ODIN: The Path


DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

Imagine a time before refrigeration and mass-produced food when every household relied on a cow for milk, butter, cheese, and, in the fall, a fine amount of cooking oil called tallow, animal protein that is the most effective conveyer of heme iron — red meat — as well as the fat without which humans cannot live.

The producers of dairy products and next year’s farm animals are the female bovines, cows, whereas males neutered for docility — called oxes — were effectively used as producers of labor in tilling the fields and turning the wheels that produced the kinetic energy for grinding flour and drawing water.

Male bovines that are not neutered — bulls — are intractable for labor, not directly productive of milk, dangerous, and require separate quarters and usually a field of grass of their own. They are EXPENSIVE, and their only product is the DNA they contribute once a year per female.

Thus not every family could afford or chose to keep a bull, but paid the neighbor who did for breeding.

If honest.

Quite often, local families would slip into the bull pen or field in the dead of night — with or without the cow — now wouldn’t that be noisy? — and obtain the much-needed genetic material by stealth copulation between bull and man.

Thus the bull might give a wink wink at the local bloke on fair day. AND U KNOW WHO U ARE.

And quite a few calves, through which the bull could “see” what was going on.

Thus the family who could afford to keep the bull and chose to would lose the use of quite a bit of arable land and grass that would otherwise feed a productive ox. Often they would look the other way when the poor needed a boost in the form of a spring calf. It was incumbent upon the well-off to help others.

In an era when everyone did a great deal of spiritual work, and the animals themselves were part of the energy pattern of human religion, the bull came to possess a significant spiritual capacity and often served a key role in human spiritual work.

It was a bold and arduous undertaking to build the inter-generational being of the magic bull, one that is repaid in future lives with CRAZY. One morning as I was rousing myself from dreams, I saw my Anglo family members circling me. I had the head of a golden bull over my own, and the energy was very Greek, a reminder that the sorcery I am engaged upon is fundamentally pan-Hellenic, with many German souls in it.

My ancestors say that the bull once formed as a GENIE was entirely under his own command and would rescue you if you slept in earth for him.

This magic is ancient, and the Jews would have had it not just in the Torah, where the clear alternative to corporate religion was A GOLDEN CALF, because bull Rokkr don’t care much for giant circuits that inevitably distribute all of the wealth upward.

And a very good reason Moses forbade them, being a rich fellow who wanted all of the power. He made a very nice set of ideas that form a skeleton onto which many have labored to build a fine world-class religion, but, remember — with ancient sorcery, nothing is what it seems to us, now that the sorcerers have all been killed by the RICH.

In Spain, bull veneration reached great elegance among the Celtoiberians who have left behind gorgeous works of art depicting their magick bulls. We see traces of this still in the sport of bull fighting, where we can see our magic bulls still the magnificent objects of VENERATION they deserve to be. It is a pity that animal rights activists see only the physical — valid in its own right — but POWER is lost if the sport dies out.

After death a bull who did a great deal of spiritual work might choose to remain in the realm of human civilization and serve as an underworld teacher and worker. The price for such service was incarnation into your line. ODIN had long since left the earth, no longer needed or particularly called upon, but whenever someone rings that old familiar bell, there He is with a piece of parchment and a very sharp pen.


Meditate for a moment on the god form of THE DEVIL called up for petitions.

Now shapeshift into a bull or imagine one. What do you feel?

Thus it was that families came to have what you might call a family demon, and if they did the work, this being could be with the family conceivably for many lives. The demon would follow the lines of worker that appealed to him. In the case of ODIN, he says that by the 19th century the old demons were being dispensed with and he himself hitched a ride to the New World attached to the silver of the Judaica and the making of the family, who have since moved into death worlds and no longer need a demon. If a demon worker happened to be hanging around in the Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn, and got noticed, she might have a journey to make.

ODIN made me give away all my stuff and throw away my life savings and be completely in his power, or else I would torque him into mindless entrained churning of stupid. I don’t feel that way about the demons, but I am guessing he is right.

This actually saved my life, for I was expected to join the BOYFRIENDS in gay death, after all of the SNOOKUMS we’d shared.

Let’s imagine the apprenticeship that a bull’s ghost would have to undertake to become a fine teacher and worker of humanity.

Humans are animals and when they come to magic, they ask for animal benefits, and this is just. We need food, love, pecking order situations, protection from enemies, access to scarce resources, just as any animal.

