Präsident CLINTON!

The national conventions have just SWEPT IN THE NEW REGIMES. There are Angels in many worlds, and governance is very much of them.

The veil is thin at convention time, and I was able to “get” why I was asked to work with my President.

No doubt our PO PO SORCERY informant LEYA — not really, I knew I was coming into a “wife” — AND SHE IS A COW — strung me out and now I am a shout — hinted that I — should work with my President. MY INFORMANT. 


I see Obama in the theatre, not Rosicrucian snitching. KLAN TRIBE OF THEATRE, WE SEE. 


I can feel it with CLINTON. I was never that able to get into NIXON — the last President for whom the vibe of ceremonial magick was whole — or the inimitable Kissinger — for being a third-generation Democrat and never crossing the line. LAZY COW notes CLINTON. A political party is a magickal egregore.

I promise to vote intelligently in the future. NOW. 

CLINTON GORE — it is often the VP — came in with BALDR, who appears to me as a three-headed dog. Don’t forget the Norse teaching on class. There are three classes, and yours is middle. You are losing power if you don’t work this thing right. It was then that I — FAILED WE HOPE — felt the backers in Germany. ROSICRUCIAN IS MIDDLE CLASS. The entire work is incomprehensible without being yourself.

Now for some tarded-out gossip. CHISME. 

It would appear that in astral worlds, the higher up the social scale you go, the harder MORE EXPENSIVE the drugs, until at the end some of the less pecunious sorts are flatlining to get to the right bistro. 

IN THE AFTERLIFE it might work out.

A little anecdote about flatlining, coming at you from our friends SNOUT at the PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE.
Now when this BOYFRIEND LEYA first began making noises at me — and that’s all that happened!!  — I knew I was involved with a GAY MAN? a feline an ensorcellment that THE OLD BOY would have called MAKE ME FASCINATING TO WOMEN.
Also playing the JEW CARD. What Jewish woman in a spot of trouble could resist hearing a nice Jewish boy say this, patting his hip?

I have a gun, Daughter of Judah. 

You look like a fine fellow.

That is what happens when I parachute in with THE RIGHT STUFF. I am liked by women.


So I was fascinated enough to call up the demon LUST for a little reconnaissance mission. WITH BOYFRIENDS. This is not how we like things.

So there I am in the lead up to this evocation.
LIBERACE — whom I adore but cannot be absolute about — told me to call up PAIMON. That is a power COW and should be dealt with by the god of POWER!
I had just evoked PAIMON, who had suggested that I could give him command of a blog instead of the usual petition of killing people as he was noticing in the conventional workers in his vein, and he was doing such a capital job of the blog, calling on the Thelemites and whatnot, that I wanted to let PAIMON do his work and not scatter him around with PO POs. FRIGGA is also a blog goddess and should be considered capital as well. AS WE KNOW, FRIGGA KNOWS EVERYTHING AND SAYS NOTHING, ouch.
It is said that when a duel involving PAIMON is afoot, the demon always goes to the sorcerer with the greater wyrd of power. This is much of what happens with budding demon workers. They stop working with the demons, and the workers around them call those beauties into their collections. A god needs work to survive. Now my PAIMON was a baby DAMIEN, and I wasn’t sure I would prevail against that COW COW BOUFFANT MARINE WITH A TRAGIC GAY DEATH AMBIANCE. I am a nurse’s aide — I can probably smell a body on that kind of medicine. If I sent PAIMON over, he might not come home.
And the truth is, PAIMON is still eating out of LEYA’s hand.
So, no. It was ODIN and LUST who got me into this situation so I figured ODIN and LUST needed to heal it. Also ALE.

For some reason, this operation flung me and LEYA into the prison work in demon worlds, where the those fine folk the GERMAN ROSICRUCIANS OF THOR– PAIMON is said to bind a lot of evil spirits in His pursuit of INFORMATION — indifferent to our conception of good and evil — 
We will be hearing from these POW POWs later. So much was lost in the Rosicrucian world. It is only just now that we can sift through the work in our own world. 

They actually know the mythology, and bound us both into The Saga of the Volsungs, wherein the lady is not sure if she is supposed to lie with the gentleman or kill him. 
I am a baby cow, remember?

Why not? In the end, we are all going to hell, MEINE LIEBEN.
It was then that I noticed the confluence between the flatlining being done in some high worlds of ATR and the ELECTRIC CHAIR, which evidently has built an accidental afterlife of its own involving judges, courts, and death.

