The Magician

May that which we have partaken maintain us in our search for the Quintessence, The Stone of the Philosophers: true wisdom, perfect happiness, the summum bonum.

The classic tarot key of THE MAGICIAN or Le Bateleur shows a mountebank or stage magician standing over the table with his GAME. In the Renaissance this was in fact a form of common entertainment, and by the way of human consciousness to make magic upon anything that people pay attention to, began to accrete layer upon layer of synchronicity, thus evolving into a form of divination that played upon the effusive enjoyment, attention, concentration, risk and exhilaration of gaming.

No doubt people sat at the card table intently focused on WHAT CARD IS COMING NEXT? especially when money was involved, and the not infrequent occurrence of death relative to THE GAME no doubt infused the cards with a sortilege of necromancy. Perhaps the intention of WHAT CARD transferred to WHAT EVENT, and the cards gradually became magically infused, especially in a culture that used witchcraft on everything.

Humans are communal animals, and the work of normal communal spirituality is no doubt a part of the afterlife of anyone who wants to exist after death. This is joyous and wonderful, especially when we have spent our lives in group worship. However, group worship taken too far does become a machine of power that serves the interests of the heavy hitters and often dishonorably. Thus the entire business of entraining people to a rubric of monotonous and deceitful corporate religious practice is probably perceived as distasteful at best, and often intolerable for its tedium, and the dead often gravitate to what they loved, as do the BIRDS. There is a requirement of sticking around for a long time in an afterlife that can bestow chthonic stability. Thus we are home with the family and the familiar routines of ploughing the fields and churning the butter and bringing in the souls of the new life that are such joy to the ancestors. In life there was entertainment, so we SNOOKUM down to the speakeasy with all of its delights. When in life we do magic as well as church, we can have the worlds that magic holds, and one of them is the world of GAMING. Gradually the cards themselves no doubt began to accrete the magic of consciousness with the help of our very souls and the souls of the land spirits around them. This is how magic is.

Now the tarot has moved completely into magic. No one plays it as a game at this point. Perhaps this is the way today’s television astral games will go, even my beloved Star Trek TNG, which is too overt for THE GAME of today.

Much history of playing card magic is related in Professor Charles Porterfield’s book A Deck of Spells

I have done a spell based on this magic; it came in very hard and worked in the way of the Solomonic spirits, and that is, we do stuff and it’s nice but you can’t contain what happens. It is a hard magic in my work, and it needed to be to fix that particular situation, which I knew intuitively was not going to be fine in Solomon. I was working 50 hours a week at honest labor and headed for laying in a ditch, and that is how things FUND. Like the success-oriented operative work of our era, these spirits bear African-American visage. I have not yet meditated my way entirely through this system but am working on it, while working on lots of other things. Everything likes to be worked on.

Professor Porterfield is an Orthodox Jew, works it Jewish, and he is also a great artist. His work is very beautiful, and it comes in for the Jews like practicing SHOUT!

However, the work is not just Jewish, it is a FIREBRAND of Texas, where I grew up, of course, and I notice it for those trending toward the world of Solomonic magic as a world of hoodoo.

King BELETH LUST in his contemporary visage.

When I first evoked King Beleth, I asked him what his godform or tradition was so that I could study it. He said, The King of Hearts. Thus he was an operative of the ordinary deck of cards and part of the magic that my ancestors have very clearly indicated that they themselves played. KAHLESS COMES TO MIND. Now here is a nice picture of Beleth as he appears in 19th century New York, circa 1880, the Bowery district. We have a lot of fun here.

At the shore.

