Further Thoughts on the Insect Gods

There is a fine line between FAITH in stupid and a relationship with the ones beyond that is really wonderful.
The first grade signs of the Golden Dawn are the Sign of Entering and the Sign of Silence, and they involve the production of energy by means of the ritual movement of the body, which is a FUNDING of lodges, not the candles, flowers, liquors, and EXPENSES food of the CHURCH AND STATE, wherein the ABSOLUTE wealth commands the power, not the spirit world of animals and the dead bonding to human energy action.
What we are on about here is CLASS.
How many animals have been sacrificed to take down the Cabala of Hermes?
I can see giant piles of SHEEP, not to mention the chickens, goats, an occasional horse or two, and all of the rubrics of rum, platanos, mountains of food, the production of energy in sexual acts that are not always truly consensual or safe in terms of venereal disease — which is much of what we are on about here in REALITYLAND. 
Humans have been sacrificed as well, the blog reports. 
So excellence in power is not good enough. EERIE IS POWERLESS.
The second sign, that of Zelator, is one of submission to authority in the element of Earth, which is the land gods.
But it is not just raw submission to an unthinking power working. 
It is, realistically, a relationship between the living and THE GODS that involves the mundane world of life that many types of energy work can participate in, FUND, heal, and generally get a lay of the land for how things are done in this work.
In the world of ODIN, it was the RAVEN who was worked with extensively, because ravens eat the bodies of the fallen soldiers. The soldiers would spend extensive amounts of time shapeshifting into ravens against the time that they would be inside of them PREPARE ME NOT!
The world of ravens knew this and participated in human religion by extensive study of the mythology, work in magick with the living, and, in the end, ushering the dead into Valhalla, which, of course, was an astral world of death as well as life
When when the warriors died, they would enter the bodies of the ravens as a willing sacrifice, thus nourishing them, and pulling into nature with them, and being able to return to their families where they would be born anew. It was a wonderful life. 
In the Indo-European spirituality, occasionally a raven ANIMAL itself would enter human incarnation. It was this exchange of lives that formed the basis of the shamanic practice of these Neolithic tribes of Europe and was so spectacular. Ovid is of noticing this. The technology was kept simple because animals needed to understand and work it, while the energy work was sophisticated, because how do you exist in many species at once? It is not easy. Premortal lives, lives that didn’t enter complete incarnation, and post-mortal lives with family, all in a jumble with a rich world of mythology, energy work, and a portal that was never fully closed. All towns distinct, which is why we have an ORC work. 
THE GODS are animal spirits who entered human incarnation for a few lifetimes (2-3 usually) then worked the magick often interminably, as our venerable consort DIDYMUS has complained, as a being we all trust in that it is a mammal which consented to Rosicrucianism and is now HOWLED in. 
Also an ODIN is with us from the Mormon side of the family and this is WISE. While the world of RAM had HORSE maneuverings. 
In more recent centuries, the spirits of animals entered the energy world alone, not the body itself, and worked as various images of the divine; saints come to mind. These become the newer form of THE GODS, though the old gods did much work with that as well. Different rubrics handled the business differently. We can imagine that soldiering, with its constant work of death, would have a more open portal for the animals. Perhaps medicine as well, in that healers are allotted extreme power of the animal and plant. This is why I have sought the healing profession even late in life so that all of this animal power coursing through my system could be worked in a structure that is acceptable and wanted by THE HUMANS. Solomonic magick is ELFS — OLD ONES OF AIR the beings who entered the stream of only work in magickal imagery, while the local power of Masons in magick was, in fact, animals in the old style of Amerindian work, so we are COWS. 
I would imagine that many things are going on in New World Sorcery and it is regional and different for each FAMILY though the government wants us all to be COWS.
This is told us because such beings incarnated into our world and work it still, though they are being told SOD OFF  we are now only human.

Incest is how we pull these beings out and strike them into slavery.

NOW HERE IS A CRAZY AND OFFENSIVE MAGICKAL IDEA: As we have discussed in the story of the daughters of Lot, incest was supposed to be repopulation magick MARRIAGE PRACTICE to be worked ONLY when plague, war, natural disaster, etc., had depleted the population and there was a need of pulling the numbers back up. Sheerest survival, and no one blames anyone. The extreme stress of various types of social disorder also cause outbreaks of sexual distemper. Under these circumstances, the extreme money spirits THE GODS would come in and help the family with eking out a living in the barest of survival. This was discovered SOCIOLOGY ALSO COMES IN and then incest was used for the making of money in excess of what is really fine. 
Look at some of the POW POWs in high technology as we have divined. What does it take to get a gifted person to work 100 hours a week instead of having an enjoyable life? Something to prove. The breaking of the child’s power so that s/he is RAMRODDED by the family into extreme career and lots of money, everyone with lots of money, and serious genetic deficiency in father-daughter babies. 

That is now how I FOUND this. 

As Odin reports,



We can imagine that the higher rungs of New World Sorcery, with its EASY LIFE of an initiation that involves too much reliance on psychiatric drugs, hallucinogens, extensive sexual practice, and, in the end, it is very clear why SEX OFFENDERS need to be. LUST IS COWS. They are great money spirits. 

Here is where my world is discussing what was done RECENTLY in western art magick and how it can be studied by others and used when the tale is told.

This will be discussed in many worlds, and I recall much aversion to incest in Athenian mythology. KNEW. 
The Pharaohs and their CLOUT of brother-sister marriage was a tribe of meanies who knows what. 
To be only human is to be smarter in human ways, but it is also to be a mean person, BUSINESS.
Separate tracks for human and animal that involve the giant human CHRISTIAN SOUL that is a RING OF POWER which THE FLYING RABBIS will expose as their work as well, Cabala of JEWS.
The animals are used as magical slaves and the whole business is not really wise, so we are CABAL with the Stone Age?
Some of us.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, in the west as currently constituted, it is the insects who eat the dead — not much with embalming ICK — though blackbirds are often available to work with the dead. It was done until the Holocaust in Germany, as we COW. How do I get out of the grave if no beetles carry me?
We say insect gods, because AS THE VIKINGS REPORT insects are the animals who eat the body, and if we work with insect gods in our magick, we can in death avail ourselves of consciousness within the belly of the LAND GOD beetle. 

So in the work of western art magick, the land gods AT THE READY can assist with setting up a rubric that has the requisite qualities we want in the opening of the psychic centers, to be as laborious as the ox, as SILENT as necessary

here is an inversion of the RULE of Silence

to have the routines and physical gestures that the LAND SPIRITS can comprehend and work with,
to have the study NOUNS that we need to heal it all,
to have the LUST that is vibrant and elegant,
to have CLOWNS for we all like to HAVE A GOOD TIME,
to have TRUST where merited and often not while accepting that the end is often OUCH in all the work, RAM IS A COW
to have a mounting of the TRIBE that is healed


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