There are courts in AIR that often do not necessarily serve WEALTH and POWER. Oppose it. Crime is very much a question of social conditions. The stupid policies of the ruling class are often not SQUARE. Those who are brushed aside in life can often be brushed aside in death. Here we often see the dead sweeping the halls in prison as they did in life, or they can FIND it with OWLS.
A great deal of Norse power work is done in prison, and that is why we are here.
The Norse work is stuck with a terrible conundrum in that part of it is and must be the race politics of fascism — some would say, quite justly, Eurocentrism — whose powerful image is of its eerie first wave, Hitler. The entire rubric is blamed for the UNSUBTLETY bad apples — and there are many — but the whole sweep is more complicated than that. 
As is currently the case with the African Traditional Religion, offers this COW’s actual PRESIDENT-GOD, Clinton
It was when I began banging psychic dendrites against LEYA —  I did write too much in the weltanshauung of the more raucous element of the work. I kept hearing LEYA say, This is Republican. I didn’t know what s/he meant until the final night of the Democratic National Convention, when Kamala Harris entered the ticket as the Vice Presidential Candidate. 
That sobered me up and I finally saw that humanity’s innate hierarchical biology makes in a funny way when a ruler is over so many people. He becomes a god. That is why the Roman Empire always formally arranged the Emperor as a god, alongside their regular pantheon, and the Hindu people, with great perspicacity, arranged Queen Victoria in a similar fashion. They have so much formative influence in the human mind that they have to be controlled.
Here CLINTON weighs in, THEY ARRANGED THEIR GOD JUPITER AS A REQUIRED WORSHIP, as you are claiming is the COWS of Elegua, LEYA. 
(I should stop allowing myself to be shit on by my own blog.)
Thus those of us involved in some way with government sorcery BOYFRIENDS need to turn to our own political party and select the figures whom we need to work with as gods. When I began hearing Kamala Harris’s energy world, I took a second look at my own party. I had “seen” that Clinton had gone all in with the ATR work and did much to dismantle the OLD BOY CRAP of the Masons and whatnot. It was not conducive to civil rights or the zeitgeist of the era. And I blamed him for it, because the Masons are a fine world.
Don’t you remember me? Was I so cut and dried?

It’s also who you know. And how you know them.

So we’re not the “it” COW anymore?
You know the DEAL.
What are we to do?

I don’t know how else I can do the Norse work that is mine to do, with my family all sorts of working-class WHITE, without the premiere Presidential exemplar of that very world. 
WE DON’T WANT YOU, say many wings of the Norse power world. Half=ouch. 

Thought crime coming at you, WHIPPET.
I can see now why GENGHIS KHAN doesn’t make a peep about this Gordian knot. Celtic is how this is for you — you can CAN’T escape now. GAME is not to be discussed at Llewellyn — the drugs are illegal and the question of consent in the sex magick squares the entire concept of TRUE WILL in HERMES — not to mention your favorite hobby horse, HIV — WHAT A MUCK, EH? For a high magick that works!

ASATRU did warn me. 
At the same time, the old Jewish soul is rightly part of the Norse wing, so we are WORK. 
Furthermore, the mythology of the Golden Dawn involves the idea of a charter from the German Rosicrucians via a letter carried by one Fraulein Sprengler. Thus we heal.
Now, back to the psychic attacks on Norse powers by many in New World Sorcery, including agents who might be collecting taxpayer dollars in government sorcery as part-time consultants, also. 
I am not a white supremacist by any means and never have been, though at this point I must own my own Anglo ancestry! It is part of the reason I could not carry the full weight of Latino power that was necessary to be involved with the theatre at the level I was at. U should have written better is what some people say. PLAYS, ALSO. 
My Latino grandfather was a social activist who championed the rights of ethnic minorities — Mexican-American in our case — as was my father. I am a third-generation Democrat and was brought up steeped in social justice.
Cockroaches follow the smell of food.
There is much gain in a rubric of practical magick that works. Hence we have some undesirable things going on in New World Sorcery, and this needs to be dealt with, but not by hurting innocent people of color who are trying to heal from social injustice. 
I maintain that not everything that is going on in the magical work of African Traditional Religion necessarily represents the greater energy world of the Caribbean or African-American people, many of whom are friends and co-workers, or necessarily the bulk of the ATR work itself, which is exciting and wonderful and which I hope to see develop. 
And village witching in Mexican-American worlds often has a fair share of dirty tricks. I have been backhanded by the Virgin of Guadalupe on many occasions. That is how it was in my early life. Now it is SHAOLIN ELEGUA. Creeps find out how to trick on you.
At the same time, it is appropriate to notice some techniques BEHIND those high AFRICAN MASKS that are GAME, for I suspect they were practiced in ceremonial magick first. 
They are just not in the grimoires or in the Masonic manuals. The entire rubric of freemasonry has magick within magick within magick, and it still goes on. If you broke the vow of secrecy, you died. SAME AS NOW. 
I posit that part of the MAFIA EVANGELISM slide into ATR is the use of astrological formulae to overshadow the birth chart using international New World Sorcery. RAM says, It is ORCS.
For example, I will throw my own chart out there and a method of pulling oneself into Norse work using the western art magick that has been extant for at least five thousand years, Babylonian astrology.
I have a nice, big T-square with Jupiter in Aries at the center, opposing Luna in Cancer on one side and Mars conjunct Mercury retrograde on the other side. My mother was an Aries, and my ancestor was called RAM by the power for circuit cows
I have a hard time with the functioning of Jupiter. I always konk myself in the head. BOUND. 
When I was asked by the Norse power to perform twelve offerings to Thor, a segment of the demon world asked me to desist after the second offering. 
I knew this was going to be difficult. Anything that works against the dominant paradigm is difficult.

