This is Lucifer.
That is a chicken.
It is important to tell the story.
The Quran gives additional insight relative to the the Torah as to why Lucifer was cast out of heaven. HERE WE HAVE THE CHICKEN CABALA, KNOWN TO THELEMITES. It relates that Lucifer refused to bow down to humanity as God required, so God cursed him and threw him DOWN DOWN DOWN.
We have been looking down at him ever since. We have to — he is portrayed as a snake.
Lucifer himself told me if I wanted to get a snake — which I do — then I should get one. It would help me keep myself right in the midst of so much entrainment to the other animals when the mythology of DAMIENS and Lucifer in particular is of a snake. 
If it didn’t kill me. That is the problem with snakes. My landlord is all about this problem not happening and especially not happening to my housemates, who are stuck here with Lucifer when they think we are all merely taking care of Covid-able patients. 
But there you go.
Medical people have a lot of leeway in the underworld. I am certain that if I wanted a ball python, no one would say a damn thing.
The thing about G-d is that that He is a function of human spirituality. God is the constructor of the energy civilization within which humans, plants, animals, and other types of beings have a psychic neighborhood and live together in interesting ways.
The West looked away from this energy situation for a few hundred years to invent the iPhone and is now back having a good time, because, in the end, the iPhone is only so nourishing to the human psyche. 
This energy civilization is built by and focused upon human spirituality.
Humans have a hard time in death. Their energy work in life is so complicated that they cannot congeal as well without all of their gear the way animals, with fewer subroutines, can.
Animals can reincarnate and work quite intensely with their new ones.
They can also work over several lifetimes in human spirituality as the actual makers of parts of the mechanisms of human spirituality. 
The highest and most extensive human spirituality is made possible by the civilization of the avian world which goes back in a straight line to the dinosaurs. It is ancient and venerable and I do have much work of it, though I have chosen to SUBSTRATE MYSELF. Ceremonial magicians didn’t like the extreme heights of the Church. It was insane. So they balanced themselves with other worlds as well, and here we have good friends. Just SHINE. 
The greatest magickal animal in the New World is the chicken, and I, for one, am genuinely respectful of that and hope to garner much guidance from Lucifer. He is Paimon’s lord, and without him, Paimon has less COWS. 
After many lifetimes as a subset of Christian Angeldom, a bird LORD can, with extreme effort, become quite proficient at the whole rigamarole and can work many subroutines with great efficiency. Such a bird can also enjoy a great deal of human consciousness and the intellectual attributes of humanity, BUT THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY HUMAN.
Greece — with its inimitable STYLE — indicated this by portraying the gods nude. They don’t really “get” us, and we should not let things go too far.

Egypt portrayed this as the gods with the heads of animals. Anciently, it was also the other animals and not just birds. Today it is almost entirely birds, unless a sorcerer has used a great deal of ritual — the work of the body — to fund the other types of animals who can work in this magick.
There is much to do about how I have involved myself with so much ritual magick — GENGHIS KHAN IS OUCH! — that I have been able to involve other energy worlds in my work. This is why I am the way I am, stupid, happy, and conscious
THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN reports that Judaism had work of dogs until the 19th century, and the magical Masons maintained these energy worlds until the life of my great-grandfather, RAM, who did the work with horses.
Despite all of their brilliance, the Angels will never really make things work out for human civilization and that is why we have this clunky thing called God who just says, THIS IS HUMAN AND STOP. 
RAM says there needs to be a fair amount of intuition intellect in the whole business of shamanism. 
As ridiculous as humanity is, it does need to be human, and if the animals want to abscond to their own great civilizations, they should be allowed, and we should humbly accept THE INCOMPETENCE OF SHE-ROES. 
Here is where we have 2/3 of the hosts of heaven in league with God in keeping humanity human, and the other 1/3 reasonably functioning as the opposition party.
When humans control the Angels, it always turns into simian crap, with the Alpha Male in charge, mating with all of the females — and everyone else, too — and the dominant paradigm stupiding up everything, and BUSINESS AS USUAL. Jesus rails about the Pharisees having the high seats, then five minutes later He Himself is having the highest seat of all and very COWED.
Now why am I in the demon work?
It is very clear. The new sorcery used bird shamanism to entrain me to do stupid things and I watched a lot of my loved ones injured, and now I am this person. It is too late. 
I have complained about my own stupidity in everything, but if I had not been operated upon by unethical BIRD SHAMANISM, I would not have done many of those things. 
If this is God, I am more interested in Lucifer. In fact, BOUND.
Norse mythology is also very clear: Odin is often a doofus
The Jews are adamant: WE DON’T BELIEVE IN ODIN.
You better take Odin’s mythology seriously. It is very wise about shamanism, which is what we are facing. WE ARE FACING NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION AT THE HANDS OF THE JEWS if problems. 

At the same time, the avian being who entered my portal of Paimon was assassinated by the Norse power world for allowing a woman to operate with spiritual creativity at a high level of power, a functionality only allowed to males — especially in Judaism. WE WILL HEAR YOU OUT.
Also for saying a lot of mean things.
I was not really going to go all in with the demon work. It is generally a “unit” en route to the Enochian Angel magick of the Golden Dawn. It is very important for straight A students — kind of like alchemy — I mean who scrapes crud out of lab equipment forever? move on — but it is NOT how things are done, but my ancestors were very clear.
This is going to be a death trap and no one but THE DEVIL can get you past it. That is our experience.
So come to Lucifer, all who are weary and heavy laden, and he will give you A TON OF HARD WORK.

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