As we know from my post FEMALE FAIL, it has been very difficult for me to learn Hebrew at this point, mostly because I can’t learn the VOWELS.

Hermetics uses the Hebrew words and letters in its magic, but does not learn the sentences of the Torah. Only words that are SPIRITS.

This makes for a wonderful spiritual life in witch form, but not so much in scholarship.

And this system is now etched in stone in my energy world, so why worry be happy with the tiny bit of Hebrew that we have any right to in freemasonry.

Not even a year of assiduous practice of Judaism has done that much to get the vowels in when they are in a neat row called “vowels” on a note card. It is ridiculous and they fall away.

In my harried work ethic, I had invested in a phone app called Ginoskos that enables one to learn both Hebrew and Greek, and have availed myself of the Greek pronouns — shout out to Thelema! — but am still stuck with the Hebrew vowels.

I also have invested in a phone Siddur — prayer book — called MySiddur that has much of my schul’s very liturgy, and there are many learning aids for it. It is easier because females actually do this, whereas traditionally it has been males who did the library stuff.

I have concluded that the vowels are easier if they are taken in the context of a SMAUG song.

THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN says that in the old days of THE WORK, Jewish necromancers simply called for spirit soldiers to come in and work, often defending ourselves in THE GAME, and the ones who came in were arrayed in medieval garb called VIKINGS. So that is what we know, especially when subjected to much war magick. You asked for it, you got it. 

Homemade bread is coming to the aid here.

The Rokkr work is a challenge when the objects have to not exactly match but resonate to the old imps and ghosts of the work.

This is why we have America. We stopped all that stuff. Now the magic is gone and we are trying to get something NEW in the form of African sorcery. AS ALIEN AS EGYPT say the Masons AND JUST AS HELPFUL.

This is all very well and good, but I don’t want it exactly like you have it and I want my family to comprehend me from the beyond.

Not so fast.

This is where we are in SORCERY TODAY.

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