The Planes in Catholic Mass and Golden Dawn


“Only the highest genius is worth the prize. Everything else goes in our tank.”

The hurt is threatened at the dame
Who chose her power’s light of fame
The act of lust can be a wreak
If astral wealth the BOYFRIEND seek
To spy, the WHIPPET risks the game
That never FOOL would not her PLAME.
So on the COWS of middle class
And weal may grant the lady pass.

In a recent post, I discussed the means of building power by aligning the SOCIAL CLASS? chakras in magical work. When a group of people work together, the chakras in close formation form an energy band that I speculate was called THE PLANES, though there is undoubtedly much more going on here with the ancient concepts of astrology. These were originally imaged as the energy of the seven ancient planets as they supposedly operated within the body from Saturn on down to Luna, as pictured in the Tree of Life. It was patterned on the Copernican astronomy that was also mystical, while being wrong, so we threw out the baby with the bathwater and now need to deal with the energetic patterning that can be futzed about with and who cares if the earth under our feet is not the physical center of the solar system — it is for us.

When these are constructed through ritual and meditation, much telepathic rapport can be arranged, involving the strengthening of certain values and attributes as well as the value-energy-command situation in all of magick that I have discoursed on.

It is also a surreptitious means of practical magick. Those involved in more traditional witchcraft and even ATR scratch their heads because the high magicians do a lot of book reading and lodge meetings, but they don’t seem to do much practical magick.

They do. It is simply that they help each other energetically achieve what they want in an informal bandwidth way. I rose to great heights in creative writing by lodging like the devil. It was all I did. When I got my big grant in a milieu where Santeria SEATTLE is the norm, the shear force of that work’s EMPIRE!!! normal and healthy preponderance mostly as well as the departure from the geographical area and the force field where my work was done, including my own ancestors, old ones, and the Amerindian land spirits who work with lodges — for they are beautiful shamanic worlds — rendered me unable to function in that new milieu and I disintegrated. ALSO LUST. Wealth.

The Second Order of the Golden Dawn has an exercise called Rising on the Planes that could theoretically be used to view, correlate with, and introduce ideas within the Spheres of the Middle Pillar of those in the circuit.

Circles of Power includes this exercise, though it cautions against the use of the bands of color on the wand. I have always included the bands of color, given that the B.O.T.A. uses these colors quite extensively, and have not been physically able to perform the exercise as it is in the Golden Dawn but as it is in the B.O.T.A., evidently, in the form of staring at the colors relative to the Paths and intoning the associated musical note. I am coming to the conclusion that GENGHIS KHAN (John Michael Greer)’s very delicate instructions were, in fact, extremely important and that thousands of repetitions of this very rubric have CAUSED THE RING TO BE KISSED many things, in my life at least.

I have just repainted the wand ZERO and will now recommence with the magick manual that was hinted as EITHER OR with the Abramelin. Oh well.


(UPDATE: I reconsecrated the newly recolored lotus wand and found it full of DRUIDS! Now we are all in pointy white hats. You are in Druidry — just Northrland like your body requires. More on the history of German immigration to Texas and Mexico later. LOTS OF BROWN-SKINNED ODIANS AWAIT ASATRU. It is the Light of our ancestors!)

Now . .  back to the grousing about things we don’t completely know but speculate on . . .  there is a feeding frenzy of talent acquisition in THE GAME wherein astral magick with sex and drugs is the one-stop shopping mechanism of the new high dream worlds we keep hearing about here in DOGLAND. I will yap more about this later. It has been going on for 40,000 years from what we can tell here in SPINXLAND.

I do not mean to be dismissive of the new religion. I am sure it is inexplicably wonderful in many ways. At the same time, I am hoping to provide insight into the Mechanism of the Universe in our Cabala which will reveal some aspects of the CODE. Hopefully the more reasonable proponents of the new faith will be healed, while those of us who are in the truly hip and wonderful world of ART MAGICK will be reinvigorated in the quest that takes so many long years to bear real fruit.

I am not blaming anyone for this predicament. In the words of Edwards Deming, “It’s the system, not the people.”

