THE TORAH: God Created the Heavens and the Earth

HGA appears to me in the form of a Raven when I am working in Norse power.

The Bible opens with a creation story that is, according to scientific opinion, sheer nonsense.

And that is justified, if we are taking the creation story literally.

Humans are kind of smart. Without Einstein, we would look around at the rivers, and the trees, and all of the animals, and say, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS GOT HERE, so let’s have a nice poem.

The red state dogmatists are adamant in the wrong way but it’s okay. They can buy cell phones even if it is against their religion.

The blue state dogmatists are adamant in the wrong way but it’s okay. They can die and go to heaven because the red state folks went to church and prayed for an idea we can all grab onto in the afterlife, and that idea is GOD. It is such a big idea that you can be a nice person, have a lot of faith, and in the end, have a kind of afterlife because sorcerers and churchgoers did the heavy lifting and are willing to be TAME.

It is a good idea, and each culture has approached entry into the life worlds and into the death worlds with a ridiculous story like A TURTLE UNDER THIS WORLD THEN ANOTHER THEN ANOTHER AND JUST MORE TURTLES FOREVER.

Why not have turtles? They are great. Like Thoth in Egypt and the stork in Europe, they are an animal that lives on both land and sea and can help humans enter and leave the world via water, which is WISE. Apollo worked his death worlds with the turtle as well, and its hollowed-out body was used as a musical instrument in what must have been enchanting. Water worlds seem dreamlike while also holding the rubric of more realism, and that is easier on the soul than a single bound, we are finding with family. Thus the charms and tricks of sailors have come to the aid of our rubric.

In Norse worlds, the sons of Bor, including Odin, were the ones who made the world, and for a long time they were able to walk the world because the magick of humans was so very important and they did so much of it, but humanity got interested in the kinds of large technological achievements that make all of this magick impossible, and Odin and the gods had to get very small and go into the death lands and work with us largely there. And in art, folk tales, witchcraft, and everyone’s favorite physical form, THE GARDEN GNOME.

Not everyone assented, and they are WORLD in this blog.

We need these stories to orient ourselves coming into and going out of the world, or we get clutched into the worlds of animals and live there as semi-humans.

It is a failsafe mechanism to have the IDEA of all those lovely turtles and on top of it, a world of GOD and his special animal, human.

The Star Trek: Next Gen episode “Identity Crisis” portrays in veiled form the problem of death without religion in a forest realm. We need the big idea, GOD, to orient ourselves toward a human world. Animals do play a part in this, but occasionally humans were evidently taken into their worlds to live and work with them, and it was very hard to come back. The demon work of FEY is notorious for this effect, and it is to be hoped that we can figure out how to bridge both.

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