Birds in the Ancient World: Messengers of Omens and Auguries

DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

The Viking Warrior often appears to me with the head of a raven growing out of his head.
It is the only bird I have the capacity to work with with any regularity. I know I should involve myself with owls, because that is the NORMAL thing for a witch. Then there are the various domestic birds that the Deep Self has been of, the goose going way back, but more recently, really, it is ducks if we are to deal with waterfowl. Who can always wrangle up a goose? Ducks are in parks all over the place; geese are intermittent. WHAT ABOUT THE CHICKEN?
The rationale is that the newly dead are more able to manage a bird. They are able to hop onto it. It is also about the size of the animal. Consider if the fundamental electrical blueprint of your spinal column where most of the most concentrated nerve transmission takes place, lost the body then had to condense itself without a physical form, it would shrink in size. Perhaps the mystery of some of the fairies is that they are dead people and can relate to small animals like mice, and even insects.
Perhaps this is why the owls are harbingers of death — a coming move into the death worlds can be seen by the ancestors and WARNED OF. A matrix of energy work forms within the family to stabilize and bind the newcomer if the death wyrd is near in PROCEDURES like Church.
Anglo-Saxon poetry always describes a battle with the arrival of the eagle, the raven, and the wolf, three animals who come to eat the fallen.
We have seen from our friends — many of whom include beings in the Deep Self of OWLS involved in this work — that animals can enter the stream of human evolution by incarnating into the bodies of traditions involved in power work. For example, cows often entered Judaism as a series of lives starting from the power work in Kosher butchery. This is the POLITE SOCIETY corollary to the hunt, wherein agreements are made with the animals the hunters killed and ate.

We have no idea what we are getting ourselves into with modern agribusiness.

As it was with Judaism, only the well-off could afford to eat a lot of beef, and only the well-off could afford to spend all those hours with the Torah and the minyans every day — “attendance at the house of prayer morning and evening,” as the Siddur pronounces to a bunch of working stiffs. By this means, the immanent consciousness of cows imbibed a great deal of Torah as they nestled in the bellies of the wealthy and eventually incarnated into the very families of the people who ate them the most. Thus it was that a bunch of German cows became the greatest scholars of the Torah the world has ever known.

I AM ALSO A COW as reminded by Odin.

All animals enter humans in various ways. 

This is the opposite of the Eastern path of vegetarianism, which is also beautiful in a different way, with different narcotraficantes involved, as well as different mechanisms for the animal-human interchange in past lives as well as present.

It was possibly in some cases by being eaten by a flock of ravens that the ancient Germanic warriors experienced life immanently as ravens and were able to move into the WORLD OF ODIN which was probably run by illuminated ravens, living and dead, as well as other birds. A bird can play a bird in the human pageant of religion, as we have seen with ducks and geese, as well as our own chicken.
Thus in preparation for battle, the warriors would have done much shamanic work with ravens so that they might weather the transition more effectively.
I am noticing a lot of sparrows around here, as well as the normal crows that get sucked into my power work of ravens. Tittering, no doubt.

“Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie,” goes the old nursery rhyme, a mechanism the witches used to preserve their METHODOLOGY. We should FIND them.

Judaism often brought in the least Christian souls from the surrounding cultures — that always works best. This is why we are CURRENTLY seeing an uptick in Buddhist spiritual practice among American Jews who are, in the Deep ones, drawn from the local Chinese and pan-Asian communities — and why Jews like to eat Chinese food on Christmas. It is also a great religion.

In pre-modern Europe, the souls brought into Judaism would have been the pagans. Odin assures me that I was a “great old pagan” until the 1400s, five hundred years after the history books said we were all POOFED! into Christianity — and used Jewish spiritual practice to reconstruct the Deep Ones throughout wave after wave of Christian fairy genocide.

The ancient pagan practice of working with THE BLACKBIRD as reincarnation shamanism — and iffy times — evidently persisted until the Holocaust, in our Akashic reading of the matter, though it went dark in Christianity in the 19th century.