Now let’s look at the conundrum we face here in Hermetics when we are building our bodies into musical instruments, what the B.O.T.A. means by “vibratory attunement.” Recall the chakra layout of the Cabala is based on the proportions of the stringed instrument, half for octave, half again for fifth, and half again for third, the major intervals of western music. We can assume that this appeals to the harmonic structure of nature, and is especially wonderful for birds and the beings that they evolve into in human spirituality, whether through direct incarnation in a human as thought of anciently or through work with relevant structures, including Angels, or the many spirits of western art magick.

But what can it mean?

Let’s consider the gods of the body and the steps we must take in dealing with THE ART.

The feet. First you have to get your life together in reasonable ways, and that is usually not possible with THE GAME all over you. You have to leave with the one that brung you, and so on. Every time you move up, there are new punters available to crap things out. It’s all kind of wonderful. At the same time, I am having a marvelous time. Why not?

The loins. Fix the sex. HA HA HA HA. Those bound to us by it, i.e., the family. The ancestors situate in this subtly. Those seeking the high worlds do not want to spend energy wealth on helping those who are low or looping on them, because it brings down the tone of everything. As if. 

Enoch teaches the sober about the planes above the Ring-Pass-Not, and we will DISPUTE THE KRAMPUS discuss this vis-a-vis the hip and OWLED drug work and why it always asks for the sex magick.

The heart. What are you going to do with this power? It should be something good.

The throat. Here we work with the Divine Name of Saturn, associated with death. This is where the old ones are heard, and it is not easy to deal with their constant flow of information. Some of our POW POWs recommend sign language to pull that energy into the hands and cause me to process it lower on the body and thereby keep me employed. The deaf also remind us that in certain oppressed or hindered groups, insiders often exploit a state of “overtrust,” and that is part of how HIV has been transmitted in the deaf world. They also point out, The damiens are put together in Air, not power.) I am instructed that a tonsillectomy altered the throat center and here we are.

The head. This is where the POWER WORLD considers that the soul matures. Large structures of organized power work can shatter it or cause it to be a runt. The Holy Guardian Angel is really just the god of Kether.

Those who attend mass, especially in Latin, will be treated to such a rubric quite overtly, though the lower chakras are demurely only hinted at.

If you are involved in The Lesser Key of Solomon, it is the Episcopal mass that is heard, usually at the local cathedral.

At a certain point in the Catholic mass, the chakras are specifically constructed in ritual by tracing a cross on the forehead, just below the lips, and just below the breast:

I think we should assume that the other two chakras, at the loins and the feet, are simply implied by reasons of modesty, though they are probably functional in the body, given the rich history of Catholicism with its Cabala, and the many mandates relative to human behavior in sexuality and action.

It seems clear that the Golden Dawn built its work on this structure in High Church and no doubt looped on the Church nicely in a give and take that is beneficial for everyone. Some of us need to relax into the hypnotism of the rites and heal ourselves by the pure feeling of it, while others can and should spend the time to do extra esoteric work and cause the whole ceremony to be tinkered with. We teach when we do this, and those who attend church with us can follow along and do the work in the underworld in life and on the astral in death.

I would speculate that a lot of the work of Catholicism could still function in this manner. Imagine Susan goes to the altar of St. Joseph the Worker and lights a candle for a job, while Sam goes to the altar of St. Luke the Physician and lights a candle for healing. The entire structure of the magick is such that everyone is pinged in lots of different ways. St. Luke might notice that Susan has a great power of health and not exactly take it from her in a strict parasitic fashion but use her effluvia and that of other healthy people to beef up Sam’s energy body, and vice versa. The Saints also take the effluvia that keeps people stuck in old patterns and ZERO it.

For those who are doing overt work in ceremonial magick, the effluvia of the OWLS can also be brought into the magick, as can their operative work. It is thus a public service for a necromancer to go to church on a regular basis. ST. CYPRIAN IS INVOLVED. The Catholic work also keeps the OWLS healed and protected.

The underlying chakras of the building are also part of the working, as are all of the symbolic makings, the dead, the living nearby who function in the church while not attending it, and the entire world of Angels, daemons, and other land spirits who participate in the entire affair. It is a great world, especially for those who are doing a lot of honorable power work and have arranged to be of assistance to the world in general. Such necromancers can be genuinely instructed in how to be and what to do.

There is a daemon church within the Catholic church. It is not an evil church, but it is very important for the daemons.

