RASHI: Cain, the Werewolf

Here is today’s TORAH portion shout to to Chabad HEREINAFTER CALLED JEW-DO for giving us this for free! —

How’s that Hebrew class going, WHIPPET? Fine. There. Free.

— and what I think of it. JEWISH IS HOW THIS LIKES TO BE.

Genesis 4:23: And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.

And here is Rashi’s commentary, from which we will riff a bit and see what happens when the 10th century meets THE GAME.

For his wives separated from being intimate with him because he had slain Cain and Tubal-cain, his (Lemech’s) son. [The story was] that Lemech was blind, and Tubal-cain was leading him. He spotted Cain, who appeared to him as an animal, and he told his father to draw the bow, and he killed him. As soon as he learned that it was his grandfather Cain, he clapped his hands together [in anguish] and clapped his son between them and killed him. So his wives separated from him, and he attempted to appease them.

Let’s check in with our HOMEBOY TORAH COMMENTATORS coming at you from CROWN HILL:

– Is this not absolute rubbish? I am never reading the Torah again.

– You said that last year.

– I say it every year, and every year here I am again.

Here the dragon SHAX weighs in: Much rabbinical commentary is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

– Thanks a lot.

– I’ll take a bowl of milk, please.

– I am betting that animal he turned into was a COW.

– Look at this guy. Two wives and no nookie. What a schmuck!

At this point the serving lady, who is, of course, a witch, brings in another round.

– Hey Rivkeh, what do you think of this Lemech fellow who loses the love of both his wives on a single night?

– Clearly it is a revolving multi-part spell involving an incantation to kill a werewolf; the eradication of some KRAMPUS ancestors; the destruction of a spirit of magick; an enforcement of the Duke’s ban on hunting; and the activation of one aspect of circumcision magick in a daring strike of inverted LUST upon a murderer.

– You would be a WEALTH of the unwritten Torah if you were a man.

– Ah come on, have another beer.

Now, first. What is going on here?

A man committed a murder and is bragging about it.

Taking the opinion that everything that was done in the Torah needs to be done again right now, let us examine what the SYSTEM is having in store for anyone in copycat disposition.

Why would they have to make magical threats instead of going to the local police?

At this point, the year 1000, the Jewish world was an ethnic and cultural and religious minority that was much reviled in medieval Christendom. The Jews had come into France, at least, along with the Roman occupation, and as the regime changed to the Christian, they had to figure out how to POWER.

The classic conundrum for the underdog.

In our day, we would take the matter to the local police and have the murderer put in jail, and a trial, then a prison sentence, etc. That is assuming that the judicial system is not entirely corrupt and in favor the normal people who are not the KILLERS OF CHRIST.

But that is not the case. There are no judges, no courts, that would be reasonable for Jewish people, so they have to solve the problem themselves while doing it under the wire. Here is where we are involved in signaling behavior.

This was a spiritual era, and everything was processed simultaneously spiritually and in a secular fashion, which is why we have MAGICK, points out GENGHIS KHAN, a great favorite of both.

Magick can influence the secular world and vice versa, so here we are with the local Quorum having to figure out what to do about the bad guys in their midst.

In spiritual matters, they couldn’t go to the big people, the Church, so they went to the LOW power. On the female side we have the prostitute witches like the departed ones who taught me in Manhattan, an era that I loved and hope to revisit in reasonable fashion.

If you want to cover all your bases, the witches are an imperative, and as we see from the example of Marie Lavoe who was a notorious madame, you get what you need. THERE WERE ALSO DRUGS WITH HER, AND WE THINK THAT IS ALL IT WAS. It probably wasn’t.

The next blog post will honor these great workers as we REGALE YOU WITH TALES? more like a discussion of Icelandic mythology which is some of the wisest stuff imaginable.

But back to CROWN HEIGHTS, now what is going on here? Rashi and the other Jewish authorities have arranged a magick that will enable them to enact JUSTICE in a situation where there is none.

MURDER. If you murder someone, your sex life will fall apart, as we see from this asshole who never got laid again, despite having two wives.


I have before posited the idea that the circumcision magick of the Bris was also a means whereby the community could surveil and control the sex lives of its members in the rubric — and it is a very ancient magick echoed in the story of ISIS — so there would have been much power work on this, for Venus and Mars are always enlaced.

Two wives may be allowed, but it also may be a bad idea. How do you support two women and twenty children? Perhaps crime.

Then there is the little matter of Cain turning into an animal and getting killed. We are obviously in the territory of SHAPE SHIFTERS, witches who could turn into animals and do considerable damage CHANGE IN CONFORMANCE WITH WILL. So here we have this part of the sacred text where we read this stuff and have the shape shifters taken apart in the normal course of our annual reading of THE SPELL.

Here it says merely “an animal,” but, in the scheme of things, why is Cain turning himself into an animal? It seems to intimate here that Cain is dead and is therefore a spirit who can assume whatever form he sees fit.

