Bael & the Cat

There is some dispute about the god Bael whom I call Baal, because I am a Jew and any god that is named in the TORAH gets to be thought about a lot and scratching my head about how you don’t get what G-d is — the other one!

You don’t understand. Moishe solved a very important problem when he scrunched things down to ONE deity and a lot ENFORCMENTS. The personal god is very intense in high and lows, says THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN, and they were in such MUTTS problems that they had to wipe the slate clean and get in some good housekeeping which is what much of the law is change the system so that they could have health.


But then the reality of human consciousness prevails and that is the psyche anthropomorphizes everything, so in the end, you are turning Jacob and Esau into personal gods, and they were not very good in a lot of ways, which we rationalize about but then they came up with a SUPREME personal god called Jesus and solved/created a whole new set of problems MUNITIONS and solutions.

But here we are at paradigm shift.


Back to the old stuff for information, which in the Lemegeton we see as a #1 demon which is by turns a man, a cat, and a toad.

Now the form of the g-d DEMON is important as to who will be sucked into the magick of it in the underworld that includes a lot of cats and toads if you live near a lake but mostly people who do magick with cats and toads, and these persons were usually WOMEN.

This first DEMON that the men sneakily resort to is a way to get witches to do your magick, because they are the heavy hitters and do a lot of KIND STUFF in cats and toads, demoness.

Also sneaking in insects, ROUT. (The form of the seal is a ladybug, it looks like.) People did all kinds of things, and they worked. SELAH.

Bael informed me at the start that he GETS THINGS DONE. What it seemed to me is that he runs a lot of simulations in other dimensions before deciding on a course. In other words, he works hard at it.

The WAR MITES claim that the animals practice with the demon presiding.

That is kind of the same thing but not as respectful to these wonderful interworldly magicians, our family.

Now, given that we do not live in close proximity to toads like we used to, the animal who is most accustomed to work in this portal is THE COMMON murderer MOUSER.

I was at a job interview once. Now my other job had become intractably enchanted and was causing a lot of CROWDS problems for everyone and so I was about to start a fresh, new job in a place without so much COWS. And I sat there, deliciously secular, for about twenty minutes when the local cats AMERINDIANS found me out and began enchanting the place as usual, so here we are again.


I got the job and am now happily installing myself.

But I do need to talk about the cat demon who is so TRANSCENDENT terrific at many things, including healing.

Some friends of mine in the military agreed to run a few simulations on how their sorcery could work with my family and friends and everything, and for this purpose we had to involve the cat sorcery that was coming to PROLES.


How do I visualize the cat?

A plain cat of your choice.

I was working through a graveyard shift task with the cat, namely, doing the laundry. This is what MOUTHING OFF TO THE AUTHORITIES WILL GET YOU. 

  1. Walk down the hall and select the correct room, in this case, the laundry room
  2. Place the laundry into the machine
  3. Place a room number on a magnet onto the machine
  4. Lick your paw.

That is how it needs to go to get the laundry right, or the underworld causes me to malfunction, especially in the dementia ward where everyone is always in FAIRYLAND and they like to talk to me.


At this point, our SEAL operative comes in to test the system.

Okay, go into Bael. Get into a cat.

We tried adding reindeer horns to get the Norse look, but that causes a meltdown because they don’t EVIDENTLY work with therianthropic imagery, for that is GREEK medieval and beyond.

Now our sources say that we make a deal with these animals that they will help us with hunting or whatever, and then they get to flow into our next incarnation. NOT IN WEALTH WORLDS. You whippets are kind of slow and we notice you burning in hell.


I will never agree to enter this cat, says a Cabalist friend of mine.

BAM! the next second he is in the cat, walking down the hall, grab the number, put it on the machine, lick my paw.

The female soldier sniffs the air, looks ups, and says, “We die in this world.” The captain jumps into action. BACK BACK BACK. They run back, out the door, up the tree, back to the locker room, out of the cat suits, and out of the Bael portal.

We can’t work with this stuff.

Evidently it isn’t cool if your life is crapped out, even if ATR is wrong.

We don’t like you, say the rich, because these energies are mostly NATIVE AMERICAN KIN and they are cows.

As the Norse world points out, the question is that our worlds have our own PORTALS and we do work with animals in Asatru as well but not in MASONIC DEATH WORLDS and that is where you have to be, OWLS, or you get crapped out, so stay away from our regular stuff and just advertise how fine the Masons can be.

As a matter of fact, I have learned that I cannot control the conventional Norse pagan altar portals at the level I can the Norse godforms in the Rosicrucian energy world with 20+ years of work. CLASH OF THE TITANS. Jake Stratton-Kent points out in The True Grimoire, “[The Elemental Spirits] are identical with the former nature spirits of Pagan Religion, some of whom . . . were then understood as deities, and the voices of Oracles. Later, they were all misinterpreted as demons by the Church. This was a most undeserved reputation as they are given to noble religious thought. They joyously assist the Adept in the Great Work, pursuing thereby their own immortality” (Bibliothèque Rouge MMX, page 129).

Another bit of scuttlebutt from the YANG group holds that the new sorcery is trying to lure cats into the idea of the ALIENS. Women often work with cats, so the cat work can be used to involve the femme. It can also tap incipient European witch energies in the same manner as Bael.


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