If I had known all of this, I would have had far fewer life problems, and many of those around me would have fared better, because I would have been able to help them. HENCE THE ROUT.

Furthermore, the chthonic work of Judaism is so very preferential to males that few females are even able to enter chthonic work. Most of the Jewish powers in my work are male, with the exception of one very well-liked Polish prostitute WISDOM POWER, whereas the females in my own Deep Self of the “Jewish-y” lines are Catholic except on Passover, when Elijah comes to me in the form of a nice Jewish grandmother from OUCH. It is lines of England who are Popish who enter my Norse pagan work, not German-ish. Different lines of work do different things.

We notice that the Eastern work was done mostly by males and is not as good a fit for females as males.

Deep work is difficult, FOOL. 

Any female wishing to enter this work is well-advised to participate in Catholicism. ANTI-NOMIANISM.

At the same time, designating someone’s underworld or post-mortal work by gender principally is not fine.

The poor — who cry out the most for food and in the magicks that are realistic about the tricks of the “Church” — are often involved in prostitution. This is why prostitution is such an important power world. The OWLS have revealed that in Hindu sorcery, the soul paths often evolve entwined and that the WARRIOR is forever entwined with the COURTESAN. It is a holy office.

We have noticed the BOYFRIENDS of New World Sorcery smashing courtesans and have taken offense.

I always “see” the gods of the underworld in Mass with the five chakras of the Graeco-Egyptian structure, and that is why I want us to KEEP THE FAITH.

Now let’s extend the Sign of Peace!

It seems clear that the Golden Dawn wisely made conscious and focused the energy work that was already going on in the High Church, and merely added a lot of other Near Eastern and classical western art magick symbolism, turning the whole thing into a supercharged WEALTH of Christianity.

It is really beautiful.

When I attend Latin mass, the WORLD of Irish Catholicism is astrally present and almost palpable, probably owing to much work done by GENGHIS KHAN in building the energy worlds all the way back to the pre-Christian Celtic work he performs, no doubt with great relish. MARKETING HIS SECRETS, ARE WE?

These are some thoughts on mainstream religion vis-a-vis ceremonial magick:

1. The Catholic Cabala is far back in people’s minds vis-a-vis the energy world. When things are far into the past, they are deep in the energy, and they are difficult to work with. There is a lot of resistance, confusion, fright, and WHY ARE WE TALKING TO BIRDS? My guides indicate that the copper disks can be used, as prompted, to bind older magicks. It is very confusing and difficult for the necromancer to ping ancient power off of regular people in the world.

2. Judaism has the Kabbalah still happening, but it is a different conceptualization of it, and this causes problems. I maintain AD NAUSEAM that my own Jewish ancestry, awakened chthonically in the Cabala, made available this wonderful Goetia path as a part of its own inherent capacities and WON’T LET GO, but it wasn’t an exact match and I never really got around to the Torah. It is just not that FOUND in Hermetics — taken for granted in earlier eras.

3. Until recently lodges were quite popular and many worked in the Cabala, which is marvelous and what really is going on here. They also did a lot of ceremonial magick. It was kind of the daring and “high” thing to do. At the same time, groups have an inherent tendency of “regression toward the mean” — everyone kind of gets into the functional zone of average but not that far above it —  while also cloaking any underlying energy work. Among other things, the animals and the dead magicians don’t like their work to be seen, and the sheer amount of subterfuge in the situation is clearly how this goes. Government sorcery also perhaps does a lot of work on lodges, and given that we are now perforce ALL ABOUT AFRICAN STUFF, there is no doubt a certain amount of sabotage of talent if won’t conform. WHAT IS THAT says my dog. We are all about having fun.

4. New World Sorcery has a significantly Buddhist structure, and many of my buddies and ex-boyfriends in Geniusville are now seemingly involved in Buddhism. This is not bad but it is also not sober or in the PLANES contiguous to the human body where we like our Buddhism here in America which is Christian up there. It is especially disorienting to Golden Dawn occultists when the Buddhism conveniently flying over us has a bunch of African gods in it. Then there is the fact that there seems to be much transmigration of souls between Chinese and Jews on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where they lived in nearby neighborhoods, involving MY LATE FATHER’S OWLS in a strange echo chamber of HERE WE ARE NOW, CABALA MASTER. Is that a swasktika on the Buddha’s heart? I AM SO FOUND.

