The Fool and the Ape

Like your birth, WHIPPET.

Key 10 THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE is Thor’s meditative implement. Lord Vishnu’s wheels also go back in time and forward in time. The eight-spoked wheel is found in many Scandinavian holy sites.

I made some unfair albeit funny accusations about New World Sorcery’s misuse of the ape power in past blog posts, and while I am not going to remove the posts outright — they are fun! — I am going to  expand based on further work with the daemons, who are not just dogs and other animals — birds can be daemons, too, if they try EERIE, WE HOPE — but also local ghosts, ancestors, and very old parts of the people around me, a.k.a. THE OLD ONES, who are more reasonable in the older parts of the United States when working in ceremonial magick because they are also local, though not my friends?

Here are the old posts, for review: OUCH THIS IS CREEPY and SOMEWHAT LESS BUT HOWL IS EVOLVING.

I did go back and make this notation.

In the last post, I referred to the fact that The Fool, if pursued all of the way, leads to an evaporation of the soul.

This is good if you WANT your soul to evaporate.

Folks who have made such egregious misuse of life that they cannot bear to remain who they are and have an ANGEL — a RING OF POWER — willing to take them in as a part of the Club, will tread this Path all of the way, relinquishing their being in order to become a subset of a whole.

And others whom JUDGEMENT decides are not worthy to remain will be pushed along this Path, as have I, evidently, when I did not leave the Cabala and go into the factory of SHAOLIN ELEGUA run by the kiss my ring, WHIPPET local Godfather.

A number of these godfathers have been informed EVIDENTLY that I am supposed to enter their RING OF POWER.

This is a male thing.

I am a female who has her own Angel. RING OF POWER. It is not structured controllable in the same way like the male-lead enterprises and is very hunted for exactly this reason.

ROUT complains, The real female power workers are Gramma with her rosary and are never known to us. 

I will aver that I am not a POWER WORKER but a blogger on the history of magick. Mercury retrograde in birth chart.

And an Artist with CROWDS as a necessity of her very being, and when the audience is taken away, I cannot function. That is how Angels are.

So here we are with the dead who needed to evaporate. They eventually evaporate anyway.

It takes the whole self of a ghost to operate in LUST the daemon world that extends down to the animal realm, including birds. Very few can do it, because they ascend.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is a path that comes down the Middle Pillar of consciousness from Kether, and evidently the departed can use this Path to enter the world, not in the daemonic and physicalized operative form of the side pillars of Mercy and Severity, but in the psychic path that extends down to the Heart, the Loins, and the Feet, centers of power used for millennia in the West and built into the very rubric of the regular religious practice of both Judaism and Christianity. And that is where we WOO.

We used these centers because they relate to music theory, yes, but also because Europe is cold and we cannot sit on the ground for a long time like in India. It is wet and we have too much farming to do for that much meditation. It is better to work in spells in our daily lives, as did the Norse, in the Book and in music as do the Jews, and in rituals and the above, as do the Christians.

Hence the propensity of ceremonial magicians to be scholars and teachers rather than the large-scale witches that you have in ATR, for the Cabala goes back much further in time and it is harder to orient these old ones to the modern world.

When a person decides to enter the astral world of Santeria in the afterlife, they may make arrangements to detonate themselves as themselves in the West and assume the Africanized characters that they build in their life of sorcery, especially if overuse of drug and sex magick has caused many real life problems that NOW CAN BE WORKED ON IN THE WEST.

A speedy ascension is not wrong, but when I encounter my nearest and dearest in their Africanized form, the fact that this EMPIRE has decided to destroy the ambient spiritual life of America, the mechanized system turns my own people into attackers who do not understand me.


Go to Church. Doesn’t your tradition claim to be Christian?

I am in Shul all the time as well as in the Latin Catholic Church where the daemon work patterns people into egregiously beautiful elegances and they can bear to exist as human.

Not only that, New World Sorcerers can be dismantled for purposes of these Angels that they themselves would not approve of if they were more whole.

Not only that, a certain portion of the aspiring Angel honchos are approving of social ills that will cause the kinds of injuries that impel a person to go overboard in their magick alternating with practices of self-destruction.

THIS IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE: Here I am focused on the fact that child molesting often results  in sexual self-destruction of various kinds which often drives a person to work very hard in their careers, including magick, and become a genius or very wealthy. I do not want the ILL TO BE KRAMPUS ON EVERYONE injured to feel bad about themselves or enter the Path of THE FOOL destitution but I do not like people shunted into other worlds in death — and in the underworld of life — when they could heal themselves as humans and be imperfect albeit whole.

The O.T.O. was clearly intended to ALSO heal sexual injuries from childhood and rubric into an Angel itself. I approve, and caucus with Thelema, though I do not go all the way into that structure. SHOUT OUT TO BEAUTY. It has other things as well, but who can do everything all the time?

Whole people are more likely to just be friends with me rather than ALL-OUT WARRIORS WHO KILL ME.

All kinds of abuse, including BDSM, can have a similar outcome. Social ills — keeping people poor. Lack of available clean drinking water and my favorite, reliable contraception, not popular in Orthodox ANYTHING.

This is why the West stepped away from strong magick and sought to solve the problems of humanity. Now we are being crapped on by those who ought to be still in the Middle Ages but are now using our own smart phones against us.

