New Jersey Taxes in Dog Worlds

When you are dating someone who says, “I was trained in tantra” and “I consult for the state,” GIRLS, it is time to check your wallet, because your wallet is going way down.

The tithe for the Church is 10%.

The tithe for state sex magick — YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK — is more like 30% — which is how much taxes are. Sometimes the tithe is everything. Sometimes the tithe is DIFFY Q’s.


I have tried my very best to get away from the fancy BOYFRIENDS and have Klingon LUST  and just live my life. I work 50+ hours a week in healthcare, some of that for the most needy and ill members of our society, scrubbing the floor and wiping poop, sometimes 16 hours a day, sometimes at 3 in the morning, and here I am, trying to CLEAN UP — it has been five years that I have been trying to clean up — and I have somehow misconstrued my tax exemptions so that I owe over $1000 for last year’s taxes.

My private sector job for the wealthy is okay.

My state job serving the POOR is the one where the taxes have not been withheld and I owe so much it is heartbreaking. The poor are not able to function in our work, so we crap on them. THE MAGICKAL CHILDREN OF THE GAME THAT EAT THE LIFE FORCE OF THE WHIPPET ARE NOT FUNDED BY THE POOR.

So the down worlds are how we get back to the nice things.

So far this year, I have paid about $20 in taxes and that is for over 15 hours a week of work at not very much pay.

No one cleans up WHO CAN MARKET THE COWS.

The only way to do ceremonial magick is with some of the folks who did it, and they were ethnic Europeans. I am reminded that my ancestor RAM was really just a white guy and a Mason who did the work. His Jewish ancestry lead to more of a propensity for balance KRAUTS in the demon work, but he was still a MAN and Anglo.

This is why the suggestion to cross up ceremonial magick with the Norse work was so wonderful. IT IS REALLY JUST THE OLD GERMAN DEMON WORK — IT WAS VERY FINE power. The protection of European energy work is part of Norse spirituality, and while I do not countenance the darker aspects of racism of any kind, nor do I think that the genocide of WWII was good magick — it was the catastrophe that cost Northrland a ruling seat at the table, and one that is desperately needed — and here they have to SETTLE for a COW STRIKE FROM MEXICANS to get some of their POW POW — it was a power working that gave these OWLS their WHIPPET.

It is important to give credit to New World Sorcery’s attempt to heal racism by working with Afro-Hispanic imagery. When I meditate on these archetypes, they do lead me to a vision of the African people as beautiful. And that is wonderful.

In addition, I am half-Hispanic and have done much work with the Mesoamerican culture of my own Hispanic ancestors.

However, New World Sorcery’s use of the forms of Africa means that in some ways European magicians cannot get the cultural energy necessary to do ceremonial magick and that there is consequently a huge rift between the systems and why do we have a bunch of rich European folks only doing Afro-Hispanic magick if they are high as a kite and in the sexual act itself? Not done in the old work. It was mostly lodges and a little magick on the side. Sure, a bit of laudanum, but not really. The magick worked!

I am not arguing that the new magick should be stopped. If people are interested in consecrating their erotic experiences to a magick of great beauty and elegance, they should certainly be able to do so safely and in moderation without damage to the health or destruction to the innocent. ADVISED CONSENT IS WELCOME, not just subtle hints that nobody outside of the WEALTH world can pick up.

We are heading into new territory with this religion and no one knows how to fix everything, not even the dead Masons who didn’t do anything remotely like OWLS.

I was a highfalutin’ mooching artist AS IS CUSTOMARY IN THE HIGHFALUTIN’ ARTS and that turned my wallet into a GIRL MONEY CATASTROPHE. Here is how  my wallet might look in dark astral magick — not a working wallet, just a party clutch.

I was warned about the taxes. A beautiful BOYFRIEND who was jonesing to be my permanent mate — or so he said — pointed out with a sizable smirk, “I have a significant tax debt.”

If you don’t know about THE GAME, these warnings are not clear, and we don’t know how you folks work.

I have accepted government funding in the arts, and this government money evidently came with a government energy STRIKE that lead to a beautiful smoochfest with yet another — D’uh! — state consultant.

We have no idea that the United States is not just full of police everywhere and on dates! Everyone who’s anyone is reporting to the state. Multiple redundancies, I would imagine, and where does my name pop up? Here are some drugs and, voila! HOUSE. I am important. 

It is time to go into that awful TOME OF SECRETS and see what our predecessors in social justice magick were up to in the Ancient World:

Matthew 17:24-27:
24. And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute?
25. He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?
26. Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free.
27. Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.

THE GAME is tilted toward the rich, we see, in the energy of the taxes. It probably always has been, so we are given pointers from THE COW that we need to be regular. The good fight is as quiet citizens who work our own spirituality and have lasting souls.

It is hard to fathom.

The making of an individual human soul is no longer popular. It takes a long time for a soul to work through its issues in THE WORK and to become wise. This is partly what the conjuration in The Lesser Key of Solomon means by ENDURE TO THE END. Then this individual human soul can ascend in great power and do many things with complete comprehension of what it means to be an individual human being as opposed to a part of a mass of energy that must be programmed to function as units of a larger purpose — a wisp of a RING OF POWER that can never override the demand for MOAR at any cost or even comprehend many aspects of its action.

The individual soul can hear the descendants, the lovers, the lodges, the workplace, and return as necessary and work. As a Mason, RAM could work not just in lodges but in construction — and did. One of the secrets of the Masons is that they bypass the circuit of Christianity through hard manual labor, and it is not easy and why I was offered the chance WILL to redeem myself in manual labor. (I suspect a local wizard snaps up Masonic ancestors with spells that work on the hands. Psalm 91: “the work of our hands, establish thou it,” perhaps with the imprimatur of state magick. WHO ISN’T?)

