This is my Father’s world
And to my listening ears
All Nature sings and round me rings
The music of the Spheres.

We must speculate that Graeco-Egyptian shamanism communicated with the Bird-God Angels by tuning up the body to musical intervals in magick and that this was done extensively in the medieval Church. Corruption and excess periodically recur, but we must not lose what was good. 

YESTERDAY’S POST made me think, for some reason, about The Cube of Space, popularized by Paul Foster Case of B.O.T.A. fame.

I spent ten years in B.O.T.A. while simultaneously working THE BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA — probably part of it, notes GENGHIS KHAN lust — and stepped away only during my second year with that inimitable DARPA howler, THE JESUIT. Speculations abound, but I am back at the Lessons, AS ARE WE.

He is speculated to be one of the BOYFRIENDS — I can’t get away from them, but who cares? —albeit a little too far to the left for my taste. We parted amicably, except for that little fracas involving our world, and the intervention of our own dear LEYA, who can’t get away, either.

Let us consider The High Priestess. She is a lunar figure, a psychic perhaps, associated with chastity — which I have much world of, most of my life, in fact hence the dirty mind — seated on a Cube between the twin pillars of the Cabala — famous among Masons — with a veil depicting the pomegranates of Judaism at her back, a scroll of the Torah on her lap, the crown of Isis on her head, the Templar cross on her heart. Judaism binds her. FEMALE SORCERERS ARE ALWAYS ARRANGED TO DO HER JOB. DO AS MUCH OF IT AS YOU PLEASE, SORCERESS.

She and she alone reads the record of our magick.

To set the record straight, THE BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA requires that the energy exercise called The Middle Pillar ritual be performed with Tiphareth visualized at the actual heart center.

Regardie famously altered this so that it would place the Sephira Tiphareth at the solar plexus in accordance with Hindu teaching that places Manipura at the “solar” plexus. This alters the conventional pattern of the West and lines its ritual practitioners up with the East, or so we think.

I suspect that the Hermetic world knew that the syncretized African sorcery was going to take preeminence in this century and carefully prepared a way for their OUR own world to JEW remain.

Let us examine the structure of the energy work patterned onto the Western body in accordance with the teaching of the Cabala, the NINE WORLDS of pre-Christian Germania, and Mesoamerica, and presumably the soul structure of Graeco-Egyptian magick, based on the music theory of the West.

This lore is conveniently placed in Circles of Power and never stepped away from, for this magick manual was intended to be a conduit DOVES for the work that reaches us from our energy work in Egypt, Greece, Europe, and into Judeo-Christian America, and works very well with the world of the B.O.T.A.

The Greeks considered their greatest art to be their music, sacred to Apollo. The energy work of the Graeco-Egyptian world was patterned into the Church in the Gregorian chant, then the great world of liturgical music — no doubt noticed by the classical musician Paul Foster Case — and goes on to this day in those lovely worlds like the Lutheran and my own upbringing with the MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR.

Abide with me! fast falls the eventide.
The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide!
When other helpers fail and comforts flee
Help of the helpless, oh abide with me.

Clearly the Church brought the Graeco-Egyptian stuff to Europe, chanted it until the old pagan world was shattered, and then we all sang in Church on Sunday, the Christian Cabalists tuning up the body like a stringed instrument, and patterning everyone around them into the system of the chthonic underworld of the ancient Near East.

Paul Foster Case extrapolated much from his work of classical music and the Golden Dawn’s use of it, and made it a mainstay of his energetic system. Most people I know are unable to do the work of Sound and Color in any thoroughgoing way when it is presented around Year 7. I certainly wasn’t, though I intend to go back and try again. This oversight no doubt made many mistakes possible.

The BRAHMACHARYA chastity of B.O.T.A. is intended to be temporary, for those who accept the call, around Year 5. Having some problems, are we?

This is why Dante’s Divine Comedy was called the greatest work of the Middle Ages. It must have been played in the body like a symphony, all those cadences of Latinate lengua. 

No doubt the Iliad and the Odyssey were sung in this manner as well. The work of Homer in Dactylic hexameter itself read aloud as regular language causes the heart and breathing rate to synchronize, inducing a mild trancelike quality onto which no doubt the entire culture of Hellas was patterned without everyone being on pharmakia. 

The Ave Maria — Hail Mary — chanted in Latin has a similar effect, and I can attest to the fact that the Jewish liturgy chanted at Shul is similarly routed through the circuitry of the neurology.

Thus we are hypnotized into living in a regular and ordered fashion according to the values of our culture, and while I do not want to go back to being a national playwright-turned-helpless rich housewife in the circuits of all of everyone else’s drug and sex magick — fascinating to women is Crowley ALSO SHAOLIN ELEGUAit would be nice to be able to live reasonably in WORLD and not in the paralyzed excesses that the Paradigm Shift of misunderstood old magick and overenthusiastic new magick have placed me.

Hence the great world of classical music, available until recently in America’s second grade which is free to everyone. Now we are getting rid of those nonessential things like art.

