The Power World

You cannot escape the daemons, WEALTH.

As I was preparing to work with Haures, I was invited to poke my head into Enochian magick. I don’t have everything going, and I am not going to do that much work with it. IT IS A NESTED LOOP, says ROUT, and this is no doubt right EXACTLY WHAT A GOOD WORLD OF MAGICK IS. 
At the same time, POWER came down several steps and gave me a vision of statecraft magick. That is what Enochian magick was in the Renaissance and why it should be involved at the very least. It is not the same as their statecraft magick, but it is important. 

(A bit of salacious gossip from the RICH holds that Elizabeth I was kept as a revenant for some time and fed from the etheric bodies of her prelates. She was also a VIRGIN and this perhaps colored how Enochian magick likes to be!)

The rich are different from the rest of us. Their energy bodies function differently, and, I would speculate, especially the head powers.

The astral plane is contiguous to the WORLD of the rich. 

This is why the ancient world always had the monarch doing the state magick. It took. Of course, this poor fool often got sacrificed as part of the RUBRIC.

It is also why astral magicians always take everyone’s wealth. They need to buy their way into the high worlds. They can do this by transferring health money into astral travel — hence the rubric that invariably COWS the AIDS even among heterosexuals. It is also strongly preferential to child molesting, in that the life potential of a child is also a form of wealth. CAN’T AFFORD.

The Norse world is powered by the working class and has little wealth and so doesn’t traipse about on the astral like the SHAOLIN ELEGUA folks unless very much work has been done first, and this astral world is of the intermediate variety — like that of Hermetics — which is mostly conscious psychism. Thus it invariably brings the work into the physical plane, with the construction of objects, housing, dress, food, SWORDS GALORE! and worship that is physical while also very beautiful. It is a KEEN place for a LOUD WORLD.

When King Beleth LUST advised me to involve myself with the Norse work in 2015, my gods lost the capacity to hold onto money and I threw myself a nice party with my life savings and have been doing manual labor ever since. I am happy. Beleth is wise. After sponging off the military industrial complex for six years, I was dirty and no longer favored in the humanitarian worlds of art or esoterica, both of which I lost.

I can see the astral plane sober and doing ritual magick in Enoch (COWS!), and I can see spirits coming down steps from heights with the thought processes of statecraft magick in their possession. But I would imagine that a person without 20+ years of very hard work in Hermetics would indeed require drugs to be able to focus on that level. I readily concede that accepting gifts was a means whereby partnership was possibly usable for mates to obtain access to energy worlds that perhaps were less available otherwise and that this had a deleterious effect on my own capacity to manage my life. THIS IS A COMMON THEME IN THE BLOG as well as in the lives of sorcerers, as we can note from the record of known practitioners in English Hermetics. NO ONE IS COWS.


Thus we can conclude that extensive practice of Hermetics — and living within and by your own means —  doing the right thing in your life is how Solomon requires it, and how — could reliably cause a vision of that rubric relative to our reasonable and fine middle-class lives without dangerous inebriation and mating with persons who could prove destructive to us. Of particular note would be the use of intravenous drugs; temporarily stopping the heart with defibrillators (now on the market for just over $1K); and the sexual practices of BDSM that could come to include the deprivation of air; not to mention everyone’s fave virus DIFFY Q’s, now more popular than ever with Covid-19. And why did we just lose 10% of the world’s economic activity over the flu — techies and high finance? Also the military.

It takes SALACIOUS GOSSIP magick to cause the transfer of power via an astral circuit. The taker must show CAUSE.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have noticed that my head powers in Graeco-Egyptian magick have many cones while today’s workers have a single very powerful cone with which they create and view the astral. I have observed this single chakra even in very devout Protestants who presumably do no astral sorcery. I will speculate on this later in discussing Homer’s 1200 B.C.E. tale called The Odyssey wherein the hero Odysseus does battle with a giant called the Cyclops who has a single eye in the center of his head. Our POW POWs in the classics note, The Athenian soul was kept androgynous, and this is how the greatest art, the greatest technological advancements, the greatest civilization, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I have also noticed that sailors have different head powers. They are very distinct. In a way, a sailor’s head is always communicating with the power and structure of the ocean itself. The whole business of me sailing was a suggestion from ceremonial magick, not the Norse power. It is, in part, to give me some cover and to do the work in a realm where I am not impinging on the dominant paradigm. I have a lot of problems. IT IS ALSO A GOOD WORLD FOR US.

