HOODOO: Psalms for Use in Conditions

Here I have compiled a list of psalms for different purposes. I use the King James Bible because that was standard in the work for so long and because I myself use it, pretty much all the time. This is taken from Godfrey Selig’s Secret of the Psalms, available for purchase from the Lucky Mojo (Lucky Mojo Book Store) or your local occult retailer with cash, my preferred method because it involves local power in a way that the old ones can comprehend. These money pixels are not so easily managed by WOMEN.

I highly recommend learning from the Lucky Mojo but would advise that all stuff is full of tricks, everyone is always BACKBITING, and nothing is completely safe or wonderful, but the Lucky Mojo is an absolute tour de force which I commend. I have studied the course, been to the SHRINE, and taken more lessons. I work mostly with local roots because product lines form up in a very particular way that pulls everything into their structure and organization, and this is not wrong, but it may not be what YOU want. So . . . whatever. Many hoodoo practitioners are evidently in the vision magic, because it is fun! This school slyly urges you to immerse yourself in African-American witchcraft history and culture, even propounding a series of YouTube videos, and then YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. There is also the demimonde of the crystal ball available for ladies especially, if they wish to participate in skrying, which is my preferred EXPENSE. 

The particular melange of my magic was hotly contested by all at that very moment, so I had to get rid of everything temporarily and focus on just The Lesser Key of Solomon which was a bumpy ride for some time, given that the entire chthonic bandwidth is presumably OWNED by the gay/artist/wealthy/traditional ethnic worker set and available for DRUGS ONLY. When we work physically, the normal people can hear what is going on, especially in a blog with pictures!

But these psalms are wonderful when worked with any type of Judeo-Christian prayer magic, and it is really nicer if people around you have a spell they can relate to.

The normal method of working is to acquire a spell candle at the local occult shop like THE STORE, because they are expected to work in magic and not in dining venues or emergencies. The thought processes are important. Also a holder for the candle. I buy the ones with pentagrams on them because I like the wiccan aspect and often work with couplets in the style of my Anglo ancestors, who liked to write a commemorative poem for important family events. The poem itself was a witchcraft as it entered the family thought processes and those of the small town where we lived.

But the hoodoo style is to get a tea saucer, burn the bottom of the candle so that it is sticky, then put the candle onto the saucer. That is a way of working I have used also.

While it is possible to have the candle alone, it is more in line with the hoodoo world to add some herbs to put the symbol system THE WORK into the spell. This can be accomplished by sprinkling herbs or by using a witchcraft oil.

There are several proprietors of these oils that I have used. The oldest running product line is by a factory called Indio that was owned by a fellow named Marty that I kept hearing about. Like most manufacturers of occult products, Marty was a Jew, and that is how things are with us. These can be obtained locally in most ethnic magic stores, called botanicas, or on the web through a place like Original Products, another Jew factory, this one in the Bronx, that I frequent when in New York: https://www.originalbotanica.com. Original Products has their own line as well, of a hundred years’ vintage, and these products work WEALTHILY in the New York City area. It is best to do a lot of one’s work locally, though the Lucky Mojo was designed to work off of the internet, so some of the materials should be purchased online. I like those elegant curios in particular, the ones you can’t get anywhere else. 

The one shouted out to by LUST was always the Lucky Mojo https://www.luckymojo.com on account of its purity. They grow their own herbs and take the time to put pure almond oil, a glurp of Vitamin E oil, and actual herbs, minerals, and other curios into the bottles on an individual basis. I have trained in this factory and can attest to the genuineness of this work. It is spectacular! miss cat always encourages everyone to make their own products and I do have my own products, just not for sale. It is easier to WORK when you have a certain amount of the magical material ready at hand and don’t have to go hunting around for it. 

