L’Shanah Tovah 2021

DIAMONDS as we like to think of her, though souls often change gender in a big alteration of culture and geography. Less is expected in the outer world and the old soul can acclimate better. Oops.

So we are sitting here waiting for DIAMONDS and her sorcerer to determine the form that GOZER will take when he returns for this new apocalypse.

I did not take a fancy vacation, so was down at the BANK being square with the funds.

When I was at puberty the MAR-MONS took me in and raised me from a pup. It was a life of quiet rectitude, sobriety, and reverence for THE POWER. It was a good life, and I loved it. I wanted to be a writer for the theatre, and I knew that all those rehearsals would not take place with a family, and it is not kind to lie with a man with all of the delights of the connubial bed, and not give him a child. I know myself – I am not of the social class that can do the HIGH GAME that is art while being a wife and mother.

Here let me digress into THELEMA with its EYE on the dark arts of sex SECTION. My refusal to bear children incurred a curse, payable within Mormonism but coming from the old Jewish tribe. Now we will have some groserías. A visualization of forced oral sex with a woman is a means of punishment for contraceptive practices when magic(k) is in place to transfer wealth, time, talent, energy, and all things as the CONTINUUM requires. ALSO USED PUNITIVELY IN THOSE CULTURES. It can injure the woman’s throat chakra, which, as JMG points out, is developed in the Analysis of the Keyword. I have had quite a bit of trouble with Tourette situations and have to watch myself in my GLEEFUL COWS. We will recall David Griffin’s magnum opus reported to contain pages and pages of the various permutations of the fundamental rites of the Golden Dawn which are generally instructed on otherwise and who can’t do them? Circa 2005 JMG himself told me that he had not physically performed Golden Dawn ritual in years. ARK IS INVOLVED. If they are in a book, they do not have to be physicalized, and can thus be used to counter the physicalization of the magic(k). Into this muck JMG stepped with his trick joint of the dark arts. THE MAGICAL MASONS ARE INVOLVED.

Some would OPINE that the old witches of Europe endured five lives of perfect female rectitude followed by a rutfest with goats, and that is where we are calling in with CAREER ARTIST IS INVOLVED PLEASE. No Solomonic magic(k) until menopause, as GOETIABLATER et al. would insist.

I knew to fund myself in much power work, and life proceeded with the clockword regularity of a well-inscribed PATH. The lodge world and western art magic(k) in the power of the GRAVES of my ancestors here got me up to the national level in creative writing, but unbeknownst to me, that came with the price tag of THE GAME, which I psychically refused and got EVERYTHING taken from me, when I would have chosen a modest path in the arts with RECTORY COWS and the visions of the GREAT ONES. It is more fun when you can hear stuff in actual words when it is clear that the dreams are not functioning. IT IS ORE.

Let’s listen to what WHIPPET said two years ago and I could not make it FLY.

The deep worlds and death operate in pictures and it is FAME that matters. Judgements of today are important but ringing the bell of Hitler often brings a STORY that can heal.

I did not go in THE GAME as instructed, for some reason.


The usual GAME.

DIAMONDS did not wish to make a life template of ONLY BABIES for woman and never art, especially not when her living being, the child of her soul, is an artist. HEAR ME.

The baton is passing and western art magic(k) can no longer BUY is retooling. The great workers who banked John Michael Greer et al. are in nursing homes or mouldering in the grave. We can feel it.

First it was no national, then no regional, then no state, and at this point, I can hardly manage the open mic. I look at ways to continue, to pay more. Go ahead and jump the fence into the type of Judaism that will CACOPHANY WITH LODGE and all those problems with the Holocaust. Hoodoo, now, and its luscious world of Sapphic LUST. Why not buy the VIKINGS if you keep asking for a WARRIOR? We need the Holocaust even less than we need the Scandinavian MAR-MONS who can work it, man.

WHIPPET can insinuate many things in a blog. For instance, we always had class divisions in magic(k) and ways to go up and down them, even if we all did the same RECTORY. THE GAME is currently establishing a new SHIRE STRIKE and the problems need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Consider the dark arts of man magic(k), always GOT TO RATCHET THINGS UP in the mad thirst for HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB, or woman magic(k), with its elegant culture of ghosts and animals who can take all things into the deep worlds.

What is SOLOMON good at? STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION at a penny a word. Not popular in the fancy places.

This old AMERINDIAN is the only one who wants to be a BOOR.

Let us recall the Pharoahs and the marriage line. In order to command all that power in the animal funds, they instituted the magic(k) of incest, which happens anyway. The animal gods can create the most powerful telepathic interface when everyone is of the same blood. Close endogamous marriage over centuries has a similar outcome, but that happens anyway in small villages. It is an etheric magic(k) that gets more noticed in etheric magic(k) like SOLOMON, and, for that reason, we have a requirement of healing THE DOWN WORLDS and can do it in the magical world of JMG et al. It comes through.

Eventually the Pharoah’s bloodlines go mad and become prone to genetic disease, but that is where we are CALLING IN from 5th century B.C. of Greece with the House of Atreus and its massive complaint against incest to say, check out The Charmed Ones. It is a requirement of INNOCENTS, not climing the ladder of bestiality MENTAL PLANE.

