Always the Men


At a certain point, I kept seeing a middle-aged Jewish woman’s spirit following me through the subway tunnels in New York. I would take off my practical corporate work shoes and find that she had been walking in them.

She used to be called THE BOURGEOISE, but she was scrubbed from the blog by LEYA when I first got to Seattle.

You are a kook and this stuff doesn’t work.

She returned this last time after I reorganized the Norse work as scholarship and Rosicrucian elemental spirits instead of playwriting. Problems on all sides, I think.

The Lesser Key of Solomon is usually a world of AIR and doesn’t track on the body work of theatre, though it does like fiction, especially fiction that is written for astral magick. HARRY POTTER.

BAEL said that she is a past life of mine. Early nineteenth century German. Educated and knowledgeable about the Torah and Kabbalah and a worker.

The pet pantheon of the Nazis must seem like a counter-intuitive choice when it came in with the demon of the scapegoat. DIAMONDS says that I was instructed to find a way to bring her in. She was kind of lost in all those limestone Mayan passageways.


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