Wise as Serpents and Harmless as Doves

People usually unconsciously participate in the anthropomorphic magick according to their fundamental tendency of personality.

The Angels are about nice people who are well-disposed toward others and have a generally upbeat point of view. From that standpoint, I really do belong with them. Nice librarian lady.

The Demons are the hard guys.

Most of us want to be around Angels most of the time and that is . . . fun.

I work in health care, and a lot of the illness that I have to deal with is really a question of YOU CAN’T HAVE FOUR CINNAMON ROLLS.

The Angels might worry about the cinnamon rolls, but really, it is mostly about people having fun. This is why so many good practitioners of all religions end up face down in the cinnamon rolls and in desperate straits years later, including my own family and many in Hermes. I have concluded — justifiably — that the Angels are not very good at health, though they make a great case for a nice afterlife once those cinnamon rolls have worked their dark magick.

It is the Daimons — the Serpent Powers — who swat the cinnamon rolls out of your hands. WE FIND.

The Daimons — and their bound humans, the hard guys — also do a lot of bad things, but the whole point of the hard work is to direct their energy so that we can handle these delicate matters like cinnamon rolls.

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