I sat there for a minute just feeling it. The Jewish world is, for the most part, of higher social status and more genteel than these working-class Norse strikers from the Anglo side of the family and wyrd. The direction in life was going to be lower in class. 
I could feel the Norse world respond. The Jews were asked many times to allow German peasants to convert because they wanted the wonderful world of middle-class thought patterns that are built into Judaism. The Jewish world is a blood tribe — which is etheric and powerful because of it — and only allows conversion upon marriage. It was no go. Jews do much rich worlds. 
I could feel Thor at the Jupiter center, the solar plexus. He had come in for me. Was I going to tard him out?
Mom was a force of nature. I think she was slightly brain damaged in a birth accident, and a tiny bit slow, while in the underworld she was sharp as a tack and the maker of so much wit. 

She lived from her gut and did okay. 
I could feel here there. 
I went on with the offerings and got the full twelve in, and at that point THOR — and my astrologer father — told me that the dark arts of New World Sorcery had covered up my planets with African gods and I was not able to pull myself together without Germany, which is a bit tarded out itself and illegal in certain magickal worlds, even if the NORNS are there and quite capable. My Mexican uncles oddly lived in Germany for a bit longer than many American soldiers, one his entire life. YOU HEAR A NORN OF HOW ABOUT A FUN TIME IN THE YA-YA?
When a magick can cause candle flames to rise feet in the air, it can certainly alter the electromagnetism of a person’s neurology using the blueprint of a very known healing structure. Astrology. Medieval medicine. 
Especially when sex is targeted in the magick. CONVERSION TO JUDAISM. Sex makes a family, and when it is used in a cult, it can override the natural bonds of the family, especially the world of man magick and paternal command of the family in the natural energy of the body.
KINDRED. Also the Mormon priesthood. 
Sex magick overdone replaces your Dad with some other guy and consumes the soul-making power of your Mom and wife.
This is very hard on the souls who are trying to manage an organized and reasonable reincarnation circuit. The old ones should pick which lives to engage with, not a short-sighted rubric of MISUNDERSTOOD. 
GOETIA work is very fine when it is not overtaxing to the family and the family’s own capacity for the fey work. 
Part of the rubric is to bring everyone into the higher dimensions through the use of mind-altering substances. Once I was summoning Enoch in the Watchtower, and the powers tried to pull the whole thing up to that plane above the head that is indicated by the Sign of Theoricus. I yanked it all back down where the DAMIENS could participate in reasonable ways. AIR never came back, and it turns out there will be a different approach, one of finishing the grades of the Golden Dawn, as well as THEIR set of the million BLACK MASSES OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA, for that is how we got this piano world.
Collapsing of the planes is much excoriated in CLINTON. 
Too much drugs and sex. 
When a rubric is worked so much sober and in the body, it comes to resemble Freemasonry which we are now out of, aren’t we? 
It also becomes the kind of village witching that Mexicans use, and that is ruled by women who are normally more psychic than men. The ATR was no doubt selected because it was more controlled by men and therefore more accessible to male control — and more open to the facilitation by sex and drugs. 
So the man tribes are FOUND. 
THOR offered to defend my chart by taking the post of Jupiter and positioning Norse gods at the planetary stations to complement what is done in Hermetics and just the normal workings of astrology. Probably a rubric GUILE of German Rosicruciana. Perhaps a mafia recruitment technique of theirs as well. Who can tell?