Soldiers have distinct head powers as well. They are great necromancers. They are always in communication with the dead, the death gods, and the inimitable ART, and particularly the dead soldiers who help in the battle. That was a working of Odin’s war band, perhaps in some bands the agreement being that if you died, you stayed in the war band and participated from death. VALHALLA. War sorcery is probably very telekinetic. NOW THAT IS A NESTED LOOP. It is said that Odin took half the fallen into his world and Freyja the other half. Some people just want to go home.

This is one of the reasons we in the Norse work imprecate Thor foremost. 

The world of medicine is also very distinct in energy. Every day I ask St. Cyprian to make me a great necromancer. What do you know? POWER got me a day job hewing wood and carrying water in hospice! 

As I prepared for the evocation of Haures, I was urged to bring Enoch in but with a different set of working tools than I usually have for Circles of Power. They are different worlds, different circuits (also some the same) and do different things.

I have seen the planes in Golden Dawn lodge situations and where the various types of spirits form up.

The Angel Gabriel forms up at the plane that is at the level of the heart, which is where Christianity functions. He is a beautiful Angel, very powerful, and has a head configuration that oddly enough looks like the triangle of the Supernals. He has about five chakras in his trunk and seems to be structured like a daemon.

In my work, the Norse god Thor forms up at the solar plexus and is wonderful. I will deal more with this in a coming post, entitled MOM.

The Angels of Enoch form up on a plane that is at the outer limits of the human aura of the head, what the Hermetic Cabala calls the Ring-Pass-Not. This is perhaps what is meant by the grade sign of Theoricus, the grade of Air, which has the student mimic Atlas holding up the WORLD.

Here we are in Atlas position banking Enoch which LIKES TO sober up and do some magick and this is how it likes to be most of the time. THELEMITES AGREE. The Enochian astral is also A COW wealthed in much practice. Alas, we in Hermetics have to bank the New World Sorcery astral work as well. It is the EMPIRE’s form of tribute, and if you don’t pay it in candles, ritual, and Church attendance, they will come for you with FANCY THINGS and take it the most expensive way, sex magick. Even astral sex magick works to a certain extent, and you are not even aware that you are tranced on and in a web on a date! IF I CATCH YOU IN ART.

At the moment New World Sorcery’s astral thingie seems to have hit a road block called AIDS IN YOUR BUTT. It is not so credible as before.

We will ask the THE FLYING RABBIS how things went in Germany SLIME when pretty much the same thing was afoot about three hundred years ago with ganja, hourlong prayers three times a day, and the monotonous tedium of marital LUST only three times a year.

As usual, the real ruling class called HOLLYWOOD was onto this decades ago: SEE ME NOW.

What does it mean to be rich?

Let’s consider the life of the working rich. Work 14 hours a day in grade school like the Japanese until your heart breaks from the competition, scramble to get into the Ivy League, work work work, then work all day and half the night.

Exactly what do they work at?

You have to know everything that is controlling the world of humanity and then some.

You have to have a good grasp of history, philosophy, science, art, literature, economics, etc.; read all of the newspapers and keep up with the events; socialize incessantly with others who do the same; read social cues and understand how to maneuver in extremely dancelike social situations; handle your own psyche properly; deal with people in the other classes in ways that are handle interactions smoothly while maintaining position.

When I was working at a big law firm in New York, I was astonished at how much effort went into finding the right pizza man. These attorneys make seven figures a year, and, really, they are guys, and guys eat mostly barbecue I think, but much pizza as well. There is much competition to get the very best pizza guy who can throw that up in the air all day and it’s perfect. Just the right crust in the wood-fired oven, the sauce that is tomato while also being recognizably of pizza. I can’t tell you what marinara is like in Little Italy. It is not of this world. Top pay, good benefits, lifetime pension. These can be yours with the right pizza. And there is the ruling class, chumming it up superbly with the pizza man who knows how to give them a little STUFF while also being blue collar. It is how we are in this CLASS situation. So near yet so far, and that is a skill.

Our astral strikers are not trained in this skill. I think that is why we are in STRONG MAN.

The rich have to winnow through all kinds of neurological input and have only the most essential. This can make you irascible.

Everything you do has an outsized influence on many people, and you have to be responsible about that while also an egotist.

At the same time, you are human and must live, mostly with your kind.

And when you die, you are more prone to being chthonically stable and to reincarnating in ways that you can apprehend. This is not the case with most modern people who angelize and ascend, ecstatically.

And you VOODOO. Like crazy. The rich are so psychic many cannot function without their sorcerers and are often taken to the cleaners by the whole lot. It is a different world.

It is a pain in the butt to be rich but you can’t let go of it.