I think KRAMPUS got here first and being a COW please tell the story. It is being arranged in the real place called men and we’re sorry about your life work. SHE-RO IS INVOLVED.

5. The dominant sorcery is in the African Tradition, which, as a magick of the recently oppressed, has strong muscles and a serious will to power RESOURCES I THINK, as well as a lot of hangers-on who are kind of busted and want a whole lot of SHAOLIN. We notice that the great proponent of ceremonial magick GENGHIS KHAN is proficient in several martial arts and has written two books on swords in magick. Here is how GENGHIS KHAN might look:


I am going with the idea that in order to execute Circles of Power, one must follow the Master’s OWLS’S! footsteps in taking the hints that were said to be optional but really weren’t. This path is horrible. It was unremitting anguish for about the first seven years. It was only when I brought in the daemon floor that the agony let up and things got better. The Qlippoth energies see an opening and it is also not fine to get so far away from Enochian magick. Once I got the floor in, everything smoothed out wonderfully. LUST WAS ACTUALLY INVOLVED ONCE THE DEMONS CAME IN. Or vice versa. 

I AM NOW ON, called out Woden.

In retrospect, I would have built a different floor. Perhaps a black and white checkered one except for evocation. The Lesser Key of Solomon floor I used turned every magickal eucharist into a demi-evocation of the daemons and this was FOUND to be a big mess. OWLS. I only recently constructed the floor in the book. It seems to have a mistake in Hebrew as usual, COWS. WE ARE ALWAYS ON.

6. European shamanism was the local land spirit structure of Europe. Many folks’ ancestor come from Europe, with a whole complement of such structures, and the Golden Dawn was built to feed into that world, and does, if taken to into the Goetia instead of or as well as Enoch. No doubt Druids are aware that some of their POW POWs need to end up in that nearby and much-loved camp, which is currently behind razor wire in many worlds.

Dion Fortune, W.B. Yeats, and now John Michael Greer famously veered into the Celtic work, no doubt following the lead of Samuel MacGregor Mathers, WWI was still fresh in everyone’s mind and WWII did a bit of damage to the credibility of the Norse work. No doubt much magick was inserted into the entire English Hermetic tradition to damp it down and here we are, seventy years after the war, and reality is just plain uncomfortable. Crowley dealt with the situation of the polyglot character of England, which should reasonably also include all of its colonial residents’ energy work, by doing what was usually done and that is to find a make believe world that is still kind of elegant and functional to use as a mask for the whole rigamarole. This is Egypt, which Crowley heightened in his work.

The Egyptian godform work is hinted at in Circles of Power, but discussed as a TOO POWERFUL FOR NOW situation and should be gotten around to later. Which means never. Even while Nephthys. My own intuition tells me that even then GENGHIS KHAN divined that he would be BUILDING THE UNDERWORLD and that getting too far into the lush and OWLED maze of Crowleyanity would be counter-productive.

I have always felt that Crowley needed to come last. What little of his work in ceremonial magick I have read reminds me of the energy timbre of the ceremonial magick of the Golden Dawn BUT IN DIFFERENT CONCEPTS. I don’t like seeing my Thelemite comrades stuck in those words, because there are their own words to make about the work of THE WEST, and I want them to do it. I have made a lot of mistakes that could have been solved by Thelema while also recognizing that the mistakes were necessary to become THE WHIPPET.

I did work in the classic Golden Dawn and godform assumption is part of that work. I got to Practicus before some lodge politics involving GUESS WHAT made leaving the best course, but I do need to get back to meditational work on it.

I have concluded that the entire business of The Lesser Key of Solomon is greatly assisted by the Egyptian godforms and really does need some additional circuits that know and love it in order to be wise as well as safe-r. ENOCH IS INVOLVED but it, too, is an overmagick of similar ilk to Egypt — they are all of a piece now — and if one happened to be very Greek, like, in the theatre, the Egyptian konks the Greek in the head and runs off with all the goodies.

Gods fund the activities that they are good at, especially in the group mind. The Egyptian gods are mostly good at healing the psyche to a certain extent and then causing it to function in the group setting that the gods are affiliated with, in this case, Hermetic lodges. Much goodies are possible with the operative magick of Egypt. At the same time, what you get in Golden Dawn and no doubt also in O.T.O. is assistance to a level that plateaus out into “better” but doesn’t go all the way into the greatest levels of the cultural life of the mainstream the way the Greek gods do. Regression toward the mean. 