I will go out on a limb and say that the black magick involving slavery is a prime reason New World Sorcery stepped away from ceremonial magick, and that is just. But it is also throwing out the baby with the bathwater, WHICH WE CREE.

Dion Fortune has posited (citation TBD when I get Her books again) that Egypt and India were rivals who performed the much-needed function of checking each other and that the destruction of Egypt at the hands of the Romans and their Church followed by Islam enabled India to get out of hand in its own right.

Following that, the British invasion and colonization of India — unjust and parasitic — caused the Hindu magick to become entangled in the Western work in ways that upended UNITED it.

This is the way it works, as we see from the Tarot image of the Path of Tav, THE WORLD, as in, this is the way of the world — get used to it, SLUM. Dominion and slavery.

At the same time, reconfiguring the Western energy body in Hindu fashion was and is thought by Hermetists to involve a quaint business of harmless India with its snake charmers like Apollo.

Let us reconsider this.

The seven chakras of Hindu are probably ALSO more a reality of the SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS, and for us to place the central governing Sephira Tiphareth at Manipura instead of at the SACRE COEUR is part of the reason we cannot connect to our rubric of THE WEST. The abdominal midbrain is an important center for the maintenance of the survival functions of the body, but when we are all grooving up in mind-depreciating drug and sex magick focused at the animal we do not govern the magick with the humanitarianism built into the heart. This is how the wonkitude of The Magician gets out of hand, and while all of these grand schemes are well and good, when tempered and in their place, and no doubt should be explored . . . GO TOO FAR DO THE BOYFRIENDS. KISS KISS, SHAOLIN ELEGUA.

And I revere the animal work. Anciently the soul originated in the animals and not the plants, as today. This made it more sturdy and healed WE ARE NOW COWS; it was carefully cultivated in animal magick before being introduced into human life, and I speculate that this work is now being done in New World Sorcery with bird magick.

Thelema actually has much important birth portal work to do in The Lesser Key of Solomon, albeit blindly, under the watchful eye of Enoch. WHICH I ALE.

Let’s come back to the FAWN COW, my fave GENGHIS KHAN. His magick manuals Paths of Wisdom and Circles of Power were, no doubt, politely considered a tour de force while TOO LATE OLD CHAP WE ARE ALL IN ENOCH WITH BUDDHA AND THE SEVEN HINDU African POWERS. New World Sorcery, with its easy lure of drug and sex magick, perfected ARKED by Crowley who spent his addicted life no doubt recovering from the sexual injuries he must have experienced as a child. A central aspect of his magick is how to best spend one’s time on earth before the inevitable excesses of drugs, sex, and extreme magick lay you out. WE ARE TRYING. It is really not for everyone to go pedal to the metal in Thelema and we know who you are.

Here I languish, bound in sober and sententious Mormonism and the B.O.T.A., which never changes — and I now respect that.

In fact, I am going back to the Lessons in the mail, because that is how they are, sicut erat in principio, est, et in saecula saeculorum. 

I am also going to speculate that the B.O.T.A. is an extraordinary astral drug world, but only after you finish the Lessons, which takes twenty years. The astral work used to be doable without blowing out everyone’s dendrites on drugs if a few FOOLS in each lodge did ceremonial magick. In fact, that is what lodge magick really does. I do much astral magick with only the daemons and a jigger of red wine on a regular basis.

Part of the problem is that we no longer TACIT IS THE DARK WORK really do that old stuff, ever since the Holocaust took out the circuit known as European Jewry, and the drug work of Angels was investigated a bit by Thelema. OWLS, IT IS MOSTLY JUST THAT EVERYTHING CHANGES, AND THAT IS GOOD.

Unfortunately, the drug work is easily entrainable, and we all go down with the ship, and what should have taken me twenty years has taken a very SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS twenty years and I have another ten left before I am REALLY COWED in B.O.T.A.


The Heart Center at the physical heart connected Hermetics to Christianity which judges and the penalty for extreme malfeasance is the ever-popular death by heart attack noticed by Regardie. Hence The Pact which was offered me by THE LION DEMON: it is a great honor, and one you will accept.

I have almost met with this end accidentally while constructing my Solomonic temple when I dropped a ritual object’s cover on the floor for a couple of seconds and had to sit for several minutes while the energy floating over my heart returned to normal.

The witches of New World Sorcery have struck very hard at the portal of Queen Vepar — the only female demon form — to a similar effect.

Now here we are at the Path of the High Priestess, the psychic memory of The West, staring up at The Magician, evidently practicing ceremonial magick.

Thor’s serpent JORMUNGANDR is around his waist, the energy work of the Germanic world. The lilies of Mary and the roses of Venus — ever popular in Jewish surnames and iconography — just look at your great-grandmother’s Kiddush cup —

how to get between these two extremes to activate the magick of the Cube of Space much loved of the Jews who practiced it?

The Path going between them is THE FOOL.