Let us consider the business of gentrification, a human parallel in the development of place-bound civilization. What happens in gentrification is that an old, neglected, yet very fine neighborhood is discovered and refurbished by smart people. The first wave is always the male homosexuals, followed by the artists, followed by the upper middle class. Then everyone is on board. The underclass who inhabited the neighborhood do not move out at a rate that is in excess of their normal moving rate. In fact, they benefit from the better schools, better infrastructure, better grocery stores and various types of services newly available. There they are, drinking fancy coffee with the rest of the neighborhood, and generally staying in school, not joining gangs, and not getting pregnant. There is a critical mass of professional folks in a run-down area that can keep the entire system functioning, and I have often lived in these areas and have never had any problems. There I am, walking to the bus stop to get to my job, and all the people who work are walking by and silently nodding. So I imagine the outsiders coming into our magical neighborhood can really heal, but the whole thing needs to involve the creativity of insider-outsiders and not just SPLAT all over the SHOUT.

Here we are calling in THE BAHIR HA HA HA the Hermetic Cabala OWLS to say that the entire rubric of the fey has changed with the changing of technology. Let us examine the principal shamanic statement of Christianity, which is THE MANGER SCENE. Here we were moving from the old rubric of SATANISM shamanic practice of totem animals for each tribe and the ambiant wild avian world preeminent into perhaps a situation of the usual domestic animals who were working magically for the interests of the family that they lived with and not the EMPIRE.

We speculate that ambient wild avian world is a different magic. FOUND. It is also now in power.

BAEL’S world of cats is therefore not that welcome. I am not going to pretend that BAEL’s contemporary energy work is the same thing that the old European witches could do with cats — even if that is why we HEAR and not see — but there is a definite participation when cats are around. Nor will I pretend that the avian world is not very involved with my magic and always was.

The entire thing is an energy structure too and not just animals. YOUR RUBE WORLD IS KRAMPUS.

Human culture has changed. People used to rely absolutely on their farm animals, and in particular, much of the lattice of all of the masculine magic was done in the horsemanship of the rider, the buggy, the plough, with the steam engine taking it down followed by the automobile. Today’s horses are only really fine with the Old Order Amish who dispute with them yet. Some old lines might enter the animals themselves to heal many bodily ailments including the congenital defects of inadequate genetic variety. I WILL NOT QUESTION WHAT GOES ON IN LANCASTER COUNTY. They are part of the the world of work, and the richness of their lives with the humans was extensive enough for them to enter incarnation as humans, as we see with one of the lives of this line a century and a half ago.

The transformation of the entire rubric of sorcery all at once over twenty years involving a shift away from an extant and very fine shamanism — at least in Seattle — has had its learning curve, and it has been a steep one. The world of work with horses will not be gone forever is what KLINGONS avow, so don’t get above your RUBRIC.

The top-down genius into QUACK QUACK needs to just simmer down.

My father was a political activist. He knew everyone in Houston, and all of the power people knew him. He went to a lot of functions and events, often parties, and he knew how to do it. There is an entire tier of people that you know and are known by. You do know the Congressman, and about twice a year you get an AUDIENCE of about four minutes. He drills you on what is going on. He and his staff know everyone and where they all fit in the entire web of Houston. It is important for him to place you and to track you. It is how he governs. At the same time, he cannot be about the business of you all the time. It would hinder his functionality. But he does need to check in.

It is four minutes twice a year that we should have with the ruling class even in astral capacity, and I am hoping we can all just step away from the portal of antimatter that we are told is MOAR.

I am not convinced that the mandatory gender shift in astral magic is reasonable as the whole business of this dreamscape expands. I have African-American friends CALLING IN who smoke a little pot and complain that they are entrained by this extremely powerful sorcery into a dream world gender shift.

My father worked in the fields as a child, quit school in the eighth grade because he didn’t have any shoes, falsified his birth certificate to join the Army at fourteen, as did two other uncles in teenaged years, one of whom fought in three wars. He went to college on the G.I. Bill and worked as a computer programmer. We lived 45 minutes from his job. He had to get up very early to get to work.

I was a Mormon and got up at 5 a.m. TO PUT ON TEFILLIN to study the scriptures every day. Most days I didn’t even see him before he left.

School lunches cost a dollar. He had three kids. Every day he would leave a dollar for each kid’s lunch on the dinner table.


I don’t want my people laying in a ditch with this parasitic drug magic after all that love.


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