Flauros Returns

Here is FLAUROS — I call him HAURES — getting ready to enter the Triangle of Solomon.
Five years ago I made an oath to call Flauros on the day that Athena designated as his own. Here is her web site: ATHENA. I had been in communication with her to purchase some Solomonic seals since I didn’t really have a good grasp of that aspect of the work. I had done much work with the floor, using it as part of my magical furnishings on the advice of GENGHIS KHAN who constructed one of his own, but a less enchanting one, but I had no real idea of how to manage the situation of making disks. 
I eventually went to jewelry school and will give my method in an upcoming blog post. There is now a product called metallic clay that can be used to some effect, but I heartily recommend sheet metal.
I had always been called by that beautiful diagram DRAGON. IT IS THE PHYSICAL PLANE WORK THAT THEY OPPOSE. IF YOU HAD JUST WORKED IT MENTALLY, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. The spirits say different things mentally than physically. It is a different wyrd. 
Most people seem to work THEORETICALLY ON DRUGS? Latinos work it shamanically and superbly with the seals as some sort of shamanic device, I gathered. The whole business of the big ceremonial rigamarole simply doesn’t suit the modern taste, and most people have issues with all of the troublesome divine names CHRISTIANITY and commandments that are essentially medieval in character. I do it straight up, and it has rubricked into CLOWNS.
The speeches are available in Latin pretty much as-is in The Heptameron, in case anyone has ever noticed. Same stuff. Goes back at least to the 1400s. Why not?
I had performed the Abramelin originally in order to have some safety in working with the Solomonic spirits. 
It is not safer. 
I think safer is I have no idea what safe is. I AM A DOG. 

In any case, I had been having a number of near death situations and knew I needed to bite the bullet and call the spirits. The minute I made this resolve, the near deaths went away, at the requirement of Flauros, who recommended that I go to mass. 
I also promised Flauros a gold disk instead of his usual copper.
I immediately moved across the country to my fave New York — OWLS — and commenced preparations to call this wonderful spirit.
I originally used the disks I purchased from Athena, and they were, in fact, tricked up to cause the spirits to obey me. 
And they were magnificent, a lush circuit that had much world of Enoch.
If you are interested in testing the waters, by all means, buy the disks from Athena. She has a wonderful circuit that also includes me. 
Don’t buy the gold ones. Figure out if you want the magick.
A few DUCATS and you have the copper.
There are recommendations for upgrading the disks to gold or silver, but I found that the spirits cannot work outside of their metal. It really is essential. 
I did honor the requirement of giving him the gift of a disk of gold in addition to his own of copper, and that is wonderful. I will give instructions for how to make such disks, and one can be had for just over $100 if you see fit.
But I felt that I needed my own work and went to jewelry school and made the disks myself, but I do honor Athena’s work.
Let us notice that The Lesser Key of Solomon seems to be very fine in the hands of women. It is witching as well as wizarding, and no doubt the ATR’s work with it is partly responsible for the re-gendering of this predominately masculine magick.
In 2015, I originally intended to ask Flauros to destroy an enemy or two. I certainly had enemies to spare.
But when I got to the Triangle of Solomon, on a lark I said, Make it so that I am not deceived by the astral.
Nothing seemed to happen, except that I was terribly deceived by the astral and had a big KRAMPUS in my entire life, and everything always fell apart, and I came crawling home to my ancestral lands of western Washington and wondered if it was even worthwhile to continue to hold the disk of Flauros. It was perhaps useless and I couldn’t figure out what to do with this portal.
Each portal that has a disk is very expensive in energy. 
I see great value in having some as disks, some as ATR altars, some as paper seals in mojos and jar spells, and some in skrying alone. The entire rubric is all of a piece, and some people do succeed in summoning all of the spirits, a task that would take over 5 years if that were all you did.
But what to do with Flauros?
I finally said, it is time to just deal with Flauros by calling him again. THE GOLD IS IMPOTENT. WE IRK EVERYTHING IN GOLD.
The metal relates in some ways to power worlds, and at this moment, the high worlds are so much in New World Sorcery that it is a big gold rush.

If you want power, work in silver — after a complete working of the Hermetic Cabala. It will send you into some underlying structures of the Catholic work. You will be fundamentally in Saints, and that is really the crux of the matter. You must also work in Judaism. Messianic Judaism is open, OWLS. 
The copper is reasonable but very fey and so sleek. It can relate to other cultural worlds. It is a fine world to build and it will heal you in the porvenir. EVENTUALLY. 
I can’t figure out what to do with Mercury. I have evaluated the fixing of Mercury and have concluded — and, yes, I did work with a blasted 2000 degree thingie and hated my life for melting silver — but that is Jews for you — the Mercury has yet to be mastered, for I had some terrible mishaps in Mercury. Perhaps an addition of cinnabar is what I am now thinking.
The tin world is very fine and often works in low worlds to be STRONG. I HATE YOU FOR COWING THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR LIFE WORK BUT COWABUNGA LOUD WORLDS.
So here we are with the knowledge STOUT of how a little bit of the magick works that is only FOUND in the highest levels of the ATR? O.T.O.!!! —  the gods are actually physically animals, that is like a terrible secret, Thor, look at them — and only after they have dirtied you beyond remedy, and the land gods do not take dirty or they strike terribly, as we have seen — and here we are in Jews telling on the sex magick with animals — BEAST IS INVOLVED — and I have concluded that THOR CAME IN FOR THE JOB.
When Thor is called, the job is impossible, and he goes anyway, and does his very earnest plodding best, and loses, as we see with the situation of Utgarda-Loki, but the jotun DAEMONS like his style, and they decide to save him and give him the knowledge that was his real objective: how to be.
What are we to do?
The Jews require me to do nothing but spiritual work with this. It is not to be involved with money at all. 
Flauros did an amazing job at this petition and it took five years and the most hellacious KRAMPUS imaginable, but it is clear that New World Sorcery is falling apart, they cannot work the structure of newbie Rokkr with Asia, and we need to get to the bottom of what was done in the West. Some people will stay in the West and BUTTRESS the new work. Crowley spent his entire magickal career preparing for this onslaught, and while he is not entirely WHATEVER, we can try. I, for one, am not crossing the river Jordan. I am staying behind. 
Ceremonial magick is the basis of how the Catholic Church functions, and the straight-up daemon work no longer needs to be even done. It is done so deeply in the energy worlds that it doesn’t have to say a thing. Early on, the gods told me that their bodies were in storage in Rome. I suspect this is literal as well as figurative. THE SUSPECT. 
The United States has a different underlay that is Amerindian in nature, which is why I am now ferreting out the case in my ancestral HOME and not already back in New York where so much of my heart is, ever. COWS. We are not in Israel but home. 

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