Now let’s look at the record of my endeavors, here. OUTCOME IN FRAK. Hence the position of the wise — and I am not disputing this — that we work the West in meditation and symbol, ritual magick, and a bit of clubbing. It is good. But let’s leave the real stuff to the Cuban strikers.

My position is ONE SIZE FITS ALL MEANS NO SIZE FITS ANY and we need a humbling of the Jews a subtle, nuanced position toward ceremonial magick on a case-by-case basis and THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HUNTING!!!

I was not aware that many of those around me were secretly practicing New World Sorcery with its astral magick whose cheapened entry is drug and sex magick. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS THAT. I know. An astral circle — like a lodge — is only operative as a small enterprise (in my experience, about 14 people — once you hit 20, the lodge generally splits into two groups of like-minded souls) and has to be very selective about whom it brings in as opposed to whom it works off of energetically.

And man magick inevitably goes too far. LOOK AT THE STOCK MARKET.

At the moment, the work seems to be focused on the work place where people spend most of their time and the extended family where the energy of the body can be used parasitically by the gurus who make six figures at magick while we shlepp it out in day jobs. SLUM. A person with potential is, no doubt, shunted from job to job where they will encounter THE PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE who won’t let you remember if you are obstreperous about Rosicrucianism.

I am not a regular Thelemite, just a CONSPIRACY THEORIST hanger-on of minor interest, though I do support the work and do much of the weird stuff. It is great. I suspect all of these traditions specialized while keeping in touch and had a genuine amity toward one another.

So to get between the operative sorcery of The Magician and the Pattern of The High Priestess you must RIDE the path of The Fool.

Now what have I done?

Too much of everything and been a FOOL.

I am in evident danger out on a precipice with a flame over my heart. The entire Cabala has been worked in BLACK MASS and meditation, as we see from the flaming eight-spoked wheels of Vishnu and Odin, the one wheel going backward in time and the one going forward, the basis of mystical knowledge OR operative power. The Sun of the Angel world and the Moon of the daemon world are too close for comfort. The white rose of CHASTITY is unfortunately COWED. If you want this work, it is a requirement of what I will call THE GREEK PASSION, which is lived only in the Adytum OUR WORLD, MY LOVE


Otherwise the rubric of Enochian or SHAOLIN ELEGUA sex magick leading into the dimensions only attainable on drugs will take you from the underworld into the Angel work PROSTITUTE rich housewife, as happened to me at the pinnacle of my career as a playwright and enabled a small but very fine defense contractor firm to fund harum scarum from the magick instead of a theatre company.

I will accommodate the idea that sorcery of this rubric must be accomplished differently by men than by women. Perhaps as The Magician comes down from his state of empyreal Reason, he is aided by the divine intoxication of the drug and sex magick, and as The High Priestess comes up from the Akashic record, she has to be very severe and regimented so that she is not taken into complete sibyl schizophrenia by the ancient power that she is of.

Perhaps both, offers a BOYFRIEND. The Bacchic rites of the women were once a year on Midsummer Night, and the Witches’ Sabbath was held only by the full moon.

I can hear the BOYFRIENDS, I was offered this rubric, but it was always very hard.

A dog is my pet. There he is. The dog-faced daemon much derided by Regardie. BEING TOO GLORIOUS, ARE WE? Sorry. Bitch. A SMATTERING OF LATIN. More to come.

I threw away every object I owned and kept only enough for a suitcase.

The eagle is the emblem of water, and I bought a boat, which I did not have the physical strength to repair and therefore sold. Perhaps another boat will be arranged, because actual sea enchantment was insisted upon by the energy world of GENGHIS KHAN, and presaged by Dion Fortune The Sea Priestess and Tolkien’s three elven sovereigns: If you build it, they will come. 

The eagle is also evident in the standards of a Roman legion and the Catholic cathedral gear brought out at the Big masses. It is the elevated power of Scorpio as well as the bird daemons who interact with the marine power. IN THE MASS, NOT THE SAILING CLUB!!!

(Psst. Sailors did much ceremonial magick. There is much to be learnt on the sea. Besides, New World Sorcery is doing a lot of parasitic destruction — er, forcible conversion of the fey — unkindness — on the ocean. NO MORE U. I don’t see why we can’t do everything but MONEY GURUS don’t like the $20/month lodge dues, now do they? THAT IS WHAT I WAS FLOGGING ABOUT.)

Which the B.O.T.A. is much noticed in and which we hope to elucidate vis-a-vis Greek and Latin mythology.

I do not see how the rubric of unethical Buddhist African sorcery tricking on the Christian Church will fail to run aground. AIDS IS INVOLVED.

In the background are the violet mountains. The color of Jupiter, the ruler, is considered to be purple, because in the ancient world, this color was only possible in clothing if you caught some cephalopods, extracted the ink sac, and used it to dye wool, reserved for royalty. It stank to high heaven at first, but this marine product was very prestigious.

This tells us that we are on the way to a faraway place called Graeco-Egyptian energy worlds, and that the only way to get there is through FOOLish magick that is very difficult and can cost your life if you do not live very carefully. EVEN THEN. More sailing classes, please.

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