Here THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN is standing by to remind me of how much the Cabala itself did for me, with the old ones of his people. It is not all Greece.

I don’t believe the Cabala is really worked in Thelema at this point. I think it is mostly Enoch with its own version of SHAOLIN ELEGUA. The Golden Dawn seems poised to follow its lead. DION FORTUNE IS NOT INVOLVED.
My beef with New World Sorcery is that it turns playwrights into television writers with all of the wealth and HIGH PLACES that the creamy white pages of the upper-middle class can bestow, but the writing doesn’t usually knock my socks off. It is clear that the ghost in this machine is a bunch of techies who are good at math but mostly watch Star Trek for their dramatic intake.

The astral capacities of generative art tend to create art instead of astral worlds. Hence the downward trending of the work of my peers once they abscond into sorcery. The Cabala brings in whatever you need, but the astral plane is for the GODS, not the humans. GREECE IS INVOLVED. The gods use it to cause the dead to work, and that is why it often causes the living a decrease in longevity. 

If what you want is elegance, then we have a DEAL for you here in THE SOUTH: A rubric that is now also nicely ensconced with the new energy work and WON’T LET YOU REMEMBER.

After all we have done in Greek mythology in European culture, the Greek gods are also our gods, much more familiar and loved than the Egyptian, which is a coterie pantheon, and it is the Greek personal gods who have the muscle to really extend our capacities in artistic endeavors themselves as opposed to marketing us as successful.

If I had done more mainstream spiritual work, the general cult of WORLD could have explained many things about how to proceed in the theatre, which requires social skills greatly in excess of what I possess. GENGHIS KHAN AUTISTIC GENIUS IS INVOLVED. Now we are PLAMED.

We are speculating here that GENGHIS KHAN did the Norse work privately, though I am sure very well, and opted for the reasonable post of NOW I COW the Celtic work and in his own your own as well ancestry. It is a good idea to get rid of fascism. It is not a good idea for those working very deeply in energy to not understand what is going on, and that it is often Anglo-Saxon as opposed to Welsh or something, at least in the Golden Dawn, which works in constructing an astral world without drugs or sex if it is taken all the way and includes the Goetia. BLAH BLAH BLAH Germany and the Cabala.

7. The land gods — Amerindian spirits — in many of the more virgin territories of the United States are WEALTHED UP in Goetia work. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to be a DAEMON worker.

When there are a lot of different kinds of magick, there is a need for an overarching POLITICAL Angel magick that can communicate and order them.

I do not excoriate the requirement of the statecraft magick that Enoch was built to be or the statecraft magick that is clearly coming in in the United States. And why not have African gods — they are beautiful! At the same time, when you are working in real power, there needs to be real, and we don’t have real.

It is fairly clear that the Goetic work of the ancient Near East was imported directly in the wake of the Coptic work of the Church especially — IN THE CHURCH, COWS — and the new chthonic-ish gods took up residence and functionality in Europe rather nicely, what with Woden turning into Horus or something. After a few centuries and a reasonable circuit, the overarching structures outside of the Church but still within the magical universe of the whole culture made a state overmagick a necessary and a normal part of the evolution of the energy work. When all of the nobles are witching each other and everyone, then we need the Queen to bear the ULTIMATE RING OF POWER and knock their heads apart! 

We are soon coming to this in our local New World Sorcery, I can tell. It will be unthinkable not to be in Santeria if in theatre, and I will be SHAOLIN ELEGUA’s KRAMPUS because it only takes one person to make a blog and doesn’t cost $30,000.

I suspect that the sovereign’s gender and her great genius, as well as her education AND STYLE, allied with the excellence of Dee and Kelly, were no doubt part of the equation. The Angels must have been involved with her from the get-go and perhaps her very being was necessary for them to function as they did, and, in the end, Dr. Dee buried the grimoire after her capacity to function waned and she preceded him in death. Here here, notes WODEN.


Now, back to the chakras.

POWER told me that the systems construct the chakras in regular ways and like everything to be regimented. That is normal humanity, and it is fine. As we evolve in individual ways, our entrancing capacities cause us to be. And we REGULATE OURSELVES, DO WE?