Now, SCATTERBRAINED A BIT, coming back to the inheritance and primogeniture and marriage within rich families, it did eventually cause congenital madness. My 19th-century educated female Cabalist DIAMONDS was the result of the extensive magic(k) of a power worker of the 17th century, who was thereby enabled to enter a life of luxury, but ended up making money for millionaires. DARPA FUNDS. This is why the best era for ceremonial MAN magic(k) should be conceptualized in the 18th century, while the female witch ghosts who did the jobs lived in the 17th and were nearby in the cemetery. Sometimes they were even dug up and those awesome HEADS were used to speak from the grave, hence some of the Tourette’s Syndrome that comes into later incarnations in dybbuk WEALTH. Jewish females were especially worked by the Christian necromancers, thus I am not outside of my FIELD when I work the Catholic magic(k) of LUCIFER.

I have never worked a destructive spell in my life.

DIAMONDS was a bit deficient in her mental capacities because of inbreeding, so we only have so-so, but another worker in the 17th century, who worked to get into the high class, was what we would call a WITCH and not so wealthy, not WELCOME, and came in for the job of HOW ELECTRICAL IS COW?

Not so much a GAME, okay?

MENTAL PLANE IS WICCA. That has been instructed by the GREAT COMPANIONS of the Rosicrucians. Hoodoo is how I WORK.

I am getting the sense of how to tailor this and what to do.

If DIAMONDS goes into one of those Rokkr circuits that is not the True Will or under the genuine functionality of her human wizard, she will be transformed into a GODFORM of the current magic(k), probably one of war, and will not even remember who I am. She HE will slice and dice across the soul lines to get her power — THE HORCRUX POWER OF THOR in to remind us what shall be — and suck everything dry, concatenate what I call a MOUNTAIN SOUL, binding the people around her to bank an aristocratic life, then go on a splurge of incarnations, like SATURN EATING HIS CHILDREN. That is why we don’t like to do it physically, just books THAT WOMEN DID NOT READ FOR FIVE HUNDRED YEARS BUT CUT THE LEGS OFF A FROG.

It probably already happened, and I do not blame the gentlemen, and we did have a nice time. A ROUND OF DRINKS.

Eventually we off-world human culture into the astral owned by the rich and the old strikers, and cause everything in humanity to be a muck of poverty, squalor, repetitive motion boredom, and the drug dreams of television, when we could have clean water, free schooling, and houses for most people. Environmentalism is a great endeavor, and one I do support, though how it has manifested in my life is “not strained./It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven” with pickles, sourdough bread, CANDOR, and a requirement of second hand stuff whenever possible, TRY TAKING THE BUS UNDER THESE MOTIONS.

Now let’s come back to where we started — a genteel penury is the DOG WORLD, as LMD noticed. AIR. When the work of West is done in AIR (or mental magick) alone, the tricks come in psychically without anyone knowing it or being able to handle it. When the power goes on, you figure out how to deal with things IMPS, and I have a few ribbits to take care of, don’t I?

I am going to take this tack with the work of Jake Stratton-Kent. If a book premiered at $50, I will consider it beyond the THE POWER WORLD of my life as a health care artist and work it in NOUNS. However, if the book is available at the cost that a real worker can pay, $5 for the pamphlets ANCESTORS, I will BUY and work it in the milieu of an improvizational wizarding that is like how the humans do things.

Not only that, a few of us need to be weirdos and work in day jobs and live in a cheap room instead of a custodial world.

When I first began the evocations of The Lesser Key of Solomon, in 2015, the POWER told me that I would be a Fool — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieB_RxJKXyE&t=23s, that I would be lead to many people who made mincemeat out of me, but that I would learn. Calling ENOCH in too soon causes the old ones to give all the goodies to the rich and the high people, vampire out on everyone in ways that you cannot imagine, and any objection from the sorcerer — female??!! — can be answered in all kinds of ways, like, taken from the underworld. I am a nice lady and do not mean to hurt anyone even in a blog, yet I beg your indulgence and hope to relinquish TOO MUCH REALITY IN MY MUSES.

As Samuel Johnson said of Shakepeare, A quibble is to Shakespeare, what luminous vapours are to the traveller; he follows it at all adventures; it is sure to lead him out of his way, and sure to engulf him in the mire. It has some malignant power over his mind, and its fascinations are irresistible. Whatever be the dignity or profundity of his disquisition, whether he be enlarging knowledge or exalting affection, whether he be amusing attention with incidents, or enchaining it in suspense, let but a quibble spring up before him, and he leaves his work unfinished. A quibble is the golden apple for which he will always turn aside from his career, or stoop from his elevation. A quibble, poor and barren as it is, gave him such delight, that he was content to purchase it, by the sacrifice of reason, propriety and truth. A quibble was to him the fatal Cleopatra for which he lost the world, and was content to lose it. GUILTY AS PLAGUED.

CALLS ARE COMING IN, We cannot protect DIAMONDS. Only the widget of her own USUALLY COWS is able to stand back and BEER.

The demons need to develop finely BY FITS AND STARTS — it takes a while AND SNAPPY PATTER, but it is at last time for ANGELS who always get burped in COLLISIONS WITH WEALTH AND POWER.

CALLS COMING IN: I do not want my “cousin”‘s old soul shattered, even if I am in THE GAME. We concede that this often turns into GIMP FOUNDS, and whatever else. It is a hard lesson to have obedience in ALL THINGS or it tanks THE WORLD. The dead do not like to enter low places — and such a being as this woman disturbs all of our strikes. It cannot keep its mind on one thing for four minutes altogether WITHOUT A HUNDRED PRAYERS A DAY and can’t you guys just develop some magic(k) that makes sense to the dead?

So CALLING IN with Ghost Busters, what is the form of GOZER? The form determines the capacities of the godform as well as what it will express, so we want to aim as high as possible with as much might and cunning, and get as many toys as we can.

Proceed, my FOUND.


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