I was working with my Abramelin squares for the first time since being so much of Judaism, Solomon, the Norse pantheon, and Enoch Thelema in loose formation. What a revelation it has been! The whole system, finally coming together. I hope to encourage other hard-working folks to go into it harem scarem as have I. It is truly wonderful.

There is a set of squares involving finances that I thought would be expedient to work with again. ARF.

Yes, it broke down and took that power with it.

This work is comprehensible to the old Jewish wing in the way that Enoch, being so much of this era, is not.

There is a square for Coined Gold. This is the equivalent of long-term savings and retirement funds. I worked with that one, and immediately tried to purchase a $10 Menorah for Chanukah.

One would think that this was an honorable thing, and it is, but the truth is, there is never an end to the Judaica one can possess, or to upgrading it to the next level of finery. Thelemites have lots of gear and don’t we all need that gigantic crystal ball to complete our collection?

The square went, OUCH.

I got the Menorah, but I also got a talking-to.

If you are going to have a long-term savings account, you have to let go of some of the little niceties that even the g-ds like to have.

Evidently the matching basin for the washing cup is out!


Then I printed up the square — incomplete by design — for the Coined Silver, useful for everyday expenses.

It is partly blank because the Operator is supposed to work it out.

Aaron Leitch very generously worked all of them out from the 18-month variant of the Operation, and placed them in a PDF file for general use and wide distribution. This is wonderful, and I did originally use it, but I do see that I need to do it myself.

I worked out the word KESER, a “collection or heap.” One way across, one way down, and the other way up in inverted form. I placed the other letters for the word as best I could, but it always worked out with at least one flaw.

It was clear that the powers were teaching me that in everyday expenses, you can never completely cover everything you need or want. There is always a flaw.

In the next square, to have silver in small coins, I immediately began to hear voices, living and dead, whispering to me of fraudulent deals, temptations, and the taking of money from the underworld. This is a big part of what has happened to me all along with this magick and no doubt to others.

Imagine what is going on in health worlds with all of the predominately male magick involving drugs, sex, and disease!

To Have Small Change in Copper — pennies — immediately reminded me of the requirement of giving to charity. It is really most beautiful when you hand a dollar to someone directly.


I have always found that when I give a homeless person a tip, they always give me a “tip” in return, usually advice of some kind.

Homeless people are always walking on the earth and always in connection with a lot of powers. They have a lot of knowledge in their feet.

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