Some COW Troubles

THE GOLDEN CALF as I suspect it could have also looked.

So here we are in supposedly 1310 B.C.E. calling in from the Sinai Desert and Moses is nowhere to be found. He has been gone for some time and the entire energy world of his vision for this daring escape and transformation — with all of the miracles his magic achieved — taking them out of a drudging and often abusive life of slavery into a more drudging one of worrisome middle-class self-determination, all this has receded, and now we are just a bunch of FOOLS stuck in the hinterlands without a paycheck. Oh for the Fleshpots of Egypt! and we know just the bell to ring.


Modern archaeology considers the golden calf to be probably mostly a Canaanite rain deity like — ouch! Baal! — yet every COW image of magic pings on every other COW image, layer upon layer of world accreted to the messages.

Exodus 32 records that once enough people had given up, they brought Aaron their golden earrings, the ones gifted to them by the Egyptians on their way out of SATANVILLE, had a god image constructed, and a giant feast with lots of DIRTY DANCING.

It is a slippery slope called GAME.

Exodus 12:35-36 describes it thus: And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: And the Lord gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians.

I am not going to involve myself with the scholarship that this passage so richly deserves or to check in on Rabbinical commentary. That can be gotten around to later.

I am going to treat this passage like a western art magician and just RIFF on what could have also been going on with the magic that we can do.

What was the final magic that caused the release of the slaves from Egypt? It was the Passover, wherein Ha-Shem “[smote] all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I [did] execute judgment: I am the Lord.” And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt” (Exodus 12:12-13).

For some reason, this massacre was conceptualized as the firstborn CHILDREN of both humans and animals–even into adulthood!–and not as the smiting of 1/6 to 1/5 of all animal life. Thus it was a strike upon babies, which would have been a great way to pick a fight with a MOTHER DEITY. Moses was executing masculine authority over the divine image of the powers of Nature.

An examination the development of worship in the ancient Near East type world — the culture that the West is a part of — reveals it starts with the veneration of the divine Mother, who is the rubric of the fertility of farming with the worshippers considered her sons and lovers. Once humanity had reliable command of the mechanisms of fertility in plants and animals, they naturally focused on the management of a large society including the many social classes afforded by agriculture, and that was the next phase in the form of the FATHER DEITY. This is where we are with Moses, the move from maternal divine image to paternal divine image, and Moses thumbs his nose at ISIS, with a strike that is called DEAD CHILDREN, and is thus displaying his masculine authority. The next religion, of course, focused on the SON, and the following one has a divine image that is not anthropomorphized, and so we have to move on. To where, I don’t know. I think a giant pack of LOVERS.

As usual with He-Men, we have this risk-taking of the whole business of those damnable earrings. The Egyptians were nothing if not elegant, and to have to hand over their precious ornaments to these low and dirty slaves no doubt came at the cost of a curse.

Now it was ready money for the journey. Make no doubt about it.

And Moses probably had an accounting of all the items and who had them, where they came from, and what was going on, and while it was FUN FUN FUN to have all those pretty jewels, in the end the magnetic link to the old country no doubt weighed on this great adept’s energy work, both for good and bad. Low people cannot hang on to good fortune. It is part of the energy work of post-agricultural poverty to shoot oneself in the foot.

Magicians get backed if they are really fine, and where do we have so much of Egypt except in this magic manual THE TORAH? It is the foundation of the entire faith structure of the West, underlying both Christianity and Islam, and it is the means whereby Egypt itself speaks yet from the underworld.

It is very hard to live in penury without a tiny bit of luxury. When I was at my most poor, it was always the finest coffee. I know myself. When I try to go too far down to the bone, I crack up and cause problems. So let’s have the earrings, please. That was Moses’s common sense.

But he must have known that the magnetic link between the original owners and the poor at heart of these former slaves would have been worked, and quite extensively. THUS IT IS WITH GIFTS, and Moses knew it, and probably would have been quite aware of what was going on by the communication rubric called etheric charge of metals.

