — FOOL, it is in TELEVISION PROGRAMS that we are so fine. And in blogs, for the more ELEGANT and educated and CUNNING FAX, for Crowley was always of the WRITING which we have lost in government sorcery.

Now consider Baldr’s position. He was the cosseted son of Odin and Frigg, and he looked out at the STUPID WITCHING OF EMPIRE WAR and said,

I have no intention of — at the greatest heights of war sorcery — removing HALF MY MANHOOD and cunning RAPING MY MOTHER on the eve of battle and going off and taking poor people’s stuff. That is CALLOUS and I am a very wealthy man who can afford to eat. So, no thanks, Dad, I will stay home and TAKE CARE OF MY GARDEN. And that is what he did, in an era of infantile and ridiculous hooliganism called VIKING, which is why it is said that NO ONE HEEDED HIS COUNSEL any more than they did that of Edward VII.

So when Odin got fed up with the RATINGS of his son as not so fine, he called him on it and Baldr flat out said, WHO CARES I AM A GOD and Odin said, Not here, you’re not, and booted him down to the UNDERWORLD of many fine dinner parties in FRANCE, a life work undertaken with many hoodoo makings and much joy in OUR DAY WILL COME.

What is known of Baldr’s war capacity? Only that He had the power to say, CRAPO CRAP and I will fall before I make this ridiculous HOOLIGAN war called VIKING.

The problem with the Viking Era is that it was STUPID and based on this newfangled thing called A SHINY METAL NO ONE CAN EAT – silver. Imported from the Islamic World where it grows abundantly in the ground but not in Norway, where it is only SHEEP and BARLEY that grow — and they can be eaten.

The shift from agricultural barter to monetary economy was always full of BAD. Look at Spain’s imperialistic nonsense, where a pound of corn meal cost a million bucks and could not even feed the populace, who did not know that the B vitamins were only released by a teaspoon of limestone, a fact known to the Mesoamericans who both put lime in the corn and chewed and spat it out for a sour mush that was VERY fine – called Nixtamalization — and still not that fashionable. The Spanish starved to death with full bellies dining on plates of AZTEC SILVER. This is not funded in BALDR, though it is in CHURCHILL.

I have a bunch of these soured corn items, albeit mixed with wheat, in the fridge and they are FUNDING many things.

So what do we know of Baldr?

He was PHASE SHIFTED with great ingenuity into a Jesus while still being a GOD OF CLASSIC LUST in mistletoe, for it was known that many of the Christians in monasteries were HOMOSEXUAL while claiming to be chaste.

Thus it is that we VENERate Baldr in this Jesus stuff while still having Baldr as the son of Odin.

I can see COWS sacrificed to make BALDR a god of PHASE SHIFT, the mechanism whereby we go back and forth between the VIKING worlds and the Christian like a door that no one comprehends because OUCH.

Okay. We have Baldr to save us. And King Edward who is so MISUNDERSTOOD as being not only a fool but a fop who stood up to the money powers and said ELFS. That is what we need. And that is why I call to the STUPID STUFF come and get me.

At the moment of his kingship, he assumed control of THE ART of England, and when he saw it go DARK, he turned it off and said, NOW IS TIME FOR THE FUN STUFF. AMERICAN SORCERY and we’ll see how you do.

It was presaged.

But “King Edward” can turn it on FOR YOU if you are crazy enough to GO ALL THE WAY.

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