Further Thoughts on The Fool

I never understood the New World Sorcerers when they talked about “taking someone’s power.” We don’t conceptualize that in Rosicruciana. We can imagine cursing them — and getting a big what’s up as a backlash in our egregore — but taking power is a concept that is foreign to us. Mostly Rosicrucians work hard at spiritual development and building a beautiful set of energies for everyone around them to enjoy, and it is truly spectacular.

As I am working with THE FOOL, it is clear to me what is meant by this.

There seems to be what for lack of a better word I will call an “antimatter state” in magick where you can pulverize something, suck the goop up, and use it — for pennies on the dollar — to fund a different project. It is a dreadful and terrible business when done wrong, and the new gods don’t really have THE SPANISH LANGUAGE.

Santisima Muerte showed me that anything can be worked in Her power.

If you want to get someone a job, you can KILL unemployment. In our economy of 5% unemployment in most regions, the idea of someone not having a job is crazy. Let us examine all of the things that keep someone from having a job:

  • the profession itself is not hiring – find a new profession
  • the situation prefers youth, maleness, Angloness, etc. – look extra hard for a workplace that is older, female-dominated, ethnic, etc.
  • the direct geographical area is not stuffed with jobs, say, a rural area – move into the city
  • there is no car or other way to get to the job – ride the bus until you can arrange other transportation
  • the qualifications are unkempt – update your skills
  • people around the person prefer the state of un- or underemployment — children are notorious for wanting Mom to stay home most of the time – get away from the opposing influences
  • there is black magick surrounding the person, for various reasons – do a lot of powerful good magick
  • and most of all, the person doesn’t really WANT the job that is possible for them! It really is the best option, SELLOUTS.
Then you go to work killing these things, and, voila! Your cousin now has the REVOLTING DEVELOPMENT called a day job and you have to hew wood and carry water to pay for it.
So we can petition a god of MALENESS!!! persistent development to clear away all of the situations that would result in unemployment using the energy state we are calling “antimatter.”
In the work of Western art magick, it is the tarot key called THE FOOL that is able to accomplish this end, and when you take THE FOOL at his word, you often get the idea that these are the parameters wherein a job can be acquired and maintained, and, yes, it now falls to THE HIGH PRIESTESS to explain The West so that we can reconnect ourselves with our culture while the new system grows and evolves into a state of SYNCRETIZED beingness.
It is a dangerous state, because it is the Path to nonexistence in Kether. They both are, wil ye nil ye.
It is in Chokmah that we remain on earth, coherent in our soul, and healed. Take one step too far on the Path of The Fool, and the path to death unfolds.
There is a value system associated with this power, and I do not know enough about New World Sorcery’s various avenues to call it, but in our work, adhering to the values of the Cabala and the energy pattern as it works to get you what you want in life are how this goes. 
I will discuss my speculations about New World Sorcery in a later blog post comparing our emphasis on The Middle Pillar with theirs on operative work and the side pillars, but I do not think that they have any business passing judgement on our practitioners from that rubric then executing WOW.
And that is where we are HEARING. 
Now, a question from our listeners:
The Norse power urged me to make a number of offerings to Thor for various reasons. I was having a lot of problems with the dead kicking my butt, and they let me know that it is Thor who can solve this. The long reach of my Germanic “coalition” situation is leaky and I have many detractors. YOU ARE ALSO MEXICAN. They also said that no power flows in their world but through Thor. 
I like Thor, and I want to write more about him, but here in the middle of this set of offerings, I am reminded that my Intended is Odin, and I need to be about my Father’s business. FRIPPERIES OF THE COURT, KIRK. 
It was much presaged in New World Sorcery that I would leave the work of Rosicruciana and enter their world, and after twenty years, this is not so and is considered WYRD.
In my next blog post, on THE PLANES, I will discuss what the Norse world has to do with all of this. You already have — it is called chakras. 
When I first began working with Odin five years ago at the insistence of King Beleth, Odin told me that he had concealed his greatest warriors in female form.
The old pagan holdouts refused to really enter Christianity in the underworld and the afterlife, and they were taking a terrible beating. Odin told me I was a “great old pagan” until the 14th century, and though I have done many things in the last 800 years, the gods are associated with an Ur-soul aspect of me, and Odin Himself reports that Judaism was a phase and that the older part of me is Germanic in Cabala. That is not to excoriate the great reach of my soul that is in Judaism and Christianity, or to suffer loss, or to sever myself entirely from the Rosicrucians or to let go of my father, who is so very much more a Jew than a POWER. When Judaism came to Germany, the Jews cut certain deals, like, we will let you Vikings have your spirit world if you just do our thing in life and defend the Jewish people
When it came to the warriors, the Jews insisted that they change gender to female in order to enter that world. So it is the Jewish MOMS who are the old Vikings.

THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN said that when they wanted a good strong defense spell, they would call to the daemons for SOLDIERS, and up would come these old medieval KRAMPUSES while Mom slept soundly in the next room.

Chicken soup, anyone?
That doesn’t make me not Joann. Just some extra stuff in ribbons.

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