More Thoughts on the Power World


I always get “l’esprit de l’escalier” experiences — thought of the perfect retort after leaving the dinner party — after a blog post, in which case it is too late for the FUNDERS subscribers I don’t know about because my Google tells me NOBODY LIKES YOU SO STOP.

Regarding the myth of Isis and Osiris WHY DO WE HAVE THIS ANYWAY?, I am going to expand my speculation away from some recondite ideas from nearly contemporary China SHAOLIN ELEGUA to OUCH! the idea that the loss of the penis was perhaps due to the advanced stages of venereal disease, not necessarily the demand of the war gods.

Though we can speculate that those in this configuration might have SHAME! decided to go away and be in a war band where it is WAR that is important.

You try punching a tree a thousand times a day and we all wonder why!

Now we have the new VD and no more need of a wife, just normal.

THE TORAH has much to say about how the poor came to acquire the SYSTEM whereby every person had their own spouse and knew who their children were — while retaining some suspicion about lineage, which in Judaism is counted through the MOTHER — and while it is not reasonable to stone everyone involved in homoerotic activity — HA HA HA! — marriage was also a GHASTLY great achievement in social engineering, one that we hope to moderate but retain on the eve of environmental DISDAIN. We don’t remember these things in the backdrop of Western civilization, but this is part of the reason for saying all those awful prayers in OWLS.

I hope to expand on this in a later blog post tentatively entitled FINE WITH THE EARTH.

Then there is my criticism of astral work done by others who are very happy with it. I am conflating many things and should not be dismissive of astral work when it is, in fact, a wonderful development for the West and should be explored and understood within reasonable limits.

For my part, the heads of these astral strikers all look like cowrie shells and they are in plantation clothing while Anglo and I think I break THE SEANCE, while my entrainment to their astral dimension causes me magnetic side effects that are very real, like Tourette’s Syndrome — very common in long-term playwrights whose auditory centers are always in overdrive anyway — especially if the sorcery has living animals involved.

I once entered a room and the entire nine-foot wheel of the Solomonic floor formed up above my head whirling almost palpably, and I knew that the other party, a New World Sorcery wizard, was almost peeing their pants, and we had a mental kerfuffle before walking just away. It was not fine. Nobody knew what to do. My world is low and was raised too high by their high world and whatever they were possibly doing to aggregate me. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. I suspect their instruction manuals say CEREMONIAL MAGICK DOES NOT WORK and mine says I’ll go over here, thank you BLOG A BIT, OWLS. 


I also freely confess that I was just a mostly sober MORMON holdover who doesn’t like seeing my friends who came through the drug work laying in a ditch. Some can’t stop. Money is gone. That is a whoopee cushion for you.

They cry out: Astral work must be DESIGNATED BY THE HOUSE. I don’t know what this means, but it sounds ominous. here are some drugs

My commentary of the interaction between Odin and the nine slaves is not complete, and I will here amend that.

The story relates that when the Aesir and the Vanir ended their war with a truce, they all spat into a bowl as a sign of peace. The combined spittle was formed into a man named Kvasir, who was then able to dispense counsel and was accorded the wisest man in the world. ONE GOD.

Those of us who have worked with polytheism will relate that it is a real mess compared with monotheism that has a lot of room to be ignored while also COWS. I have always said that ONE SIZE FITS ALL MEANS NO SIZE FITS ANY, and this is as true of every theism as you can imagine, while also a lot of fun.

Just try to deal with the Norse gods and see what happens. When I first summoned King Beleth to petition A GREAT POWER called gimme some you know please, he SPRINKLED ME caused me to notice Odin, for I was never going to have this boon in quarks of Judaism, just another rich husband.

Then I started working with Odin, and the Holy Guardian Angel of the Rosicrucians decided to THROW FOR ME and called in as THE VIKING WARRIOR.

OWLS: We are now in Satan. Jesus said, Suffer the little children to come unto me. THAT IS WHY I AM ALWAYS CALLING POLICE. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in its own milk.

This is how many things went right as well as wrong, and I came to return to Tacoma where my palefaced ancestors could be of me again, and SEXUAL COWS ARE AVAILABLE.

In any case, the idea that the many gods associated with the many powers of the human NECESSITY should ever agree is the PUNCH LINE here and why Kvasir has to be killed. There is never one right way of doing things with gods. It is a mess of many destinies, many paths, and you have to figure out something.

It is always wonderful to be of spiritual things.

These dwarves are PLAYING WITH FIRE in this business of the common people having poetry and scholarship.

This is why Odin comes down to set things straight, and I can assure you, there is a COW requirement with Odin.

So this is how it is, and you can probably feel it when the SETTLEMENT comes in.

This bland old fellow arrives with only one eye. oh god you have to be kidding. He is offering them a bit of a fix.

I don’t blame poor folks at all when they fall for it, but it is a CRUNCH. I’ll sharpen your scythe.


It takes many graves to support a finely operative astral world with HATE CRIMES? shit flying around the room.

That is what the Government sorcery is using to cause the upper middle class to be impressed, and those of us in WITCHVILLE like to hide our tracks and it just makes me mad when I see shit flying around the room.

That energy being used up is my Dad and I like him so I am not going to cause AIR.

It is hard on the understructure when you make stupid miracles. YOU HEAR ODIN.

So we have these nine little people and they are expendable in the requirement of THE GAME and now Odin is mysteriously the only chance for anything. It takes A MILLION GRAVES to support an AIR world, and meanwhile, their descendants are not as healed as they would be.

Let us speculate on some nonsense in government sorcery where the shit flying around the room is so important that we have to — MEN ALWAYS GOT TO RATCHET THINGS UP — look at the stock market — and engage in the stupid practice of wombs for the gods.

In the old teachings, semen was — and realistically is — a magickal substance. Because it causes life.

It causes ordinary human life when it is involved with the garden variety womb called U KNOW WHAT. But sorcery does not want to get tangled up in regular SERVICES offices of the womb which are very important, and we all love children, so it has designated another more dangerous — while also part of the thorax and this is mating — uterus as THE WOMB OF THE GODS and that is our favorite orifice, the anus. THE EYE OF HOOR, notes Crowley.

So this causing of life in biology can be transferred to the causing of life in magick and can give birth to gods who can cause miracles. This is important.

I can see this being important in a situation where MEN ALWAYS GOT TO RACHET MIRACLES UP and now we got to have a large pile of butt wombs full of semen to fertilize these gods. The destruction of health in the inevitable onslaught of venereal disease is eerily familiar to the old ones. They have to have a way to bring you down in the electromagnetic work. It is the HIV that is The Pact in New World Sorcery. The AIDS no doubt wallops out if you FINK.

When you entered the dark arts, you were told. This may shorten your life. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not unusual when you got a GILDED AGE to bring on, SLUTS.

There was an entire structure in about how to beat the devil. German literature is full of it, especially in the making of impossible new technology. You have to renounce at the last minute and go to heaven and let the whole thing collapse, and the daemons go into the church, the synagogue, or the Order, and that is just. THAT IS WHERE THEY BELONG.

And it is not in your control anyway.

I do not mean to be disrespectful to the glorious healing of LUST. Beleth has always required me to allow COITUS my lover to have his GAY GAY and not be a real OUCH to me, either. IT IS A CONTENTIOUS COW.

But now we have to involve the semen in the butt — even of females — and that is our favorite situation called

SLUM. Snipe hunt.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

After all kinds of dislocations, evidently the head guy Odin decides to come in and set things straight, while collecting a little whatsup.

all the mead

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