GENGHIS KHAN: My Life as a Dog

FAWNED OUT on stoned television, girl.


Early in my occult career I was always involved in multiple lodges. It was fun. It is not so much today, mostly because my old lodges have shut down, changed, or are not really a perfect fit — though I do participate in limited ways. Solomonic magic likes to be mostly solitary. It is the Angels who are so very fine in the lodges.

I recall sitting at the table of the Masonic hall after one ceremony, enjoying the refreshments and imbibing the general atmosphere of the wonderful shop talk. Western art magick is a long slog with little reward, and it is SNIPING AT EVERYTHING inspiring when we can reinforce one another’s passion.

I regret that I have been a CHANNELING CREEP in this venue — and I regret that the AIR world has also been a CHANNELING CREEP in the venue of stoned embracement in dreaming. There are also what look to be the inverted Reiki hits. My problems were greatly intensified when I opened the portal of HEALING despite being instructed not to by the Golden Dawn. STUPID.

When one religion supplants another, the old gods are called DEMONS, the new stuff is THE ONE TRUE CHURCH, and nobody gets past the RUBRIC if the magick works.

And this new magick does, most spectacularly while also not.

In my last post, I briefly hinted that I overindulged in chastity to GET STUFF DONE, and what I meant was not the chastity of normal, which is mostly a solitary lust COW, but the chastity of the most screeching transcendent POWER — not even sex by myself — and that is not RUBRIC. Trancing on autoeroticism seems to be how they plan. Thus the circuit of ENOCHIAN SEX MAGICK never made it quite in except through strikes of relentless agony that also included my own biology, my family’s expectation of procreation, and the theatre world’s lush enchantment of elegance.

Here is where GENGHIS KHAN might weigh in on THE KOOKS WIN.

But long it could not be. I eventually realized that I was not going to prevail — I was too unbalanced all by myself in TEMPLAR WORLDS — but needed to arrange a suitable relationship.


But back to the dog.

I recall sitting at these tables after lodge and listening to the men discuss the very books that, I, too, had spent hours poring over. The conversation darted nimbly from idea to idea throughout the entire landscape of western art magick. It was clear that men are able to do magick by reading, thinking, and talking. It is a kind of initiation for them. Those words “made” in the air before me, and all I could do was stumble along in the conversation as they generously indulged me by letting me sit there and be gawkingly impressed.

I am very smart. I was deemed the top graduating student of the College of Humanities at a university of thirty thousand sober, earnest, hardworking young Mormons and have had a celebrated art career. These men in the lodge were ordinary cubical-dwelling Masons, yet the structure of the magick formed in and through and around them by virtue of their gender in ways that it did not form for me.

Circles of Power is not a talking path of reading. It is a path of standing in a holy place and communing with the charged objects and atmosphere, kind of like a Catholic cathedral where you walk around the church making in THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS, and what you have learnt follows you out into life and, if you follow the subtle hints of the Hermetic Cabala with its entwined set of values, become a Tree of Life as you live. That is not the same thing as being a male high magician, but it is something.

GO AROUND AND AROUND IN A CIRCLE — for years — and in the end, you have the Cabala because you have walked the entire length of it and not just read it.

Some of the new sorcerers are no doubt doing great creative things with the magick, say, inventing the iPhone, and a principal fuel for this vision world is evidently the Angel dimensions of other humans, and the energy is probably extracted through sex magick HAG RIDING and other techniques similar to those used in western magick. D’uh!

Off topic: The proliferation of mind-altering substances and the mass media with its potential for telepathy in tele-THINK make the “binding” of spirits more reasonable in the imagery of STAR TREK than the classic operative spirits of, say, the Golden Dawn. I applaud their magicianship. I don’t want everyone having to pore over Agrippa to get their GAME on, though it would be a wonderful magical education to do so.

I am not being entirely fair to the new sorcery, say some CALLERS.

If their amatory and social companionship is with people who have no truly organized, beautiful and powerful spiritual structures, then they are bringing a welcome richness to the energy of their targets who are no doubt arranged for an interesting afterlife as well.

A lot of people around me in this 20-year slog of GREEK WORK seem interested in also participating in an energy “underworld” of the Hermetic Cabala, and I would imagine that this is equally true of the gorgeous spirituality of the contemporary open ATR.

