IDES: The Valknut

An old war hero I used to care for CALLING IN in the wee hours of the night with the Norse healing goddess EIR. We three had a little chat about the Valknut, prominently displayed in the Capitol Building recently. He “showed” me one of the meanings. It is also three arrows.

Instruments like these are what Roman battle surgeons used to deal with arrows. You pull them out, leave them in, or cut around them. The Romans used to say, What man has broken, man can fix. Plagues were outside our jurisdiction.

Roman surgical instruments

They continued, It often took more than one arrow to kill a man.

ARCHERS calling in to point out that the Valknut could be a pneumonic device for coordinated archery. The feathers in the arrows might be supplied by the eagles and the ravens who supped on the slain though I am not conversant with fletching (the arrangement of feathers in arrows). Thus your brothers-in-arms could form up and save your bacon from Valhalla.



The Gylfaginning COMPLAINS about Valhalla ODIN:

The Einherjar fight all day until they fall down dead.
Then they rise up and fight again.

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