In the Sweet By and By


I visited my ancestral cemetery today, Thanksgiving.

It had been several months since I had been, and there was much to catch up on.

KING BAEL WORLD is in, and he is evidently a 19th-century German Jew in my father’s Deep Self. One can be a Solomonic spirit if one did ordinary Judaism in one life and THE CHRISTIAN CABALA IN ANOTHER.

When people die, they evidently enter a grid of a world that is in the actual ground. We used to call this THE UNDERWORLD and still should.

One of my ancestors says that for a good Christian who participated in the faith by going to Church, reading the Bible, and keeping the law as much as reasonably practicable, there are regular ascensions into the energy grid above the surface of the ground that we call HEAVEN. In the end, she said, Christians simply stay in heaven and never descend under the earth. ALSO NORMAL PEOPLE BY THE MAJESTY OF LIFE AND MORE IN ANIMAL REALMS. Just more intricate and healed and human in the death technology of religion. That is why a lot of these folks like ceremonial magick. We are having to work in animal realms without much church. 

If they tried to go back down, they would shatter. To place an ascended soul into an ATR spell as a slave causes a systemwide disintegration if they are not built for that work, which is why we are crying out to New World Sorcery to step back and learn more about how things were done in the Old World and not to assume that the old magick is impossible to bring to the earth in Amerindian regions. We are not really working for the welfare of humanity and the planet if the infrastructure of the dead is not regional.

The old ways were very fine about death. When you died, you were buried in the local cemetery where the entire parish or town knew your life and judged it with reality. You worked in the underworld with the living in their body (especially foot) energy and occasionally in the sky world. IT WAS A CLUB. Then you entered the Angelic realms and worked up there in many ways. It was actually all mixed up but this is easier to track on and does relate to the position of one’s energy relative to the grave. 

People who are called back down to do CRAZY work do not have the support system they need to work in fine ways. It is a big fat credit card if you ask me, and we are not in cohesion with the whole situation, while Santeria claims to be doing nice things for these poor sots who are just bored in death worlds. They also can’t go back to their regularly schedule evolution with their mates. Stuck in creepy Satan worlds is dead.

THE DEVIL is anything in magick that is fundamentally unfair, abusive, or just plain bad. That includes GOD, THE SAINTS or any pagan god. It all looks like a devil.

The old ones say that I got in so much trouble being plain regular and nice with the magical LODGE world of today that they said, WE ARE BRINGING IN THE KINDLY DEVILS. First. Now we also have the Satan known as Angels and are really seen again.

Today we do not practice regular religion, maintain a cohesive community, or bury the dead in the churchyard where the actual death technology takes place. We also no longer have the wise and wonderful witchcraft that enabled our ancestors to KEEN PROPERLY work this magnificent system. We have broken Christian death by this means more than anything, and the slick commercialism of the burial RACKET causes further decay and many tricks.

My Holy Guardian Angel came down and risked his entire life. S/he was originally an Amerindian power and has resumed not only the capacity to work under and on the ground but also in eerie ways as well, a good case for the Abramelin and lots of Solomonic magick.

UNTENDED PORTALS CAUSE PROBLEMS, so we are back to everything done wealthily before.

ORDINARY CHURCH IS IMPORTANT because it enables people to live in an afterlife world with both genders. Lodges tend to clump up in male, and in the underworld this intense energy connection reads in lesser ways some say NICER OTHERS as coition. We all know when to take a step back and just be friends, don’t we? The extreme insistence on homosexuality in some magical worlds where it was not preexisting or not welcome is no doubt a means of building a hyper charged sorcery structure in an elite tribe MOB, but one that I find extremely uncomfortable, so I stay away from dating females? go to services of NORMAL. It is a sacrifice that results in many FRIENDS, living and dead.

Observant Jews are able to go up and down the LADDER OF JACOB and continue existing in both planes. In fact, it is built into the liturgy and one’s understanding of where and how one’s soul is working. It is how their spiritual worlds function. The fact that Judaism is a lineage work assists in tying it to ancestors more readily through ordinary observance, and this is important in chthonic work. Many of the rites of Judaism readily connect to the departed in operative and feeding ways. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the age-old dilemma of what to do about the Jews. Also important is the Mexican work of ancestor altars and remembrances in Church, etc. Ceremonial magicians are hereby clued in to the possibility of polite work with Messianic synagogues, not regular ones. JUST KEEP THE HORNS UNDER YOUR HAT.

The old ones are pointing out the stairs right next to my room and stating that the entire infrastructure is astrally replicated with the actual house you live in, so there is a simulacrum of this house in their Jewish world and they can “see” what is going on by means of the spiritual practice. A good reason to Jew while being Arab.

My Anglo ancestors mentioned the altar of Frig as a nice way to heal my body so that I can have an orderly life in the midst of much of the generational poverty of my Mexican Jewish lineage. They are working with the Norse power that we are able to explore via our HINDRANCE expertise in Cabala mavens who cleric.

I also have English Sephardic ancestry that is not the same as Ashkenazi and caucuses with the whole tribe here. It is not as able to WYRD because of the Holocaust but did much work of writing when we had that great career defunded in CLUB WARS. We are told the candlesticks were how women did things and they did a lot of normal candle work as well. It has always worked for me.

(I will blog on this further, but some maintain — with accuracy — that I am not really a Jew but a Christian, for anyone brought up without the rites and much practice can never be a real Jew. This is true. I participate in a regular Messianic Jewish Synagogue TABERNACLE because after 6-7 repulsions from the pale-face synagogues in the last 25 years I am finally able to enter the building as a Mexican and am part of the wing of Crypto-Jews — MARRANOS — “pig” — because my ancestors were Mexican Jews who kept and ate pigs in order to conceal their religion while also going to Christian services. Samaritan is what some would call us. So pardon me, everyone PRIESTHOOD.)

Humans do not relate to the dead in chthonic worlds as they used to. This is why the witchcraft of Anglos doesn’t function anymore. When Anglos perform African sorcery, it is always funded by the departed who do the portal work, like Latinos. I always complain that their work pulls in the energy of local African-Americans who are not even aware they are participating. I was once in a place I knew was worked against me in Santeria, and as an African store clerk tried to give me back my change, he stood there for about a minute with my change in his hand unable to hand it over or to comprehend what was going on. He was stunned into hurting me. THIS IS MOUTHING OFF TO THE AUTHORITIES 101. YOU ARE GOING TO KRAMPUS IF YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS IN ROSARIES. Jews love rosaries. They are fun. This is why we have cows. I actually work in hoodoo which is accessible to both the ambient Santeria and my Anglo and Native American ancestors, especially those who worked in it.

I evidently have a world of Cabala that was built into my system and operated in the sky worlds alone until I began the practice of Solomonic magic and built it into the underworld grid with the assistance of animals. I hope I don’t seem to be bragging. It is more a report on the underpinning of a spiritual structure that has been very much of Hermetics for many years.

I am urged to continue the practice of Judaism for the rest of my life in order to enable the old ones to go up and down and to study Hebrew to form and maintain the energy layers that cause change in conformance with WILL.

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