Now what kind of animal is Cain going to turn himself into?

This was the year 1000 when many such situations were no doubt still available, and folklore is rife with the etiquette of how to handle one’s life as an animal and an animal’s life as a human, both before and after death, and in other energy states, and how such METAMORPHOSES might have affected those around us. It is irresponsible to go around changing forms with animals if you do not know the outcome and accept the consequences, usually a demon child or something. The animals always seem to get the nookie in. Why not — it’s fun!

These things would have been well-known to even a “five-year-old child,” as Chabad advertises, and this commentary is probably the tip of the iceberg, but I am going to go with the one animal whose shape remains very powerful in our culture, and that is the wolf.

Werewolves is what we are calling in remarks that IMMORTAL CLAN called Hollywood.

Now why would a wolf be so useful in the situation of a murder that we are willing to risk members of our community becoming fey in a wolf-type way?


Now we know that most of the actual shamanic interaction with human religion involves the avian world, and for those of you able to psychically IMPINGE ON OWLS, that thought world is the one most resembling human capacity while also being fey.

What did wolves do relative to humans?

They eat the bodies of humans, probably mostly in the grave, but also the humans who are unfortunate.

Humans who do a lot of magick have supercharged bodies, and there are fairy qualities of the body, as we know, those of us who have dealt with death. I had to plan my father’s funeral four times because the arrangements kept strangely falling apart. It wasn’t until the undertaker who personally knew him got involved and was loving and respectful of him that he consented to be buried — even from death.


A very important god in Graeco-Egyptian magick is Anubis, a special sponsor of this blog owing to the discreet nature of COWS.

Not only that, dogs are very good with humans in life and often heal with them in death.

Let us consider the shamanic nature of the god form of ODIN. He is associated with two ravens, an eagle, a snake, two wolves, and an eight-legged horse, in addition to having a hall in the afterlife. Thus this god is a point of correlation between the avians, the reptiles, the canids, and horses, as well as being the top of all and therefore noticeable for many more centuries than the others.

Work with Odin would enable the human sorcerer to turn to his contacts in the avian world which would work through Odin to contact the canid world and from thence the realm of the dead.

Hoodoo has several spells for discovering the identify of a murderer, and this would have been of paramount importance, but also for dealing with the dead in the rich and fine way of the old witches.

Magick doesn’t always go right.

There are many worlds that the dead can be of, not just the expected organized religion, and sometimes they do choose different paths, like the fey-Rokkr.

Now the Jews would have left behind their land daimon magick in the Near East when they came to Europe. It is one thing to have a great society religion with G-d, family, and all kinds of very elegant regular things. We like this.

It is another thing when you have to get down and dirty with power work and you don’t want to run it through the regular circuits, because they involve, among other things, women — LADY HEARTED — who can’t in the end bear to be hard. HA HA HA. And why not get the job done?

So it is clear from the structure of extant spells that the Jewish world often resorted to the regular type of witchcraft of the area and era and vice versa. In my family history, that would have been Tex-Mex brujeria but also, clearly, Solomonic magick. In Europe, there were the usual suspects out in the campo who would have worked with the local equivalent of HARD GUYS like Odin. THAT IS WHY WE ARE CALLING IN. Today it is ATR if you want to get things done for reals. Solomonic magick is a relic that is mostly of the Rosicrucians and doesn’t work in quite as nice a way though it does have some ANCIENT COWS.

Unpredictable outcomes.

Thus it was that the nuts and bolts of Norse shamanism, among other things, came to be worked into the actual spiritual work of Judaism and WHY WE SCRY.

Dion Fortune relates that when she was in occult training, one night she was ruminating on a person who had wronged her. A wolf form extruded from her solar plexus and went out into the world. She says that in the next couple of weeks, some very reasonable opportunities for vengeance presented themselves which she did not engage. But they were there.

I am speculating that in the European peoples at least, shapeshifting into the wolf form went on and that this form perhaps still presents itself in the deep worlds at opportune occasions, as in this snippet from Rashi which perhaps, among other things, points to some of the deeper fairy magicks of Judaism.

As I was preparing this post, some fairy energies warned me of it. There are many tricks in these old works that I cannot begin to trace out or comprehend. I had a moment of sheer fright and almost stepped away from it, but gathered my courage and went on with the post.

I am no authority on this. I have only read the Bible cover-to-cover once, the Chumash twice. And I certainly do not know the Rabbinical commentary.

But could it be that we are presented with this information as an apotropaic measure?

I recall a Mormon relative scolding someone in our flock for leaving the Church. It’s not that the Mormon Church is historically accurate as to its origins. It is NOT the one true Church on the face of the earth, as it claims.

But nothing ever goes right when someone from an old Mormon family tries to leave. It is better to soldier on and do what you need to do, in private.

There are wolves inside of us, and they guard many things.

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