WIZARDS: The Gift of the Dragon Stone

Visiting the Shire but really I dwell elsewhere, more at a distance

Our favorite wizard FRIAR BOLVERK did instruct me, some time ago, that once a Solomonic temple is up and functional, the entire structure of magic(k) in the world trends toward its confiscation, so I have been having problems regarding the physicalization of various attributes, for it conflicts with the structure of the new wizardry.

It was also a custom in Days of Yore that a wizard would send a free gift to the local Duke of a fine familiar spirit. This we learned about in the Abramelin. Your best one is what we always ask for. It is how government sorcery is afforded.

So when the Duke and several other venerable personages paid me a call one day, I did my usual song and dance of looking perfectly innocent while being tame.

I believe this is a Dragon Stone, weighed in the Chief Court Sorcerer, and that it is illegal for anyone to possess such an item, especially a femme.

WHIPPET rallied. I, I, I . . .


I would like to make a gift to you of this especial Dragon Stone with the understanding that it was bound by me and can only do the magic(k) that I would do.

And that is?

Just nice things and mostly writing.

And the question of a fair human shape is in the forefront of some minds.

After all, don’t the spirits take the shape of the sorcerer?

They do?

Am I speaking to a demon or a former English teacher?

Your call, Your Grace. And didn’t you just ask for something quite large over the Shabbat candles?

The end justifies the means, puppy.

Later that day, in some esteemed wizard’s study, a dragon stone is slyly consulted . . .

How do I find out the powers of this dragon?

The SCRIBE replied — for it comes with a monkey scribe — You have to know the Dragon’s name.

The SCRIBE cleared his throat, It is customary to consult the Book with which the dragon is called, and if the Book chooses, it will reveal the name of the dragon so thereby you may know its particular powers — though any dragon can do anything — just not as well as a task-dedicated dragon. And they can all heal.

The esteemed wizard had been avoiding this, for it interfered with his work in the newer, hip wizarding that is more the style of the cool kids. MOSTLY IT WORKS AS PLANNED.

Okay, PUDDENTAME, to what do I owe the pleasure of the VAINGLORIOUS RANTINGS OF AN OUT?

What did you expect when you asked for THE POWER OF A MILLION GRAVES?

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