Thus Jake Stratton-Kent’s WILY triumph of all things Geosophia starts early on about the guild of metallurgy in the ancient Near East. Somewhere I read this. Hmmm. I no longer own these books — they were lost in the big explosion called NOBODY WORKS THIS PHYSICALLY OUCH — and I have accepted that this rubric requires me to work in the magic that I already have, which is the one most worked — Crowley/Mathers Lesser Key and the hoodoo of the Lucky Mojo, expertly WEALTHED by women — for it is not fine with the spirits to set oneself up in rubric and not stay put — THE STORE IS INVOLVED.

Here we will invade with GENGHIS KHAN, whose magic manual has the ouch instruction that we need. I quote Circles of Power by John Michael Greer: “Older books of magic tend to go on at great length about the proper material to use for a talisman of a given type. In many of these texts, the seven planetary metals form the basic stock in trade of the talismans–quicksilver, the metal of Mercury, was generally replaced by brass for obvious reasons–and were often supplemented by a range of animal products of the mole’s blood variety. The resulting farrago is at least as complex and messy as the instructions for making working tools, and in many cases prohibitively expensive as well; . . . . The etheric capacity of paper can also be increased substantially by a method taken from central European magical traditions, which have paid a great deal more attention to etheric workings than the Golden Dawn tradition ever did. A fluid condenser is a liquid that can hold etheric charges with a high degree of efficiency. If several coats of fluid condenser are painted onto a piece of paper, the paper can then be used as a talisman with nearly the same etheric storage capacity as pure metal.”

Now let’s examine what Moses did to the children of Israel when he came down off the mountain: Exodus 32:19-20 “And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses’ anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount. And he took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel to drink of it.”

So instead of making a talisman from a piece of paper, he made a talisman of an entire group of family members, thus linking their etheric bodies to his own, to the land, and to the magical system that he was constructing. Thus we see that in the trick of the Golden Calf, which Moses probably intended the whole time, he got to have his cake and eat it, too. He worked with his new religion in overt and obvious ways, and the old work of Egypt in the gold dust of the Calf, a speck of which we can expect resides in the body of every Jew. WHY THE NEMYSS? Let us consider what his temple appurtenances were like. Exodus 37 contains a description of a box of gold, surrounded by a box of wood, with another box of gold, with rings of gold through which the poles suspended the box — look the other way! lightning coming at you! — and the two angel images whose gold wings faced each other close enough for a charge of static electricity to flow between the two. Thus the static electricity generated by the two poles carrying the Ark would have been transmitted to the entire assemblage as a super-magnetized container, what in modern parlance would be called a capacitor.

Moses would have known that careful measures would have to be in place to enable any operator to ground this item before touching it, or the entire charge of electricity would enter the body of the person touching it, and, conveniently, a fellow named Uzzah — now famous forever! — accidentally sought to “steady the Ark” and was supposedly killed by Ha-Shem for impiety when he was probably an innocent victim of a STAGE TRICK known to anyone educated in the high places of Egypt. We have a lot of theology damning this poor fellow, but the fact remains that electromagnetism was used in this instance for magical purposes and is no doubt part of the entire magic of this book, The Book of Books, the book that won’t go away or be less “over-advertised,” in the words of Joseph Campbell. There was a great deal of magicianship in the setting up of this religion, courtesy of Egypt, which sends out tracers in it ever.

Now coming at you from NORTHRLAND, what epic evidence does SHAMANIC SEATTLE have to add to this farrago? The word “electron” comes from the Greek word for amber, a stone that can be rubbed with a piece of wool to give off a spark of static electricity, useful when starting a fire. That is most of what electricity was ever used for until the modern era. This stone is attributed to the Norse goddess FREYJA whose sacred animal is the cat, who sits ever near the family hearth and can thus assist in the starting of fires and the general energy work of the women in the home and their magic.

It would have been counter-productive to genuflect to FARADAY’S EXPERIMENT in 1831, but today’s BOYFRIENDS OF STEM are seemingly returning to the ARK, the amber, and the entire business of enchanting electromagnetism.