So here we are in this New World Sorcery situation where the innate capacities of astral worlds can be brought into the reach of more people in new/old ways.

It is the physical energy band of THE RICH that wealths the astral plane, and when middle-class sorcerers succeed in obtaining entry into this bandwidth, it causes all kinds of problems and opportunities for everyone and who knows how to handle themselves?


In former eras, every class, culture, group, etc., had its own magick and the power workers would talk to each other on the TELEPATHIC phone and correlate in many ways and there were reasonable boundaries, often not, STUFF WAS KEPT SECRET, it is free it is all free.

Today we are seeing the sorcery evangelize among the middle-class genius set, now that these mind-altering substances and accelerated training techniques are available.

There are no doubt many outcomes.

The cherry picking of middle class genius to go up into that bandwidth that they cannot otherwise afford is very destructive to EVE. Women pay for it more than men. 

And much astral work is masculine anyway.

Here we have a middle-class person who lucked out in having great parents, worked very hard their entire life, and is now noticeable to this HIGH-MINDED group. Their natural functioning capacity has many of those traits in it, and they operate in high worlds psychically, though not awake.

But this person is probably secular and does little to no mainstream spirituality and probably no magick.

They are the subject of a serious and long-term psychic attack entrainment often and who doesn’t use drugs? often caused problems by the magic mafia that can only be solved by the magic mafia. They are presumably then indoctrinated and set up for a training program of accelerated magick with serious drug work that puts them into an astral world much more quickly than a normal lodge BORE. Then there they are in statecraft magick playing THE GAME, not fully aware of its effect on the nearest and dearest.

Yesterday this person was a wonderful, say, heart surgeon in the underworld as well as this world.

Today he is fetching dream coffee for the Congressman under the guise of interesting adventures with symbols DON’T LOOK BEHIND THE WIZARD’S FANCY MACHINE and can’t wait to get high.

His interest in his life begins to flag — everything seems grey.

Within a period of time this person’s energy potential in this work is SERIOUSLY TAXED and s/he never really fulfills that great former potential.

We never had a spiritual life. It is COWED now. 

That is lovely. I love magick. I just want the astral shenanigans to be unmasked and people to have a reliable means of opting out, as well as connubial bliss that is not tangled up in FOOLS.


It takes twenty years to be functioning like this in THE WEST. Please be right about your stuff.

As usual, Northrland has NOTHING TO SAY, especially that notable Christian Snorri Sturluson: How Odin Got the Mead.

We can notice many things about the tale of how Odin got the mead. Let us refresh our memory: BOLVERK.

Historical record shows us that agriculture started in the first place so that we could obtain alcohol, not food — NINE SLAVES WITH SCYTHES — and that high status was an aspect of feasting and the concomitant HIGH worlds of libation ILLUSION.

The question of who gets the actual substance that grants admission to the astral world is what we are dealing with here now that alcohol and all kinds of inebriating substances are both cheap and plentiful.

Scandinavia has short summers and limited arable land, and bees are essential for the pollination of crops, hence honey, the product of bees used to make mead, would be at a premium, as compared to other substances. This is why it had to be mead and not the many plant substances, often dangerous, that the witches used for flying.

Thus the astral world would have to come in on a drug procedure that only the wealthy could afford and be carefully guarded by POWER.

So we find people like Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Prince FOPPING ABOUT with medical anesthesia and procedures that would have to be administered in the presence of a skilled medical practitioner like an anaesthesiologist, anesthesia nurse, etc., or else the WEALTH world would get tangled up in rubric of regular people and that is not functional. Or the “poor” man’s variant, the common opiate heroin. Then addiction, eh?


Thus we can conclude that the suspected outbreak of HIV among the upper-middle-class ARRIVISTES who don’t quite have the COWS for a private anesthesiologist every time they want to work might be attributable ALSO to the SLUM practice of SHARING NEEDLES!


GENGHIS KHAN — John Michael Greer your name is your brand — once related to me I AM ALWAYS CRAP that he did not choose the title to his extremely well-appointed DAEMON manual TO ARRIVE WHERE WE STARTED AND KNOW THE PLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME. No doubt the original publisher, Llewellyn, whose editors are no fools about western magick SORCERY TODAY knew that most people who want this type of stuff are finely ensconced in Enoch; trying stuff out for a week; or just enjoy having a lot of lovely but impossible magick books. But if you were willing to undertake a titanic amount of trial and error? memorization and performance of ritual — going around and around in a CIRCLE two hours a day for a decade — you would, in the end, have that most coveted commodity in ART.


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