Keeping oneself as an individual small soul means we will not be as smart as a RING OF POWER, which is 15 genius-level — WHATSUP WITH ALL THE VD? — POW POWs doing stuff in magick. But why not?

RAM died in 1927. I wonder how it is to spend a hundred years making public works projects AS A HORSE. He did not ascend. He could feel our work and kept himself together, he and his CIRCUIT.

You have to be an animal not a man. Just COWS.

Evidently the establishment whose arm is the church and state had as much opposition to this thousands of years ago as it does today.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I spent two years trying to pay a $65 tax bill to the state of New Jersey.

It was a question of working out those tax forms. I was back and forth to the State and they kept demanding that I work through tax intricacies that few can master. It was almost a game between me and that PUBLICAN. In previous years, the state had simply taken for granted that when you work in Manhattan and live in Jersey, heck, the taxes get transferred between the two areas without much trouble.

Here I was in Washington, no longer paying into the structure of that state, and staring down at those forms.

I had a spell, a magical eucharist, and polvos on the tax forms and that got me only so far. I still “owed” a thousand dollars even though I had paid a thousand dollars, and the power just wouldn’t quit. One more strike.

The demons are very earth.

I almost can’t function between the municipalities of Seattle and Tacoma, nearby cities. The magnetic structures are not put together well enough.

I attend synagogue almost every Shabbat and the powers of the Messiah Jews were not strong enough to calibrate with New Jersey.

I did not have the Catholic world in, as even the Jews had urged: we can’t do all of this work. I couldn’t comprehend it. I ran around chasing my own tail and — ACH!  NOTHING — and stared at the taxes like a blockhead.

I prayed and prayed and demanded help in being honorable and FOUND and not a crap and nothing could penetrate my head. I could hear the Masons, I live in Seattle. I can’t do New Jersey taxes in dog worlds.

I recalled that I had retained one power object of New Jersey’s Italian world where I had lived, a statuette of St. Joseph purchased in Little Italy. I try not to caucus too much with the Christians but I had never relinquished St. Joseph because he is a VERY FINE BUSINESSMAN and it was a great era when I was hearing POWER in the greatest old magickal ‘hood in New York. I wish I had known what to do. RAM was there, I can see now, urging me to return to my erstwhile magicks that he could work. I had not yet had the strength.

who does?

So I made an offering to St. Joseph and asked for help. The spirit responded, Come back. You have never left except with under great magickal destruction.

I am not blaming only THE GAME. It is clear that when you open to power like this, you have to figure out who your family is and what they are about in the underworld and do something to optimize that relationship. People are what they are and they want for you what they want. It is not possible to get past certain blockages without REALLY HEALED and that was not possible sooner or elsewhere.

I made a promise to heal New Jersey by visiting and the door to the taxes opened. I grasped what the forms had intended, worked the fairly simple calculations, and amended my tax return as POWER had required. Instead of owing $1000, I owed $65.

It was time for me to get to work in a nearby city, and as I drove over, I could feel the territorial shift and the other area did not have the working available for the taxes. Just blah.

I ran to the copy store and made the copies. I bought the postage. I threw the New Jersey taxes triumphantly on the pile of mail and ran off to work.

A couple of hours into the shift, I realized that I had not affixed the $65 check!


At this point, I was starting to sniffle and my supervisor called a nearby ACCOUNTANT staff member to come in. “Get out of here,” she said.

I ran to the office store where my tax form lay right on top of the pile and the same clerk was there. I brandished the check and we were VICTORIOUS! The check went into the envelope and I was finally free of that TOWN COUNCIL ROUT.

I have more taxes to pay, it is clear. Even for this year I am already playing catch-up when I should keep an eye on everything. We all should.

THOR points out that the entire Norse pagan world was tilted to keep the practitioners looking low in this world and the afterlife. It was the THEN version of the slave magick. If you looked too high, you would get sucked into the RINGs OF POWER. Look at RAM. He was an educated and sophisticated fellow who woke up in death THE GRAVE embarrassed and immediately began walking the furrows of plowed fields along with his neighbors who were farmers, day after day ploughing with them, night after retracing his steps — for he himself was raised in farming and then THE JEWISH DRIVE FOR EDUCATION CAME IN AND later — forming himself as human in a purely energy state, wafting apart into a sleeplike state, then slapping himself awake to being human, with his fellow chthonic power workers. THE FARM IS A GREAT WORLD and we have no idea how powerful are those KRAMPUSES the Amish who have been with me for all this crazy.

They required him to PAY HIS DEBTS to make an oath to the local SATAN who looked suspiciously like this:

I am a HEALER when I know who I AM.


Fields are haunted, but in a good way.

I was doing all this Norse work and causing myself to look dumber than I am in the magick world. It was a question of popping into Smartville for a moment to recalibrate the tax thoughts, then back to being a WHIPPET.

Here we are worried about all of these Expenses? genius Europeans dumbing themselves down into Afro-Hispanic magickal characters. IF THEY WOULD BE WHO THEY ARE, they would realize that the masks are a FOUND and it is okay but please be yourselves and we will phrase it in your way. THE OLD COWS ARE COWING IN THIS WORK.

My erstwhile friends are uncharacteristically mean. In real life, these are nice people and the magick itself is wiser WHEN WHIPPETING.

In a coming post, I will OWLS on GENGHIS KHAN’s fish sorcery. It is a great magick if you are dealing with Christianity and shamanism.

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