Television Magic(k)

OWLS, the POWER cries. May we please have your OWLS?

I examined an entire chapter of the first book of Harry Potter, and the published writer in me declared it to be surpassing genius of 8th grade entertainment!

Surpassing genius. Now I’m all about that.

Is everyone reading Harry Potter?

My money is on no. But they are probably using the films in intoxicated revery that, backed by necromantic technique, is not only telepathic but operative. We would say it is mostly the same thing.

—Try Hermetics. It is not the same thing.

—I don’t want to go back to Pythagoras off grid without tampons, so we will CALL IN with it.

I will not excoriate all use of entheogens — in expert hands they are no doubt extraordinary and can accelerate occult development quickly enough to get the educated classes interested in magic(k), and that has been very fun for the robed set. Suddenly we are FOUND!

Here are THE WISE ONES CALLING IN to say Phone home!

As with my experience of sober dreaming true in Mayan Guatemala while learning a revered ancient language and studying a holy text. Aleister Crowley is not involved — plus not getting shot. I NOTICED THAT. Once the RUBRIC is set up, it can be WORLD.

Not to mention ICELAND, well-kenned in the magic of The Lord of the Rings, how RABBIS FIND IT with Germany.


I would advise caution.

I am just looking at the lost life potential in family and friends from the side effects of cheap laboratory chemicals even expensive ones. The health, the time, the mistakes — I want those who need the sober Path to have it.

And aver the efficacy of the classics: the $50 Hebrew class of local, the online Latin course for $13! And the eternal world of Greek in Thelema, the theatre and that old saw, the scriptures.

At the same time, I keep calling out for them to use the gizmos — Cast a spell! Go to Church! Join a CLUB! — so it is not a constant vampire scene every time time we try to have a glass of wine or COW a date properly.

You’re not supposed to know who we are. We have no public discussion, no outward signs, no religious objects or spaces, no attendance at any group worship. It is, in fact, a Secret Society that operates within the normal patterns of secular life.

You have powered off me for twenty years — how can I not now know? The yellow brick road comes to an end, and you are face to face with THE WIZARD OF OZ. If you can draw back the curtain and show him the actual situation, he would readily do something to help you. Otherwise, he is too focused on the larger questions of Revealed Religion and I do not dispute that they should be handled in a magic(k) like THE GAME. Just do not dawdle in what PAIMON called an amusement park of the most extreme caliber.

Then they point out that the ambient magic(k) of the moving pictures is being mentioned as a kind of SPELL, something a television refusenik would not comprehend.

I accidentally performed an evocation on the morning of President Biden’s inauguration then sat down to the watch the pomp and circumstance. It was amazing. It was Bael, who binds living power in people on the world stage or world travelers. It was perfect. The daemon was able to pick up the underworld of government sorcery. I didn’t write it down so I don’t remember the particulars, but it was wonderful.

But it is not our RUBRIC and I really need to leave with the one that brung me, and that is the Hermetic Cabala. THE GAME thinks of it as a waste of energy work that could be bringing money and power to the smart set instead of banking my lower-middle-class ancestors in an actual dream world as if they were of WEALTH. Such effrontery! Or an elegant world of magic(k) for my friends who are often different species! Or just being my own multi-dimensional self. But it’s my energy work, I made it, and I should not allow it to be lifted by fancy boys and the chicken dragons of the fake ATR.

Post Script: I can’t watch television for more than a minute, and so I do NOT do television magic(k). Sensible update.

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