Candle Spell for Healing Covid-19

Wiccan Candle Spell

1 candle, preferably a yellow or orange spell candle but any will do
A safe place to burn it

Repeat 8 times for the healing power of Mercury:

Let healing come to those in need
Regardless of their cult and creed

Avoidance of the pestilence
Be strengthened as the best defense

The simple steps to kill the pest
Be used with promptness, ever best

The care of self if flu (OR ILL) arrive
Let power come, the patient thrive

If need of doctor do arise
The road be opened for the wise

The course of flu (OR ILL) be modified
The Power world to be a guide

The spirit bears a heavy load
If tread the Fawn the Ancient road

If death be fated for the soul
A happy transfer then the goal.

If interested, the natural magick of herbs can be used. Sprinkle a bit on the candle or use as a bath. Here is my recipe, in this order:

Slippery Elm: to cause invisibility
Nail: a sword for the spell to fight off destruction
Rue: the uncrossing of European wizarding
Sage: wisdom for dealing with the illness
Hyssop: cleansing from past mistakes
Five-Finger Grass: the proper action
Angelica: help from the routine world of healers
Self-Heal: healing itself
Bay: prophecy and clarity about the spell

I like to fix my herbs with a couplet, in a syncretized way of witching old and new.

Slippery Elm (can substitute yarrow, hellebore [my favorite Saturn herb], myrrh, black ink or pencil lead [something to cover the spell up]). Sal negro comes to mind, often in botanicas, which we love.

Slippery Elm, the work to cloak
Surround the spell with astral smoke

It strikes with iron in a nail
The evil magick to impale

Let Rue be fending off a curse
To heal my luck, not make it worse

The sage of wisdom at my ear
That judge I true, refined and clear

Let hyssop (NAME OF HERB) take my sin away
That do I better from this day

Five-finger grass (or The Native Smoke) to rule the hand
That action bind to my command

The healing world I seek to call
That State and Church not make witch small

The healing root to succor soul
Thus whole and hale the Golden Bowl

With Bay I see the spell’s true path
To find the grace, evade the wrath.

The Herbs can be placed in a jar or bag and used as a mixture for baths of oneself or a named wax doll; a mixture for placing on candles; a sachet for the corners of the room; inclusion in a mojo hand or amulet bag; or bound in a jar spell. 

The Rosary prayed in Latin is a technique I have used. The demon work is very full in Latin Catholicism and Freemasonry with access to old school chthonic worlds like those of my ancestors. I cannot bind this work in Judaism because it is not healed for me yet, and really, the new stuff is BUDDHIST and I do meditate. Buddhist meditation is usable by the OWLS for operative COWS Cabala. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I pray the Rosary in Latin, but with the old forms of the original three mysteries and without the Fatima prayer and omitting the Apostle’s Creed. This is the form familiar to the demons and they can work it in their own world kind of like the Buddhist prayer wheel, which going round and round in the aftelife even can be a means of the animal gods making the power that enables them to experience and work in the magick. The animals need repetitive motion in the body to be able to bind, and that is what we are on about with New World Sorcery’s avoidance of any work in the body but drugs and sex. It is an abusive misdirection in the training and the lack of correlation with the plant gods and the old ways has enabled many abusers to triumph and many kind and loving people to be darkened unnecessarily. 

Also the Hebrew liturgy which I fatuously enjoy in my wonderful new world of Temple in the Messianic Judaism where I am a normal Mexican. I am honored to be able to communicate my experience of the energy territorial KRAMPUSes in this work. I was visioning with an Irish Catholic woman I know, and her world pointed out that there is no one Catholicism. The Church itself has regional and ethnic subdivisions and these are critical to how all work of religion is done. My world of Catholicism is really Irish — and also wealthed up in Protestants — partly owing to GENGHIS KHAN but — really — GRANDFATHER is Irish I was really worked in GENGHIS KHAN in Irish and Irish is more how this is, so I could not really hear what was going on in the more Cuban side of things, especially when RINGS OF POWER are a requirement of the aggregation of magickal talent. SCOTUSed.

I have much more world of Latin than Hebrew — RAM knew Latin and not Hebrew and wishes to communicate so we will always have Latin — and it works for me. The entire infrastructure of the Hispanic world is also available in Latin, turning some poor FOPS pasty white

The Latin petition for healing this pandemic might be arranged as follows:

Oro fugere Covid-19 (Or other illness, particularly a communicative one) aut sanescere pestilentia si me (Or Name of Sufferer) accida. Oro medicatum pro infirmis et pecuniam pro populis. Oro investigationem remedii valentis. Oro mortuum bonum pro infirmis qui non supersint.

(Translation: I pray to avoid Covid-19 or to heal from the illness if if happens to me (or another). I pray for medication for the sick and financial assistance for the populace. I pray for research for an effective remedy. I pray for a good death for the sick who do not survive.

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