Much theology has been written about Moses’s requirement of staying behind while the rest of Israel crossed the River Jordan to the Promised Land. I will leave the Men of the Cloth their thoughts, because they are part of the magic and that should be WILY. However, from the standpoint of western art magic, let us revisit Moses in terms of the magical physics, part simple laws of nature and part by the rubric’s energy-value-command structure already in place in the ancient Near East; part by active telepathic communication between humans, species of plants and animals, powers living and dead, spirits of magic who are born, evolve, and can die in work of magic; and partly by the making of ART millennia ago looping probably backwards and forwards into the making of magic ART today.

No doubt Moses would have been eyeing all of that gold and silver carried away by the people not just for the community savings account but for the magical potential. Perhaps when he telepathically perceived or received magical messages concerning the doubts of the people concerning his absence; the intentions to set up a conventional type of worship situation; and the construction of the statuette of the calf — which would have taken some time and involved a significant amount of the collection of beeswax, wood for very hot fires, the baking of a clay kiln, and the final step, the lost wax construction of a statue, he would have said to himself, OH DEAR. I WAS GOING TO BE A NICE GUY AND NOW I AM NOT.

Down he comes from the mountain just in time to KABOOM the entire idea that people should know what is going on in the magic in a purely and wonderfully old shamanic way and have a great deal of magical creativity. This is how the Paleolithic world was, and even here in Western Washington until the early years of this century, and no doubt in many ways, still remains, where each family group had its own customs and rubric. COMING AT YOU FROM VOODOO.

A giant system that requires an Army to defend itself in farming wealth was now the thing, even if the Kavvalah could be taught as something else when it might also be FOUNDED in the Egyptian and ancient Near Eastern magical practice of the shamanization of five energy types, beings, and levels. I notice the body of Adam Kadmon also has five energy types, beings, and levels up the central Pillar of Mildness. Who knows? As I look at the statements concerning extant tree shamanism, everything is tendrilled TRILLED within a culture and recreated at your leisure, STRONG MAN.

At the very least, binding himself into a giant metallic magical working by putting tiny grains of gold into every one of his followers meant that Moses was grounded in a bunch of slaves and could not achieve the empyreal heights of his aristocratic elegance for a long time. Those in the contemporary vision magic are speculated to avoid serious entanglements with persons of lower sociocultural status because the magic is a working of STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION including much knowledge and work and grows silly when separated from I’D RATHER BE GOVERNED BY THE FIRST TWO HUNDRED NAMES IN THE BOSTON TELEPHONE DIRECTORY THAN THE FACULTY OF HARVARD, OWLS. But back to the Bible and normal religious practice which doesn’t exist in today’s rubric! Such a metallic operation would also have bound Moses into the land itself of that area, and thus perhaps was part of the reason He could not cross the river Jordan into the Promised Land, but died on Mount Nebo in sight of the land where his people would be. No doubt many of them snuck back to commune with the POWER. Certain land magics reputedly cannot cross large bodies of moving water, especially when they constitute serious human boundaries, as any sensitive will attest. There is a decided energy shift when we go into another state, much less another country.

Here we have a STRAWING of clues for how today’s giant rubric is going to be disseminated among the slave class, that is to say, cheap psychedelic drugs; stupid but entrancing popular media; universal sex acts; an extant power magic of death portaling going back to Africa itself where all Judaism WESTERN RELIGION originated; and the electric grid of contemporary civilization, which is large enough to power you with an electric lamp and you don’t need to consume the Angel dimensions of women and children if you will learn physics. OWLS. I personally have had many electric device problems and hope to publicize my experiments in means of reconnecting vision magic up and down the social class, not just RUBE WORLD-ing against the money tribe who are trying to help me.


Now for some CHISME.

