Once in the work, this volume FLASHES like crazy.
TO READ LOST MAGIC BOOKS. Hidden in plain sight, especially in the Bible.

I swear I am not lying. I am 9 out of 16 hours into this very tome in Audible, listening in the car, while doing housework, while delivering pizzas. YAK YAK.

If you do all this GENGHIS KHAN magick, a lot of things will start to track on his His blog. It is a lot like the lesson work of the B.O.T.A. It all moves in a swarm.

Not the best picture of Dion Fortune in death worlds here. And the robe should be yellow, not orange. It is hard to draw on Shabbat—there is no real liking for drawing at the moment, and not much tentacles for visual art in general. I shouldn’t even be writing. Just Torah. There is a liking of that.

Here is his post announcing the new course:

I would note that he has modestly not mentioned his own participation in a new translation by Mark Anthony Mikituk and that is the version I am reading — or being read to.

Time for a new tarot deck to be worked especially with this exercise. It will FUND.

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