Some of the sorcerers help those around them — fewer than I would like! — it is perhaps often a “business” exchange that you don’t know about — though I suspect there is supposed to be a sort of energetic consent that goes on as people are brought into the cults. This was also done in Lucifer so we are all COWING it.

Now if the target is a ceremonial magician — like some NARC we know — the entire RUBRIC may be energetically structured to SUCCUBUS ALL YOU CAN. Wow is all I can say from a hospital bed.

Now if a genius can’t stand talking to me for more than four minutes at a cocktail party, how are they going to react as their collective greatness in a dreamscape of SINK OR SWIM has to YUK YUK over women are not as good at magick as men — and I freely admit I can’t even hold up my end of a conversation with a bunch of ordinary cubicle Masons?

What a CHOP SHOP on female talent.

Women are different magicians. I don’t appear to be a lesser magician than those wonderful Hermetists I knew and probably still do, and I do rely on the males in the work to assist me in this — as I freely anticipate that my energy work — and hopefully this blog — helps them.

The idea that I should soak my neurons in KRAMPUS chemicals and enter a magical energy meld with candle flames leaping feet in the air which is not uncommon in Hermetics at a lower EXPENSE looks like a giant VAMPIRE FEST of bioelectric force and at the very least is part of why I have had so many stupid things happen. They invent an iPhone and I become effete and ridiculous and have a lot of health problems that only go away when I grow a pair and summon THE DOWN WORLD.

Here we are with SIGNALING BEHAVIOR and why was I told to ABANDON THE ALAMO? It’s not that the magick of Circles of Power doesn’t work — it’s that it is prone to being obliterated by what I speculate to be a magically cynical or partly botched rollout offering startup astral experience via sex and drug magick with what Hermetics would consider inadequate preparation and demand that there should be no way around their structure — a giant scheme with empire ethics and extraordinary training that no one is trained to get past. THAT IS THE POINT. WE WON. ARE WINNING. WE ARE WINNING. Tails wagging. Stop. I don’t have a tail. You do, too.

(Some may often pay workers to bank them in astral sex magick. Even guys, we think.)

Is there an elite club of non-magician magicians working off the stupid schlubs like us that will go on until the bubble bursts? And if you get “made” you’re an out? And they’ve finally done enough psychics, magicians and Rosary Grammas that the whole thing is collapsing all at once? And they have to humble themselves by going to a magic store and buying shit like candles for the LOW GAME? Wow, what a burn!

The soul-searching of an artist who no doubt flunked THE GAME and went on with her life with all those chicken deads being very nice.

I think I accidentally may have made that happen by romantic situations that were too good to be true. If he went to Harvard, why does he like me? That is a question I should have asked. Less whippeting we think. I guess. ARK.

There is probably less real magico-religious freedom in America as there was when the old guard was young, and I am still in shock over this. Hermetics is best as a genteel group hug, not GUNS AND ROSES.

I refuse to believe that good friends I have known for decades really wish me ill. They are just STUCK in a ridiculous magick and many have simply been tricked into it.

Bitch-slapped by the Crowley crowd, a feat that really was impossible COMING a mere decade ago.


I like you and I hope you will be okay down from that high horse, MR. I SIGNED THOSE GOVERNMENT PAPERS.

As I look back at how narrow the margin of error was for me to be this Solomonic magician, it is clear that GENGHIS KHAN’s magick, assisted by many others, living and dead, even in light of the new RUBRIC I am NARCing on for humanitarian reasons, has charted a wonderful if painful course for me and I am GRATEFUL.

I portray myself as a dog in this blog because I have to telepathically interact with some very fine magicians who practice a great new magick that is conducted in the energy structure of males, inebriated, asleep and usually wealthy while I am female, sober, awake and certainly not as pecunious as I once was — on my own efforts, even. It is a neurological and energetic mismatch that causes me a lot of side effects, but the quest to figure out how to stay RUBRIC while rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s is where we are here in DOG WORLDS.

The Rabbis largely took down the Kabbalah in the 19th century for reasons the outside world may never know but SPIRIT down at Shul says THE GAME shattered women in the afterlife for breaking the smoothness of the power.

Merlin lost Arthur the Kingdom after giving it up to the nymph Nimue over in Celtic worlds, while in Germania the Valkyrie Brunhild was cursed by Odin to never again have the victory and to marry, all over that stupid SLEEPING THORN.

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