FOLLOW/UP: There is some kerfuffle over how my old one, DIAMONDS, could have been female and taught the rubric in the early 19th century. Often the BOYFRIENDS entered female incarnation in order to power, and in such a case, the elders would have been instructed to teach this particular girl the Torah and the Kavvalah so that he could maintain his line. JEW-DO calling in to remind the WHIPPET that a female Jew with no children is a male soul. CRAP OUT IN AIDS if you like, WHIPPET, but you still have to get your work done. FOUND!

This line of German Jewish magicians to which I belong discovered that after several incarnations working in a magical line they would become unable to get past the thought processes of their previous lives and, given the extremity of endogamous marriage in the faith, would have accrued a significant amount of genetic illness and other unfortunate predispositions. Entering a female life would have enabled them to work different magic that would repair many outages and cause much healing to the entire cult. Such a girl would have been known as an old Kavvalist and would have been given a very fine education in the Torah and magical studies; all of the gizmos of the contemporary upper middle class like lessons on the pianoforte, embroidery, modern languages, whatever the best education money could afford; a sizable dowry coming from the family for a brilliant marriage, children, and the routine of the household that is so soothing to men; the right helpers and assistance would be afforded. Such a woman would be a worker and do much for her tribe and cult. She would not have a long life because she could not hold a different-gendered body together very well, and perhaps a propensity for substance abuse because of the driving down of the females in Judaism. Upon death, she would melt into the ethnicity quite a bit and work in the animal magic because she was the odd man out in a line of very strong male power workers. Future incarnations would be healed and BUNDed by her.

There are several workers in this project of WHIPPET healed in Western Washington with the BEAUTY of the Jews and many Masons, along with the strike force of the Anglos as well, but of particular note is an old one who wants to be called RUBE WORLD, the past life of one of my old BOYFRIENDS, another one of these Holocaust Jews who hitched a ride to America on the souls of the broken soldiers. I know a couple of these fake goyim — it always circuits into Judaism somehow — and they are always great MEN OF THE WORLD, always queer, and they always save me. RW was an ethereal man in Germany. He was good at math and said, “The Nazis cannot afford this war, so it will not happen. PAUSE. So it must happen.” He knew he was unable to hold his soul together at that point without the entire structure of Germany, even if it meant enduring what was to come, so he sent his family on ahead to New York, and stayed for the Holocaust, dying in the camps. His family had too little genetic diversity and his health problems were not only significant in and of themselves, but they seldom reached fifty without the cancers and other serious ailments that plague our nation, so he knew he would not live long enough to merit the trip to America for what it would cost his energy. He chose to stay in humanity but not to reincarnate into Ashkenazi Judaism directly again or he would transmit these problems, as well as an insanity of being unable to think. A CLASS ACT. Too much of this heavy-duty magic binds a soul to humanity forever. He needs to be in flesh or he is crap. So the usual sources point to about three beings in incarnation at the moment, pointing especially to the Yemenite Jewish world whose land entering is being bombed and everything is askew; as well as secular German life in the upper middle class; and, for my work, a Crypto-Jew — MARRANA IS WHAT WE CALL IT — writer, theatre artist, and now visual artist as well, also souled in Amerindian. Now the female Cabalist DIAMONDS sent out a message for a new life that was picked up by my family, old workers who assured him/her that the practice of Judaism was in effect, that the physical body would be of extreme caliber albeit female, the child of a very fine mother who could be expected to be a nice and studious girl and very religious. In general, when making a large jump, it is often easier to work across the gender. The Cabala opened a can of worms in that these many lives, conjoined in many ways, became part of a larger energy field that often conflicted, but is now more healed with the Cabala ARKED in Jewish spiritual practice and the dead worked in Solomonic magic. Many keep calling on me to bring in the real money if I am such a super-powered old-souled Jew, but THE WORK has all these souls to afford and why not have the extraordinary luxury of the American lower-middle-class, as WHIPPET has always noticed. The entire interface is evolving and it is to be home that I cannot ever do, SO WHIPPET IS NOT PLAIN (these old souls often work in the Amish world, and I have many inklings of those workers). On the other side of the family was the magical Mason whose entire world is now seen and will surely be written into regular art, or this whole thing is so tedious. WHIPPET, it is the entire family.

