DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.


Once you have obeyed Paimon and thrown away everything you own, you have many problems to solve, and one of them is not being committed to an insane asylum.

Having five clothes does not solve this problem.

There is a hidden code here. Medieval magic solves problems using the medieval mindset, even though it could functionally relate to modern technology if the sorcerer worked at it long enough. This is why we hope that a certain contingent of our readers are STEM-oriented. It must not be any easier to live in medieval Africa than with the thatched roof set of Germany.

Back to the world. Women have a certain amount of clothes. Different looks is what it is. IT IS NATURE.

When you have a different one every day forever, then that is a sign of STORAGE LOCKERS OF CLOTHES, and it is too much trouble for my taste.

But the opposite is also troublesome. Early on in the experiment called CEREMONIAL MAGICK it became clear that my co-workers were just plain FURIOUS with my five clothes the repetition of the the same look on a woman.

Especially on Park Avenue.

But being a weirdo while being perceived in THE WRONG WEIRDNESS was not elegant — and even Odin agreed with this — so I calculated that a contemporary woman should be SEEN to have at least twenty-two clothes. That was about the number that caused one to fade into the general sartorial background of the modern world. And got the twenty-two clothes. More can come in.

The same situation has happened with the housing.

Humans are crazy, is what we think. But I now have housing. That is good. It is also warmer.

In the summer I set up what I thought was a beautiful house in a fine forest in a hippie world.

Every night as I traipsed to my little cabin made of nylon, I exclaimed at the musicality of the placement of the trees and the fresh scent of the pines. I would lie on my mat, and owls would hoot around me. Coyotes howled in the distance. Sometimes I heard things scurrying around in the brush. The old ones formed up so beautifully with all that natural energy and the making of all the creatures.

It was idyllic.

I can hear the WAR MITES warning me that once you get used to living outdoors, it is hard to come back in. The Army has much research on this subject.

Then the fall came and the astral plane went crazy. It was clear that I was not going to be looping on the people with adequate life skills. I had no capacity for sane, rational use of space. I was just LAME.

So I have acquired the housing that complements the boat by being very near it. Now I will be able to work on the boat several days a week.

Those who live on less expensive boats will understand the craziness of the humans in requiring so many items, though I would personally like MORE BATHING amongst the males of that set.


The question remains, Why would King Paimon command you to throw away all of your things?

Recall that I had relocated to the lovely area of New York City, only to discover that it was overrun by bedbugs and that it took a god of terrible fierceness to execute the only real solution to this problem, which is to throw away all your things, for the larvae are capable of remaining dormant for years in storage lockers only to emerge into full fruition in the basements of your relatives’ homes. DON’T YOU BRING ME THAT SHIT, AUNT JOANN.

All gone, honey.

I had also been SNOOKUMED by a series of WAR MITES and was now expected to march regular like and allow whatever they wanted to be sucked into their vision worlds. I am not ungrateful for the opulence afforded me by this RAISA lifestyle, but I would not have done that if I had known what was actually going on. Which I didn’t. Until Paimon.

THELEMA IS REQUIRED while tip-toeing into much other stuff.


Artists do things.

Evidently I was also entangled with the PO PO SORCERY structure in some way. Let’s look at the steps here of the Odian Ordeal that was executed by this great KING.

1. Erase personal history by throwing away all of your past items.
2. Disorientation by the introduction of entirely new gods.
3. Whips and chains in dating (I opted for cheeseburgers in actual fact).
4. The suicide mission of being a very ungrateful wench in front of rich people.

All of these were ENTRUSTED TO COWS.

ERRATA: King Paimon has reminded me that I am blurring this a bit for the sake of comedy. He Himself is a daimon, a chthonic god of Egypt, and not a squirrel. He is an old god of Jews who is handily available for Semitic rites, whereas his right hand man the squirrel demon is a Norse power, similar to that of Ratatoskr. In the words of Odin, “The squirrel called Ratatosk […] runs up and down the [Yggdrasil]. He tells slanderous gossip, provoking the eagle and Nidhogg” (Jesse Byok’s translation of the Gylfaginning). AND THERE ISN’T A THING ODIN CAN DO ABOUT IT. So when King Paimon ROCK asked for control of the blog, this is what he had in mind, as we have amply demonstrated and will again.

Regarding 2. above, disorientation by the introduction of entirely new gods, that is not entirely true. I had read Beowulf in Old English — and will again — and was therefore already MADE in Northrland as a Jew. Then there was all the war magick sent against a little woman, which made Odin chuckle. And I am annoyingly incessant in telling the great powers to SOD OFF  come again? — and that is just me — and will live in a tent if necessary to maintain that relationship to the gods of IRK. So Odin really is my god. I just forgot.

And then there is my speculation that the vision magic loops on people energetically by its practitioners trancing on objects in everyday life. This has an outsized effect on those in unauthorized magic like Solomon. Especially gifts.

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