I am putting on my tin foil hat here, but I am positing the idea that some of the brightest techies in the world have taken “LSD” and leapt into the electrical grid and the internet on the backs of African and Buddhist COWS. Not that I was “dated” into such RINGS OF POWER as a fuel source LESSER OPERATIVE IS REALLY WHAT WE WANTED, quoth THE HIGH PRIESTESS. 

In the next blog post, HOPEFULLY — the Fool has a lot to impart — I will discuss how women can work lower on the planes in wonderful structures and should not be shattered in the higher energy worlds of males. “High” is not good or bad; it is merely how we function relative to the larger groups of humanity, and men tend to focus on the outside world more while women focus on the family. That is biology and should be enjoyed.

Their supercharged chakra patterning in undisclosed sex magick interfered with my own chakra pattern and I goofed up my life and lost my health and money. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

I am not just an idiot and I don’t actually do drugs.

Now, what is the alternative to a person who is so damaged or ill that to remain in wholeness causes injury to humanity?


This is why I have not relinquished the Saint name of Gertrude the Great, a theologian and proponent of the kind of death sorcery that women excel at, helping the dead.

The Catholic world’s purgatory is called a place to “purge” or get rid of sin. In a world where few people have enough to eat, adequate diapering as babies, protection from the automatic universal abuse of extreme poverty and lack of reliable infrastructure, etc., purgatory is very loved, but the modern world has reasonably stepped away from the whole business of purgatory because it is expensive.

But in earlier times, we did pray a lot of work, and the rubric of Christianity could arrange an afterlife in a daemon dimension where we were able to live whole and happy lives as if they were real. Your LIFE REVIEW is not just a review but a rehash. You get to go back and fix as much as possible, and then you will be content to be a puppet master for the magicks of the living, including Christian prayer.

If you life were extremely miserable, you could do much work in your imagination, often propelled into astral worlds by — you guessed it — hunger, sleeplessness, malnutrition, illness like intestinal parasites etc., physical violence, sexual abuse, and the nonstop crap of a hard, boring, and repetitive life. Hobbes called life, “nasty, brutish, and short.” This is why the poor do some of the best astral magick and why the magical systems of the oppressed work so very well.

And why they are always appropriated by the smart set.

The Christians used to beat up Jews then use all kinds of Hebrew in their spells, we notice.

I can’t figure out why all of my Ivy League friends look so very PLANTATION in their work.

I hear some say, You are Latina. Latinos do this sort of stuff naturally.

I am Mexican, not Cuban! And I do it like a regular abuela at home, not on extremely expensive pharmaceuticals.

I will discuss this in a future blog post in which I posit that an underwhelming Anglo-Irish poem was exactly such a doorway. OWLS.

The functioning but humbled recently dead used to facilitate all sorts of things, and we understood that this was how the system worked. Unfortunately, the large corporations that like power too much eventually cause everything to be BLAH BLAH BLAH and here is the necessity of explaining THE HEBREW ALPHABET as lamented Crowley without any serious oaths because the information is coming from GOATS with the Torah — oops Tarot — involved. And a load of serious COWS.


I do not yet see that far into Judaism, but I can see that it is complicated, multi-dimensional, and can draw beings in from far away and long ago if there is adequate need of it. The death worlds are hard, the deceased complain. We are not accustomed to it. 

New World Sorcery does not like to work the Deep Self overtly because it has to be in the land as ambient ghosts, and most folks in the western part of the United States are recently here, people move around too much, the culture of Amerindia is very different and should be SLATTERNED respected and given a mask like African gods to work with so that those old gods can maintain their solidarity and wholeness. THELEMITES point out, we do this WHIPPET thing as the Egyptian deity Anubis.



At the same time, much lodge work has been done in the United States, so this work can be very accommodated, and the European ghosts can slip into these old daemon forms with relish and contentment. That is what they were built for. Even the pre-Christian European old ones can work very nice in either.

The rationales for shunting THE POOR into Angels and messing up the women and the children is not reasonable in the stupid rubric of OUR NEW AFRICAN HEAVEN WILL BE BETTER IF YOU ARE BEAT UP AND RAPED. Workaholics in spiritual matters are often failures in life.

We did all of this in Western art magick, if you will recall, and have a reasonable grasp of how to FERRET OUT ABUSE. Now let’s get on to the sorcery we can get away with stuff in, invite the usual suspects.

The new sorcery is evolving and it does need to be, but it needs to figure out how to live within its means and extend the hand of friendship to Hermetics.

Back to the ape form.

When the old ones are so injured or obsolete that they cannot come back that far down the planes without injuring the young, they assume the form of an ape in the Catholic Cabala with lodges. This enables them to comprehend much of the human situation while not matching up in completeness to the living. When I was in New York, my father was often working in ape form with me, along with a cadre of other apes who did much HARD work. Also lodges. This is why we have WOMAN IN CABALA. 

THELEMITES will notice their much-loved god Thoth and his companion, the ape. This is how we jew.

BUILDERS of the Adytum will find the ape form in Key 10, which promises you money but gives you luck perseverance.

We can speculate from the rubric of the Lucky Mojo, put together by arguably the greatest female genius of magick in our world, miss cat yronwode, that New World Sorcery is working with the Hindu deities to accommodate the mechanics of the deep worlds in more direct and perhaps even operative ways than a BUDDHIST ROAD MAP that only the most expert high magicians of New World Sorcery’s Buddhist training with drugs can work. ENOCH IS speculated to be INVOLVED. New World Sorcerers could thus call upon Lord Ram, MUCH LOVED OF THIS BLOG.

As a common denominator. 

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