RUBE WORLD maintains that he was trained in not just the normal rubric of Judaism, but also in the Greek and Latin classics; history; math and science; and that his circle made a thorough evaluation of the Germanic nationalist paganism and its Nazi variant morphing into the Indo-European work of Hinduism, many staying to pay the piper for all that magic. I have seen my great-grandfather in Jain togs more than anything. KAHLESS IS HOW THIS GOES. (Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not cool but okay.) The Hindu god images have operative agendas in New World Sorcery that counter my work. THUS WE COWL. So it was not surprising that his work would resonate with my training in the classics: at 18-20 I would study Latin and at 21 I would study an ancient Germanic language for a year; find “my” Judaism of Hermetic Cabala at First Saturn Return; pursue ceremonial magic instead of ATR; study a Mesoamerican language like the finest of my peers in Latinidad; and eventually return to the Germanic work in the dark arts. NAZI (HUNTER?) lost in the wrong neighborhood, we see?

I have made a cursory reading of the Gylfaginning, and can find no sign of WHITE SUPREMACY. Looks like a giant pile of OTTERS to me.

When I was five, I almost drowned on Mount Shasta. DIAMONDS was too far out of his geographical power, not in a regular Jewish life, unable to heal, and the dark arts in the energy were substantial now that pesky ole Church was not a requirement. The Amerindian powers came in and said, You cannot do this without us. GRANDFATHER saw me and pulled me out the lake. That was a gruff old FOUND but we were the best of friends after that.

We have checked in on THE GREEK MASTERS and have revealed that, in life, they were, of course, often draft animals. All animals have a certain amount of psychic energy work to do for their own lives, and sometimes they can BLATHER ON in human magic, if provided for. Mares will not work human magic during gestation and lactation — nobody cares! — though they are very fine otherwise. Stallions are not into it and often command the mares, as we see from the whole business of THE CONSTRUCTION OF VALHALLA. It is the geldings who do the most workmanlike and seamless perfection of magic imaginable, hence Odin’s honoring them in taking the name Jalkr. They are associated with THE DEMONS, and they are capable of DRUIDRY ordinary human cognition — who can tell them apart from the normal people when working stacked? — but they do need respite from the most stupid thought processes in the form of the wizards doing a great deal of work in the body. They go AROUND AND AROUND IN A CIRCLE, and often the great workers have to keep their day jobs just to keep everything WHIPPETED.

If you want this energy world, you have to physicalize a great deal of your work, even in ordinary life, hence the preference for the working class which we RUBE WORLD under guidance from the Amish. THE BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA inks its deal in scribes as well. THEY WERE ALSO PLANTS AND CANNOT BE OF HUBRIS. Much of the work is done by accomplished ghosts who are supported and assisted by these animal and plant magicians. Avian is most of everything always — it is a very great curse to say so in the new work — whereas long distance communication can be wielded in insect magic. I understand why I was not taught in my youth by the magical Masons — RUBE WORLD was — but now the old workers of the magical Masons are so far from the earth that it more frequently happens with females, though I will hope that I can inspire males to work in their normal magic again — they still do in the OWLS. It is not useful to the rubric for me to go into the contemporary drug/sex/ATR vision magic because I would lose this chance to pull into the old soul where the vision magic is not lost. It is twenty years on in my social class and we are finding that as the EMPIRE seeks to expand, it can also be increasingly clumsy and should get found out and changed. Many good things are done in the new sorcery for the people who are worked off of, if the wizard is working hard at it with extensive studies in the building of the mental plane situation(s), meditation, a careful selection of the targets, honorable sexual activity, the proper pursuit of entheogen work, and a caring charitable magic to balance the use of the energy.

I will discuss the throat chakra and it’s HEARING versus the third eye and its DREAMS in a future blog post, but this is how GENGHIS KHAN trains the ceremonial magicians. YEAH YEAH YEAH it is low.

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