Now let’s contemplate the myth of Isis and consider the fine record left by Apuleius’s The Golden Ass and you will find that we are once more in the realm of WTF AIDS? (the sociology of which is kindly enhanced by BIG PHARMA via popular entertainment for the profit on all those lovely drugs).

Like most women, I am not against the phallus, but I do not have a requirement of blind children. That is a position clearly held and maintained in the ancient world through the earlier epochs of Christianity, concomitant with the world of the MAGIC WHIP. The whole shebang appears to be returning, albeit with the existence of plenty of extremely effective pharmaceutical and prophylactic measures that are, for some reason, not in use, while THE WHIP is.

You ‘splain me that, BOYFRIENDS.

Now let’s return to the story. We will pick up at the point where Typhon has already killed Osiris, cut his body into fourteen pieces hidden around the world, and Isis has retrieved all fourteen of them minus the phallus, which she cannot find anywhere — it is already in the death worlds, if you willShe wants to make love to her man, and goes to Thoth for the magic necessary to make that possible. He constructs a magical phallus, they enjoy one last glorious night of love, and their only child, Horus, is conceived, whereupon Osiris descends into the world of the dead, never to return.

We have seen from both Plato’s account of the death of Socrates for “corrupting the youth” in Greece and an Egyptian story about anal sex among the gods that mythology in the ancient world was very attuned to the delicate balance between sexual satiety, homoerotic practice, and venereal disease:

Now let’s examine what the ancient world did to solve the problem of venereal disease in the cults of Osiris and Isis compared to Northern Europe in its account of the death of Baldr.

Let us assume that, like many in the ancient world, Osiris had venereal disease and that society’s penalty for this — perhaps by means of vigilante justice — was the removal of the phallus. Or perhaps it just fell off as a consequence of the disease itself. I would expect you not to look at these images on a full stomach: THE MISSING PHALLUS OF OSIRIS 

We must conclude, in the medical appurtenances of the era, removal of the phallus would have involved a grab, butcher block, red hot sword, OUCH, resulting in not so much a clean BLANK CANVAS but an amatorily unimpressive stump.

What is the natural impulse of a man who has lost his member?

He would probably run away from his wife.

Imagine how such a being would function if he had all of the testosterone and virtually no means of RELIEF?


If government sorcery is going back eons without adequate support — the Hindu world and Egypt were NATURAL ENEMIES — the feyed-up business of castration might be part of the structure of the magick in ways that are causing reverberations of ancient solutions to the problem of AIDS. I can’t get this out of my head. 

Now, back to the Egyptian world, where there was a big pile of OUCH on VD — and perhaps the need for LOTS OF SOLDIERS pyramid patsies.

Here we can speculate that, among the poor, CONSCRIPTION BY UNFORTUNATE SEXUAL PROBLEMS was probably about to be noticed by us common enough for a myth that has lasted over six thousand years.

Imagine what the building projects would have been like. The written record shows an annual but reasonable public works labor tax for all able-bodied males. It is probably UNDERSTATED.

But as MASONS report — and we have to undergo all of this in the underworld, ARK — it was kind of a dorm with lots of comaraderie, plenty of WOW, rampant venereal disease, and the disincentive of mandatory infection to keep you from going home, because men really like to be home with women and children. It’s how we apes are fundamentally built.

We can imagine that the epidemic of venereal disease reached such proportions in the ancient world that the mayhem of ROVING GANGS OF RAPE more or less ensured that many were infected, and from what we know of human sociology in mob situations, perhaps much MALE GENITAL MUTILATION was practiced as well.

In fact, we have an account of a gay rape gang in THE BIBLE:

Genesis 19:5: And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them. 6. And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him, 7. And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. 8. Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes; only unto these men do nothing; for therefore they came they under the shadow of my roof.

This account goes a bit far to point out that the preference for males was significant in an era that sought sex magic with Angels.  These strikers would not take a young female virgin in place of some new cute guys who smelled clean.

Now, back across the Red Sea, the sorcery question here is, What are Isis and Thoth up to?

The Egyptians were magically extraordinary, and the reason that GOVERNMENT SANTERIA in particular is allowed to smack down the Goetia workers is that we cannot comprehend what was going on in those texts or DUCT TAPE our own very effective slew of magics into such a situation nor am I going to involve my family’s Rokkr circuit in anything bigger than a nice job for my cousin. Really. It is dangerous out there and we mostly want to stay home and HOUND.

Here we are at the level of the lower-middle-class. I speculate that the WOW rich have lots of gizmos, and before you are flattered into SIGNING THOSE GOVERNMENT PAPERS — joining up with the vision magic — which will of course destroy you magically in this work, please consider, if you are interested, doing CABALA WITH ARTISTS, mostly to FIND IT.

Isis went to Thoth to construct a MAGICK PHALLUS that would enable Osiris to achieve orgasm with only any stump left and the ancillary nerve endings in the pubic region that might very well have been effectively injured also. We do have sharp things and know what they do.

Other variants of the cult involve removal of the testicles, and that is what is described in Apuleius.

All worshippers have to loop on the god, including the rich. Look at this poor fellow:

No doubt the rich had a fine time being sexless.

Now we can imagine the mechanics of LUST, the extensive amount of pressure application, and the various type of stimulants available.

The BDSM world imagines autoerotic asphyxiation. Is this how Osiris died?

As a sorcerer, I am going to be less obvious and literal than that, for THOTH is a great god.

Consider the account of the Greek gods in Book V of the Iliad, where they are described as bleeding a substance called “ichor” and living only on a substance called “nectar.”

Are the Greek gods the immortal ghostly fey folk of an entire hive of bees? That is what the Iliad seems to imply.

Ares considers himself MORTAL.