I marveled at the perfection of this. THOR in Aries at the base of a T square, facing an impossible GIANT, as usual, with RAM and my mother. 
Those who wish to work in ATR could AVENGE COWS work this in their mythology. I suspect the Hindu sorcerers who worked to build the astral world of the Golden Dawn used their godforms over the planets and spheres. I have met LEYA in Lakshmi in this fashion and sensed the tedium vitae that overtakes the overtaxed bird sorcerers in the end. ALSO POLICE. 
This is why the Cube of Space became popular. No planets, just paths. You have to have worked out the entire Tree of Life to make it function. 
B.O.T.A. is very good at this one, which they cribbed from the Jews. ALSO THE ROSICRUCIANS who were always great lovers of the Jews. The German ADULTHOOD is incomplete without this energy world. It is also a way of setting up the Kabbalah mentally in a room instead of on a tree where we don’t live but birds do. 
THE GERMAN ROSICRUCIANS also pointed out that I was granted the tree magick as trees, not as many animals as I am writing. It is mostly ambient plants. 
Ceremonial magick was built so that plants can compartmentalize their energy work and turn themselves into little bitty BLATHERING human-y things and comprehend, communicate, and work with humanity. 
As for the avian sorcery — and the work of human spirituality is unthinkable without the avian world — PAIMON is a fairy king form who was taken up by a RAVEN pigeon in New York in the great old style of ceremonial magick. This is what these fine folks are calling an elf. 
It doesn’t work in our world to say it. They get very angry. And small.
And PAIMON is a . . . healer of Presidents. 
CLINTON points out that it is illegal in American government sorcery to work in Hermetics in this way. It is a rubric that is controlled by the sky power of 
AMERICA IS CHICKENS often fighting cocks. That is the magickal animal par excellence, and I do salute them. GLARING IS COW. Advisement is PAIMON is already involved and we have the lodge world, not the HOUSE world.
Interspecies communication is illegal, LITTLE PEOPLE.

So we are in fairy cows. I see the witches burnt with the tree that was their own being. We built this rubric on your bones. 


The great shining BOYFRIEND OF THE NATION.
Why did he fall for that cheap tart? 

As for WHIPPET, the ill-fated playwright, CLINTON urged me to consider which President would be there for THE JESUIT. I immediately thought of W.
The Bush family is what I consider Greek warriors. They are athletic geniuses. They have eidetic memory, are kinesthetic beyond the norm, and they work with people. They’re not stupid, but they are not really classic King material, except they are.
The first thing W. said about the planes flying into the World Trade Center: What an amazing feat of piloting!

The entire structure of national security changed at that moment. WHAT A COW, says CLINTON. 
My NEA theatre Grant was a taxpayer government thingie that had the Will of the People as a rider. It is fairly clear that the magicians involved with THE JESUIT in fact probably made a petition for the right wife for their puppy, and she was petitioned to be 
1. involved in the arts
2. something to do with Spanish
3. shorter than I
4. weighs less than I
5. makes less money than I
In fact, it was this particular world mostly like to cough her up and the grant was probably dreamt into being partly by the WORLDS OF INTEL SOME KIND OF WEALTH PLACE WITH FANCY DRUGS. I posit that anyone on the rolls of more than four lodges gets on the government watch list as a usual suspect and is Rokkr’d into being hit by the equipment of the GORE sorcery league. Mea culpa!
Five years earlier or five years later and I would not be such a WASHED-UP ROKKR IDIOT, just on drugs with the usual complement of venereal disease thanks to the mandatory sex cult approach in the GOVERNMENT high people SORCERY LEAGUE, I think, as well as bound with no way out and everything just mean. We hear the medieval pagan Celts ended up like this: lush, elegant, and hopeless. THAT’S WHAT WE SAW hacking off their limbs it was a problem. 
Ten years later and the lodges would have had enough ATR penetration as a HIGHER!!! parallel course of MUSIC and I would have heard enough to know how to do things. Some of my co-religionists prefer the ATR work and keep their position in Hermetics as something to dip into as needed. Some have disavowed the stuff entirely. Others do both straight up. While there are those who feel that this new magick is not as fine as Enochian magick. It is a rubric that one should choose and not be insisted on cock fight, and 
many Rosicrucians maintain the ATR work — dipping a toe in — as a necessary evil in the pursuit of our work.
SAME AS THE GOETIA, a 19th-century fairy magick that never quite works but, once bound, never COWS.
THE newfangled GOVERNMENT SORCERY LEAGUE was warned, You cannot be entirely corrupt. The demon workers will never stand for it. 
Fairies, I think. 

American government is more theatre than we like to admit, and while I do not hold with the conspiracy theorists exactly, the mirror government does many things, and HEAL ME 
Let’s meet our Amish friend, FROWN. Germanic fairy magick is lock and key with their POW POW witchcraft so I always pick them up in my evocations. FROWN is a German-speaking state consultant in something and a DERIDED dedicated ATR government sorcerer who usually trends like this:
I would imagine that every blip in the energy world of GREEK comes across FROWN’s desk at some point. Come here, little whippet. We will discuss the entire tangle of the Nazi situation in CLINTON worlds as the election lurches to its equivocal conclusion. 

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