SOME IDEAS: 6-23-20

FEHU: The sky gods cannot make new humans as well as the land gods, but they are intemperate INTOXICATED and will make stuff. MEN ALWAYS GOT TO RATCHET THINGS UP. We will try everything, WASTRELS.

African Traditional Religion is very fine with making souls in land gods and needs SHAOLIN ELEGUA in charge like it needs a hole in the head. So there is hope.

Hence the speculated propensity toward leaving the land gods alone in the heterosexual LUST and the sky gods focused solely on homosexual LUST

— they can’t run us off, we are baby making —

— though many fine land gods do work with gay in wonderful human ways. If this were the case, then the sky gods would focus on making the prostate gland into a supercharged and ecstatic sex organ the likes of which human LUST pales sadly in comparison, especially on drugs. I have speculated earlier that the work of the CLOACA in sky god sex magick relates to the FUNDING of the magick by birds whose sexuality is in the same orifice as elimination, though with the feisty tone so characteristic of MASTER THERION. We are always a COW. 

So I will cede the field of ensorcelled homosexual sky god magick with the idea that it is probably amazing, especially when the full training and reconfiguration though magickal workings is in place, probably to include sadomasochism, so common in male homosexuality which requires that the power dynamic be artificially arranged given that the large muscle mass so clear in heterosexuality is not a distinguishing feature. PO PO IS MORE OF THAT.

WUNJO: Noticed above, THELEMA is very much of the insect gods in that it works with ancient power. WE HEAR YOU. When a tradition is worked over thousands of years, the fundamental energetic structures in the land can be approximated nicely by the insect gods. These gods can communicate with the sky gods because birds eat insects.

This is a secret. I have long wanted a ball python to help with the magick but my landlord doesn’t. Really. It has been suggested that I could keep a mouse as a pet since snakes eat mice. It is one of those magickal inversions that work, though often with animosity.

I will speculate that New World Sorcery is no doubt attempting to corrupt the already COWS world of Thelema with its drugs.

There is much entheogen work in Thelema, also sex magick, but not probably including the graduated training of psychiatric drugs and MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES no doubt in use with OWLS in the C.I.A. I am also hearing my twenty years of Mormonism which has many participants in the C.I.A. Much recruiting is done of males at BYU. Many friends went into the company.

I would recommend the idea that the STEP UP from stupid small Thelema into THE BIG WORLD of government sorcery is not really a step up but a step down into absolute AIDS, sex offense, and standard operating procedure of parasitic and destructive astral work that uses innocent people as fuel. TARDED OUT LUST.

Unless you have a significant reason to be in those worlds, like inventing the iPHONE. In some ways, this blog is partly in those worlds, though with the low LOW low stuff of guidance by the departed.

Lodges are not fundamentally based in BLACK MAGICK, but in white magick. We concede that the land gods are willing to keep humans in a ROUTINE repetitive motion disorder that never leads on to greater information in life. Stupid church. SO WE GOT TO MIX THINGS UP.

No doubt there is a lot of corruption, and there were little side groups that did all kinds of magick — RAM IS A POWER MAGICIAN — but we don’t enter the Western tradition expecting that we will have to cough up a list of names for parasitic downshifting, MORE NAMES, STRIKE THOSE NAMES.

If we allow the government to take us entirely into its work, we will never have TRUE WILL or even a good life of LUST.

Why don’t I just give my wife AIDS?

As pointed out earlier — THE GAME OF PHARMA — the substance itself is enchantable. I don’t fly in hallucinogens, though I do in wine, and many in the Western tradition use entheogens of various types. You will have to make your own decision, but the SKY GODS and the land gods and the various types of beings in our world have to be carefully calibrated, and New World Sorcery is still in the hands of WEALTH and that world is not kind.

NAUDIZ: THE ART is supposed to bear the weight of THE ART, not New World Sorcery. We need to be careful about accepting gifts. There is speculated to be a standard rubric of taking western art magicians apart involving a value system of KRAMPUS. What is the incapacitation structure and how can we all work together to implement it on nice people who won’t allow our STRONG WORLDS TO BE!!!???

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