THE TORAH: The Trees

DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

Genesis 3:22 KJV: And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.

I am quaking in writing these words. It is the High Holy Days of 2019, and I am not welcome to say stuff that is odd and no doubt a matter of the gods of ORDERS.

For sorcery, the question of the two trees is about the point at which the soul is required to cease incarnating and work solely from the planes.

The body of Osiris was divided into fourteen pieces. There are fourteen stations of the cross. And with the inclusion of Daath and the three veils of negative existence, there are fourteen nodes on the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

Northrland probably has fourteen energy states in it somewhere. At the very least, the war between the Aesir and the Vanir involved an exchange of hostages; Loki was a blood brother of Odin; the giantess Thjasi married the Vanir Niord while the giantess Gerth married the Vanir Freyr who lived in Asgard. There is some room for argument that these alliances could have resulted in the requisite situation of energy states similar to that of the West.

I think it is safe to say that the West considered the human being — Adam Kadmon — to exist in fourteen dimensions, let us say.

The work of spiritual development realistically should be smooth and wonderful and involve itself in a soul’s introduction to functionality in the fourteen dimensions, before, during, and after incarnation — living in flesh.

A lot of resources should be directed toward this aim, starting from the soul’s journey as an energy immanent within the land, jumping back and forth between the various modalities, healing, guiding, and teaching others, and HAVING A GOOD TIME.

These resources can be turned into fungible energy by other modalities and other people and are often  STOLEN and misdirected.


On the whole, once a soul achieves adequate capacity to work the levers, it should cease incarnating and work from the other worlds: lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.

It is to be expected that this work was patterned in to the reading of the Torah principally, and that this is CAUSE for the reverence with which the text is treated, year after year, generation after generation. It heals us, even if we think it is kind of silly.

One thing Hermes can do — if they cannot go to Church where this book is much known and reverenced as THE BIBLE — is to read it. This simple expedient is not energetically WOWED in English Hermetic work — and for that reason I am pounding away at a typewriter to make it MY way like Paul Case.

Whenever possible, it is wonderful to have a WORKER in the family to enable other worlds to construct wonderful improvements to their own lives. Life is not perfect, but we can perfect our lives in retrospect by art.

In Northrland, this was interrupted by the invasion of Rome, both pagan and Christian, but healed surreptitiously by the witches and the nomads. The nonconformist Norse souls often went into Judaism and worked the Nine Worlds from that situation EGRESS IS NOT HOWLED IN.

The Holocaust interrupted a lot, and everything is a mess, but here we are tip-toeing out encompassing everything and slipping seamlessly between worlds.

A subtle, nuanced approach to the whole business of temptation WHAT AM I NOW is a requirement.

As I am involved in the work of BAEL, he is kind and fine about things. He is a chthonic god of Judaism-Islam-Near East stuff. We don’t reckon with how much Santeria is financed by Islam when the work reaches the higher levels of power. When you tangle up African souls for your work, you get Islam. Also, there is simply not enough regular religious practice in Catholicism and not enough shamanism in the West to fund what is —

expiring is your requirement — not being re-upped, WHIPPET

— possible in New World Sorcery. The various cells — even within extended families — are at odds about what to
Some of the depth wisdom of the Torah has been revealed in the underworld only for so long we can no longer bring it into the world, hence the interesting ablution of working with a female medium and animal gods.

We get off the world when we have mastered it to such an extent that it is just not fair to the young.

As one of the BOYFRIENDS OF RUE complained of me, You sleep in life and command the world. This time you had to wake up. 

The unsettled nature of the old soul amidst so many upheavals in religion has caused many ungainly incarnations, people with much old power who cannot control their darker aspects and are now a requirement of serving as did the Mayan ancestors.

In old Mayan spiritual practice, it is recorded that on the eve of battle, the king would take a strip of paper and stick deified stingray spines into it. He would then take a peyote enema. This strip of paper he would then pull through an incision in his foreskin, leaving a bit of blood. If the queen performed the divination — and she often did, on the eve of battle, to preserve the king’s strength — the incision would be made laterally through the tongue. There are WOEFUL images of such an event. The tongue evidently swells considerably. Cunning were the Maya. BEATINGS ARE FOR KINGS — not understood in today’s sorcery. The sovereign would then throw this IRKSOME paper onto a brazier with coals and copal. From the incense smoke would rise the ancestor petitioned. The ancestor’s mouth would open, and from it would issue the VISION SERPENT who would guide the war, often predicting victory, often seeing defeat. (Study the work of Linda Schele, the visual artist who broke the code on the Mayan hieroglyph that generations of linguists could not, just in time before the old timers who spoke “lengua” died.) From my experience of Mayan worlds today, I am certain that the dream came true. In the process of work with this vision serpent, the ancestor would be partially consumed and partially reconstructed and revitalized as something rich and strange. It is a voluntary sacrifice and can be mated with by ancestors who are willing and want their dark arts expunged.

The vision serpent is a bonding of old energy from within that ancestor’s being, and it is very powerful, but its specific requirements must be respected.

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