The Greek gods were said to live up on a mountain. The oracle was at an actual cave at Delphi. The entry into the underworld lead into actual caves. And Poseidon was actually in the ocean.

We should consider taking some things literally that are no longer possible in exactly the way that they were. Hindu scholars maintain that Lord Krishna literally walked the earth until the end of the Kurukshetra War in about 3228 B.C. The old ones say that it was the war itself that killed him, in that he was an energetic manifestation — perhaps even ~ectoplasmic and blue — of THE PEOPLE who were stupidly killed in that war. The Hindu powers maintain that Odin walked the earth, probably within the knowledge of some of the deeper ones of our work. He was perhaps killed by the Migration Period when the age-old bonds between families, ancestors, fey folk, and land spirits were broken by the Romans who always did this and now we’re skunked.

Some feel that the Demon Odin would have been workable up until the 18th century. Lisiewski, a Catholic sorcerer living in Germany today, insists that evocation proceed to full manifestation of the demon, a feat probably not reasonable in Salish territory where you are better off asking for a FISH GOD but not a reptile in quite the same way. They don’t live here. 

Is this why Odin eats only mead? Is he in some manifestations a beehive as well?

Consider the possibility beyond our normal ken of such events that Thoth did, indeed, succeed in extruding a part of himself, energetically linking it to Osiris, thereby facilitating a final mating between a couple before the husband went away forever? In the process, the god could heal any venereal disease in the semen and enable the wife to conceive a child.

In a more modest variant, ancestors would assist in FANNING THE FLAMES OF LOVE to enable the couple to function.

I know, I know. This sounds like WHAT IS MANNA.

We must enter the realm of miracles to enable humanity to solve a terrible social ill, and those in government sorcery — as well as our plain ole LUCKY MOJO — have witnessed enough miracles to BELIEVE.

But humanity is not well-mannered, and no doubt they required the same OVERDID IT as always, and killed Thoth with too much CASTRATION FERTILITY MAGICK.

After that, the only remedy was indeed castration. The cults of Osiris and Isis both demanded it, and no doubt our + suppliants entered those communities and never returned to their homes.

Hence the myth of the husband who leaves forever.

And the great tenderness of ISIS.

Could this STUMPTOWN SITUATION perhaps explain the MARKETING OF MOSES in getting a bunch of fleshpot mooks to leave Egypt in the dead of night with a whole bunch of very real hunger?

Forty years in the desert would have been enough to enable those who had venereal disease to die off, and the new codes described in Leviticus to enable their survivors to clean up before crossing the River Jordan into the Promised Land of moderation and health through a variety of very fine dietary, sexual, and work codes? I am certain the older Jews knew what the Torah meant, and for some reason, we have to repeat the story straight up without remembering exactly what these extraordinary SLAVE sorcerers — Moses could not have done this by himself, and, realistically, the whole account is no doubt partly mythological, but partly accurate in terms of shamanism and sorcery, and I will try to tease out what I think is reasonable based on contemporary sorcery — what those PIONEERS must have gone through, with plenty of grumbling, but sons whose manhoods received merely a NICK called circumcision in remembrance of OSIRIS?

Now, back to Northrland. We see in the myth of Baldr — killed by the sex herb MISTLETOE — and sent into the underworld with a big fat party and the ring DRAUPNIR — the ring that dropped nine rings each nine nights — presumably each of the nine rings belongs to a WAR HERO in a RING OF POWER (“9” war sorcerers enlaced by sexual union and probably unstoppable except by THE CLAP) — that the problem with venereal disease in Northrland was serious enough to warrant THE DEATH PENALTY.

And let’s not forget that Baldr’s wife Nanna Neppsdottir accompanied him in death.

In the Greco-Egyptian world, the penalty was merely the removal of the offending gizmo and go back to the farm PYRAMID BUILDING PROJECTS, for we need the labor — while Germany was putzed.

The Norse were wise about the stupids of man.


Eventually we see that the ancient world got all KRAMPUS about walking around without a dick and did what humanity always does when it confronts an intractable problem.

We kill our gods.

We solved the problem of Osiris by killing him and reworking some of his mythology into the god Jesus who is CELIBATE instead of LOPPED OFF IN VD and of course Mary who is Isis who has sex with THOTH instead of Osiris — never her husband, we see — and without enjoying it for there is no schlong has his baby.

The celibate god Jesus has solved the problem of VD by all that celibacy — two thousand years of it. That is what it takes. 


Here we are two thousand years later and we have another VD and a new religion where we are presumably killing the old gods in favor of some new ones who are not celibate, thank goodness. 

I like these new gods.

And since they are African they can talk to the Egyptian gods who are from Africa, and in a world easily reached by the Mayans who were more killed for their gods by the MORMONS than anyone realizes but THE PRIESTHOOD, for that is what we are dealing with in my income worlds.

At the same time, some of that old CUT ‘EM OFF appears to have slipped from the gentlemen to the ladies what with all the FGM, for making sexual congress boring for her rather than impossible for him was considered a better deal all around, so they traded ISIS in on Islam.

And here we are, some thousand years later, and the rich have all the goodies — goodies of unparalleled wealth in the form of oil that is probably SUPER ABUNDANT in Arabia or why would we have all kinds of blowed-up buildings and poor people having to leave the place in droves?

Our boys have evidently decided that ALLFATHER has failed to get them the fundamental necessities of life and the ancient power is seeping up from the ground, crying out with them


For the worldly set, has anyone done a study of how many suicide bombers are infected with HIV?

But I want to maintain a sense of continuity with how we have worlded gods in the past. What exactly they were and what they can be and WHAT IT WILL COST. We don’t know these things. Taking gods too literally is as bad as you can imagine, and not taking them literally at all is also bad. And it is the memory sorcerers who should be healed here, my brethren and I in EGYPT.

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