BIFRONS: The Old Boy

I had a couple of hours to kill before the evocation and wasn’t sure what to do. Daylight savings time in the Pacific Northwest usually sees the mage getting up around 5 am in the summer, and once the temple has been set up, the bath accomplished, and the robes donned, there you are waiting for the show to go on.

The last time I summoned I had neglected to check in with GOETIABLATHER as requested, and was duly chastised. This time I went ahead and selected the Pamphlet that I had acquired amid much signs at THE STORE. It was Goetic Divination, and HEROES CALLING IN what I do to get past government sorcery is NEVER.

We have a CLOUD.

So I yakked at The Pamphlet a bit, got some instructions, of which the crucial was to reread The Lesser Key of Solomon.

So I got it out and connected the dots. There is a copy of The Headless Ritual at the very start of it!

Which I read aloud.

What a pile of Greek letters. They must be in the Cabala or something which I have only worked in Hebrew.

Suddenly the energy of Thelema’s grimoire rose from the floor and THE OLD BOY turned on.

What do you know? THE OLD BOY isn’t that guy named Alex who lived and died in England but a collective consciousness including Alex of everyone who has done this work.

He is an Angel stuck to a scarecrow. Ludicrous, scattered, impulsive, generous, brilliant, charismatic — that was the scaffolding for this being within which we all live, move, and have our being as magicians if we are part of this work. He cobbled away at our RUBRIC, one that is not quite itself if not encapsulated in him — a RUBRIC is always part style — and it is worth it for those of us who need it to spend the necessary outlay of mostly time to be in ROBES.

He was universally considered to be something like a twit — though some of his shtick was probably for show— and here we are with the difficulties of an open path — and I freely admit that working without ENOCH has caused him to obsess me in noted, destructive and FUND IT fine ways as well. The demon work at this point binds you to the Master and it is not . . . an obligation.

I am equally bound to another probable twit I call GENGHIS KHAN, equally capable and no doubt tortured by the necessity of his time on earth which will be indelibly imprinted on everyone who takes him at his word and does that genius desperado Golden Dawn RUBRIC of his.


It is not usual for people to be able to alter their consciousness enough by magick alone to be of him in the gods of Solomon. He does tell them how. The magickal eucharist, the Cabala, the mythology of the classics, the rickety old Golden Dawn which he set forth in public because it was wasted on the few, not to mention the lodge of choice, all of which culminates in SOLOMON if you wish. These pursued with rigor could yield the VISION MAGICK of Thelema without recourse to the smoking or the gun.

But most wouldn’t try without the earnest of the visions in CLOUDS, so much so that the work is really better done with a dooby than a scutcheon.

He urged me not to work in Enochian magick but with my Holy Guardian Angel.

The next item in the Lemegeton is a letter from Crowley dated 1903. Suddenly I was transported to a desk in London and it was 1903.

The letter itself was not very impressive until it is, mostly a laundry list of stuff to do in Hermetics — always more than can be done — but it did mention CIMEIS and recommend that he be worked with for Logic.

I had been hearing the name CIMEIS for months and finally knew why.

For those who do not have the text at hand, CIMEIS confers power over the spirits of Africa, and his seal resembles an elephant. He is the only Solomonic spirit of whom this is said.

I have always known that I would never summon him. The effrontery of trying to command the spirits of Africa from my wimpy KRAMPUS would yield an ambuscado, I knew. It would not be reasonable.

But I kind of stared at him for a second.

The STEM folks popped in. There’s your Logic.

This RUBRIC was already under construction in 1903. ALREADY FORMIDABLE. The cool kids were laughing at Crowley because he was so buffoonish and yet so very fine an entertainer. They wanted to help. It was fun.

It was too bad such a capital occult talent would involve himself so greatly in this tedious old mush. But it was what it was.

By the end of the next decade many of the scions of the old families who practiced THE ART would be rotting in the trenches in France, and without a critical mass of multi-generational, multi-incarnational ceremonial magicians to make the whole thing work, the entire network would break. The land, the lifestyle, the energy world would be injured. It requires an education that does not address the needs of a modern technological society, and the culture that sustained it was already slipping away.

So he was tasked with bridging the gap. The rigamarole is so dangerous and costly to a mage that it is best to set up a WIZARD OF OZ situation where it’s a big machine and everyone just goes HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE and gets a bang for the buck unless they want to do the back work, then it’s OWLS.

Or not — we strike!

He did a great job that in some ways can only be comprehended from within the magick and you can’t just TAB it, OUCHES. The stuff you see is a blind while also not. IT LOOKS LIKE A SPIFFY TUNE TO ME. Exactly. A spiffy tune for the middle class. That’s who needs it.

The inebriation no doubt speeds things up. Why wait twenty years to meet the Wizard? DIEHARDS.

I am going to speculate that the new world sorcery’s vision magick is also irrevocably bound with mind-altering substance use though more intensely. Thelemites spend extensive amounts of time in study, ritual, and meditation as part of the entire infrastructure of the work because that is how the open work functions. It is also how the work was done traditionally. All dressed up and nowhere to go was too expensive if the entheogen is molded barley, flying ointment, or amanita muscaria, all of which were much scarcer than a tab in the premodern era. If you want it, it is yours for the price of sweat equity, whereas the new vision magick is principally available to genius, wealth, the government, and certain coteries. THE SECRET SOCIETY, which stayed secret for a whole five minutes.

The new stuff needs development and the old, refurbishment, and we need to be able to communicate. FRANKLY, COW, NOT. I spent ~15 hours a week at GENGHIS KHAN’s magic, had no life, and what could I have accomplished in the arts with an additional 15 hours a week? The high achievers of the professions don’t have that time. They are too busy, and to open the psychic centers and shape the energy work with drugs, African sorcery, Eastern mystical techniques, animal sacrifice MAGICK, and graveyard work is evidently very effective if you know how to be good at stuff. Part of the psychospirituality of the human race is that the folks at the top have a power that is kind of a magickal power and they can command many things just by being high — and when THE RICH AND FAMOUS TAKE WHAT THEY WANT, HERMES STEALS IT BACK FOR YOU. That is what we are looking for with all this stupid Greek.

DISCLAIMER: I have no formal affiliation with any organization nor do I speak for anyone or refer to anything in particular blah blah blah. I am just a WHIPPET and not very important. Do not try this at home. Magickal experience is largely subjective and should be considered, for all intents and purposes, somewhere between entertainment, shop talk and who cares.

Those of you CALLING IN from NORTHRLAND, I have not abandoned the Norse work but WHIPPET will be invading Germania along with the Tenth Legion. We can also catch up with the Druids in Britain, head on down to Greece for some sport, and maybe inquire into Egyptian sorcery as well, if Apuleius is to be believed. Not to disappoint the Jews and WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS DONE FOR US LATELY. It will be easier to have the lines of force unified within the magick and somewhat reined in by the classics, and where else would GENGHIS KHAN really make sense? Lot of great stuff coming so stay tuned.

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