Thus it is that the Fey folk of the Hermetic Cabala often come up as VIKINGS.

Muslims point out that in pagan times after the battle the local people would probably have brought their PIGS to the battlefield for a tasty treat of stupid militants. Thus it was that in this world, the pig ate the warriors, while in Valhalla, the warriors ate the pig — PIG FUNDS — and how pig sorcery was a great part of our witching work even when Jewish.

HOWL brought a pig into the work of Odin early on. Pigs are funny, the warriors noted. She always livens up the place.

I can hear my Muslim brethren gibing, I HEAR YOU ENDED UP IN A PIE.

The warriors pipe in, A LOT OF US ENDED UP IN PIES.

I hear Odin chortling as a raven. Actually chicken. Hugin and Munin, Thought and Memory. THIS IS WHAT THE LIVING NEED AS WELL AS THE DEAD, points out ALE.

I understand that the rubric of government sorcery often works with the eagle instead of the raven not that I would find it. The boy boys crap on me for twenty years now they get the LOVE. The eagle is a statecraft warbird — they spoke to me the last time I summoned Paimon. I have worked with the eagle much in Western art magick as the symbol of Water in the West, where in my work Frigga is stationed to assist us with the BLINDS and the power wyrd and home. But it is not the same as their shamanic work. You can power eagles in the West if you want to. All of the symbols can be used HAREM SCAREM and are by the dead, WITNESS. 

The particular situation of the raven is that it is for a chthonic work of Norse that is involving itself with an absolute commitment, not the use of a rubric as a means of communicating with others, though I do that.

The question of WHO IS YOUR GOD? is posed me by some GOVERNMENT BOYFRIEND, who no doubt intends to use my answer against me. Or just to hustle, his OWL notes. I love this BOYFRIEND who has no doubt been commanded by his rubric to kill me with a kiss — and I have no intention of SUBMITTING to that fate. Brunhild is involved. It is a subtle, nuanced position that the BOYFRIEND HIMSELF warned against. ARK IS LOVED BUT NOT BY COWS, they giggle. The BOYFRIENDS always strike the money. It makes me laugh, even as I work sixty hours a week.

Who is my G-d is a question that no doubt many would like to have the answer to. Who knows how to do the classic chthonic work anymore? Consider the Five Dimensions of the Cabala WHICH WE WORK. I like Jesus as an Angel of the third dimension, Personal Conduct, where He is the finest god imaginable. He is no good at fourth dimension Town Council magick where he makes Crusades and Inquisitions AND STATE SANTERIA also a fine culture in the more mannered ways. He has abandoned RECONSTRUCTED the second dimension of Shamanism and betrayed the witches who helped Him ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, BRUJAS. He is stunted at the Fifth Dimension where His mythology is financed says THE PREACHER but not added to the way you need to, opines the Viking Warrior who obviously helped the RUBE it is added to in small worlds wink wink. Jesus is very fine at the First Dimension of the dead if you happen to be in a rubric of Catholicism — otherwise He eats the young unless family and ancestors do the work with you. PHASE SHIFT PROBLEMS.

Odin was exactly as problematic and why you also need LOKI to make a funded afterlife.

We got to messing about with Thelema WITHOUT DEMONS laughs Grandfather


and after twenty years find that we are, indeed, in sorcery TOWN COUNCIL MAGICK and that there is no FUN way past it.


King Bael supplies the answer. You are a worker of the Goetia in Norse world. This is the closest we can get in the moment of CRUNCH and now it is real. The wormhole is functional. THE POWER WYRD IS YOUR OWN.

ARK, this is a classic Thelemite position state the Thelemites — individually.

Someone points out that You might not get past this in Judaism.

My Jewish ancestors say, WE ARK.


Solving personal problems is necessary, and not everyone can do it, COWS NORMAN.

THE PRELATE notices the epidemic BAD LUCK that was promised to be evaded in dark Santeria: The Catholic world is not a trick and you are in it.

“I am grateful”: my constant refrain.

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