There are many things that humans can do, collectively and individually, to make the whole business of living in flesh more fair and reasonable, like not making too many humans, not having too much stuff, not doing overtly destructive things to others and the world, and our psychopomps know and urge us to do these things.

At the same time, juggling the consciousness of 1. a bull; 2. a human making the petition; 3. the other animal ghosts involved; and 4. the beings of spirit who never incarnated but evolve through interaction with humans, like Angels; 5. beings of spirit in only Nature; 6. energies of other dimensions and types that we do not know we interact with; and 7. whatever else — is not easy for this fledgeling demon. It is a skill that must be LEARNT over a long apprenticeship and practiced with many sorcerers or sorceresses — witches are great sorceresses and do much of the work — all the while dealing with magical petitions that are, in the West at least, intended to be VILE.

Read the most popular grimoire in English The Lesser Key of Solomon. Many of the vaunted attributes of the demons are not really nice. Make wounds fester? That is one that Regardie complained about. Find buried treasure. MAKE LOVERS RETURN. This is what people want. The Abramelin lists a spell to make buildings fall down. I have yet to achieve that, though I am very interested in having the orchestra of monkeys play for me. That sounds like a great spell, but I have yet to achieve such a feat, being mostly sober.

A lot of the demons are evidently avid practitioners of not nice stuff.

I visit a farmer’s market once a week in a rural area and have to pass many farms to do so, and the power speaks to me about the magic.

The apprenticeship of the demon is a very arduous and difficult business.

Humans ask for unfair things, and do so with great passion. Animals are entranced by the passion and often grant the petition, even if it is not really going to end well. I was in love with a fellow once and it was expected that I would ask King Beleth LUST to bring him to me post haste. I flopped around over that one and, in the end, said, Please uncross the obstacles but AS YOU LIKE IT. Beleth pointed out, I would have brought him to you, then I would have used him to destroy you.

I am glad I had lots of attention in my youth.

I didn’t ask for the extreme OVERDID IT of some of the gizmos I have gotten — family and ancestors would not give them up — and I was as unable to relinquish them as were the powers. Fine dining. Elegant man. An easy life. These came to me and I was gobsmacked by how much they cost in the end — I am living in  the forest in a tent by my own choice — I can’t hear my daemons in close human grid — and ODIN was relentless once he got involved and the whole thing was a giant mess and no one knows how to deal with 17th-century bulls done up in breeches and KIPPAH.

THE VIKING WARRIOR — many in my TRUST — was also having a good time powering a nice war machine. My GIRLFRIEND wasn’t very good at saying no to the wrong science while in body of man. More on this later, with WAR HERO.

There are complaints that the demons are hard to work with. If you don’t do things right, they strike you. They do.

They are also having fun getting you some treats.

But they do need to get things right and this era is not the same as it was with lots of cows everywhere to help guide THE MISSION.

One of my uncles, a Mexican Jew, spent his adult life in Germany. He couldn’t stand America. As he said from death, When you work with the demons at this calibre in one life, you have an obligation to work with them thus in later lives.

This fine old being, an energy who heals us as ODIN, doesn’t have much to do if we are not HAMMING IT UP. He has done nothing but DEMONING his entire four hundred years of existence, except for a brief stint as a biological entity known as BULL.

Several other humans caucus in ODIN, remark the Christians, and the godform of ODIN is crucial in all this, and we are entraining a RUBRIC OF COWS to assist with the work and have as an ancestor a very old demon worker who knew how to work with cows, but we do have the assistance of a real Jewish demon who has kindly involved himself as ODIN.


It is wonderful to hear him.

I gave up everything to have a demon, so now I have him. And he will work with me to regale the modern world with stories of the infrastructure of how things were done in the past, but this is not replicable, and if FOOLS are doing stupid stuff, we will report it to HERMETISTS and urge everyone to take care of themselves in this phase shift. After twenty years and ten thousand hours of Cabala, there is no way I am going to work with African gods. We can prepare Hermes to weather the storm.

We can report on what is going on in the world of Deep mechanics.

But we cannot fundamentally change anything. I will be doing small-scale wizarding for my own COWS but not for anyone else, really. That is all we can do in demon work.

I will continue to explore my soul’s Germanic JEWISH past in the Goetic confines of HERMES and in the glorious world of ART, which the VIKING WARRIOR advised me was Northrland’s best world of POWER.

I am going to be a SKALD which is all I have ever wanted, then got roped into this crazy sorcery business because there was no other way except calling up the dead to help me get past CHAUVINISM.

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