Another product line that I have used and LOVE is that of the late Dr. E, whom I personally met at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival a couple of times. Maybe I will go back when this whole Covid thing is over and show my face like a KRAMPUS. Here is the link to Dr. E’s product line: https://www.facebook.com/conjuredoctor/ His products work the best of all the professional lines. The Lucky Mojo has to teach people and that filters the whole thing differently. Dr. E’s products go in like KABOOM!

My own products work wonderfully for me and the family and friends, but I do not have the right situation to work professionally if I am going to YAP YAP YAP about all kinds of shamanism in a blog and be a writer as well. So, sorry, NOT YOURS WHIPPET. 

Now here are the psalms, and I recommend you buy the book so you can INHALE the rest of the ambiance in the form of literature. Godfrey Selig was, for some reason we find, a Jew, and so we are smack-dab in the middle of the old magic of the Jews and not unFELT. 

23 general blessings
29 peace at home
33 unite family
42 reconciliation
46 soothe tension
96, 97 bless family
98 feuds
139 love in marriage
140 tranquility in relationships
23 general blessings
28 bring back estranged friends
42 reconciliation
46 soothe tension
111 to have friends
133 to have friends
140 relationships
23 general blessings
5 favor with authorities in business
8 goodwill of business associates
92 good fortune, high honors
108 success in place of business
114 success in finances and business
118 fraud
16 identify thief
63 prevent victimization by business partner/associates
123 cause employee to return
25 pardon for sins of youth
51 pardon for sins
87 cleanse community
88 remove evil
104 cleansing
10 cleanse unclean spirit
15 exorcise evil spirits, peace
29 drive out devils
66 evil spirits
68 evil spirits
3 headaches
16 pain
49 serious illness
50, 84, 89, 105, 106, 107, 142 healing
143 limbs
144 arms
146 wounds
147 wounds and bites
9 punish enemies
11 retribution
34 reverse evil
48 destroy enemies
59 vengeance
79 fatal curse
85 retribution
109 enemies
4 bad to good
57 turn around luck
65 road opening
72 favor & grace
Court Case/Law
7, 20, 120 court case
26, 67, 89 release from jail
35 justice prevail
38 slander
39 perjury
93 injustice
117 broken contract
Cut and Clear
16 cleanse
137 cleanse from hate
19 childbirth
102, 103 fertility
126 miscarriage
127 bless new baby
128 pregnancy
14 libel and slander
31 gossip and conspiracy
36 slander, gossip, expose liars
37 slander, gossip
41 restore a good name
43 slander
52 calumny
115 truth-telling
Safe Travel
17, 22, 34, 64 safe travel
27 hospitality while travelling
73 religious persecution in foreign lands
42 answers in dreams
89 psychic vision
61 bless a new home
113 to give alms
43 turn back evil onto enemies
54 reverse works of evil & malice
58 reverse evil
70 wickedness back to enemies
94 evil onto enemies
56 temptations & bad habits
69 addictions & habits
81 error & mistakes
132 procrastination
134 school success
47 favor and power
78 from kings
100 victory
112 might & power
122 high station
7 conspiracies, enemy pursuit
12, 73, 74, 141 persecution or oppression
13 unnatural death
18 drive off robbers
20 danger for 1 day
21 calm a storm
24 floods and rising waters
25 capture
30, 44, 53 enemies
37 evildoers
44, 60, 83, 130 war
90, 91, 101 protection
116 injury or death
118 fraud
121 safety at night
125 criminals
148, 149 fire
Favor with God
32, 138 respect and blessings
62 forgiveness & blessings
51, 75, 95, 124, 136 cleansing of sin
80 remove from spiritual doubt
99 conversation with God
129 virtue & good works
131 pride (x3)
135 dedication to God
A poem in couplets — a “cantrip” — can READILY tell the story, lay out a case, address the opposition, then make the petition. Anglo ancestors in particular are able to hear and deal with wicca petitions of this nature, as are the DAMIENS, but the petition goes out into the bandwidth of verbal thought, as opposed to VISIONS in an imaginary Africanized structure. This is an important complement — or defense! — relative to a vision magic of SHINING.

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