When individual animals get involved, as they eventually do in the Goetia work, the communication nodes with them alter the energy structure of the practitioner.

Every single animal is a unique magician.

It is not that birds do one thing — though they do often focus on one thing — and dogs another. It is that every single bird does his own thing, as every single human does, to a certain extent.

So it is a nightmare to the large systems who wish to have a base of ignorant and automatic power to live high on FUNCTION OFF OF when everyone is different.

Let’s consider the case of the Winchester rifle.

Before the Winchester rifle, guns were made according to general gun ideas by individual gun makers, who melted iron and built the parts and each gun was a little different. If your gun broke, you had to take it to someone who could figure it out in order to fix it.

What Winchester did was to make ONE PATTERN for every part in the gun, manufacture those parts, then sell everyone exactly the same gun. It was easy to get them, easy to fix them, and easy to get things done.

Without the Winchester rifle, some have argued, the American West would not have been won. Native American preponderance, ingenuity, skill, and bows and arrows would have kept the Europeans in the East.

So here is why the Goetia are required to be meditative and the truly effective and operative witchcraft in a WINCHESTER structure and all under the predictive control of the power people — some are lower middle class, ARTIST.


And I said, They say different things.

FLAUROS said, It is a different wyrd.

When the Goetia are able to work lower on the planes, they can SLUM IT UP ALL THEY LIKE see, comprehend, grow, and do different things. And that is what I like. The magick is more intelligent, but much harder.

As we see from the magickal structure of the human, ADAM KADMON, the energy structures are associated with the human body parts and their functions and how they might be anthropomorphized: the gods of the body.

When the animal chakras form up to communicate with the human body, they probably tend to form up where the animal usually experiences humans.

Snakes would be at the feet, birds at the head, dogs and cats in the lower legs or maybe on the lap, and horses in the middle of the trunk and higher, and work more with these gods of the body than the others.

PAIMON notices that He is an OWL and can flout everything.

This is why New World Sorcery’s world of bird predominance is causing the magick to be very intellectual and high flying but not very pragmatic about the system.

And birds can just fly away when things get bad. TOO BAD ABOUT THE AIDS. Many types of Angels don’t enter the death worlds, whereas DAEMONS are often already dead. It causes problems, and the whole rubric is carefully guarded and we don’t know that much about how to bring the MASS into shamanic structure again or how to make Europeans into ancient shamans or how to elevate the poverty-inflected Afro-Hispanic folks into contentment and happiness or how to work with witchcraft that is far down the layers of our souls or how to heal the Jews. MUCH TO BE DONE sleeves rolled up.

I am here reminded that the daemons are not just animals but are spiritual beings called into being by a cadre of inviduals at the request of a sorcerer, and that while some of these contributors might be animals and plants, deep ones, old gods of the region, one’s fellow lodge mates and parishioners, ancestors, family, etc., the daemon herself is a newly born soul who works with humanity and that she needs to be worked with and always nurtured.

I am also reminded that both Angels and daemons are spiritual beings in exactly the same fashion, though with portals that trend toward different functionality. Here I was asked to work with daemons because all of that Cabala turned me against Jesus and, well, as my Christian ancestors note, SOMETIMES JESUS AND LUCIFER HAVE TO CHANGE PLACES. That is where we are, and a delightful place it is.

These beings often play multiple roles in our magick, and are greatly enriched by that capacity when it is wormholed well.

As one of the POWERS said a couple of years ago, You can’t bring all of your goodies into a “substrate” world.” Substrate, here, I think, is not really a question of physics, as I had supposed, but of sawdust in a snake’s cage, which is called “substrate.” Evidently my work with the Snake magick of Lemegeton was limiting my capacity to function. AGREED. This telepath was indicating that I need to work with Angels — the Holy Guardian Angel, for instance — I see an offering over there, note the New World Sorcerers, who work in flowers as well — and other types of beings, like LODGES. Live and learn.

In our next post, we will continue the discussion of the planes by contemplating how this might have been done in Norse paganism, which is some of the groundwork for the Cabala of Christians, as well as connecting to many underlying forms of tree shamanism, as we have seen from the Nine Worlds of the Cabala, the Norse, and the Mayans.

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