Why the Man Magic(k) of Ceremonial is Envisioned in the 18th century and the Woman Magic(k) of Witchcraft in the 17th

An Old One

I am revising yesterday’s post but will recount it here.

The extraordinary witchcraft of the 17th century is what gave rise to the operative capacities of ceremonial magic(k) in the 18th, such that a vision magic(k) could be BANKED by the poor, frequently in the grave.

They liked a little STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION after their lives of grinding poverty. So let’s give them the nice coffee and not THE ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT.

I have spoken of my 19th century educated female Cabalist DIAMONDS, who was congenitally off and a bit mad, and worked the POWER to eke out her deficiencies, as do I the Hermetic variant— though I am earning my keep in ALSO Messianic Judaism where my actual blood is — though she does do okay in her SEANCE WEALTH and is quite wonderful with her Torah.

CALLS COMING IN: Those in the swim think she was an educated and cultured woman with modern languages, sketching, and playing on the pianoforte like any well-brought-up girl but that the ancient languages were enveloping her in liturgy and prayer. Thus it is that we learn prayer book Hebrew first — more people know it.

That life was financed by a coven in the 17th century, imaged above as a single person, who worked as an operative spirit in man magic(k) FOR STUPIDS.

These old Jewish witches were no doubt used in the Catholic demon magic(k) as the operatives that everyone in today’s ATR work is calling GRAVES. Hence the abundance of the Star of David everywhere in ceremonial magic(k). They were often even dug up and their heads used as divinatory tools. In future lives, or in the others, this would result in the COW called the dybbuk who often could not stop talking nonstop. IRK.

While Jewish magic(k) used the device called THE BLACK MASS to bank itself on Christianity! Hence my success and why not have a good time?

I have never worked a destructive spell in my life.

Evidently the most powerful worker in the line is bound in this Jewish situation as we learned in our last blog post.

Those in THE GAME today are asking why I do not enter the most beautiful, wealthy and upper-middle-class type of Judaism and why my Purim cookies are so lousy.

First of all, it takes training in Judaism to be able to make those cookies with the STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION of the Reform Shul where I need to BRAIN OUT AND THINK while staying essentially home. I am taking the instruction and learning all I can about DYBBUKS!

And they are not Christmas cookies.

Second, the money comes from my ethnic bloodline, and I will not Rokkr the Anusim into the Anglo circuit entirely. It would drain them. I mostly stay home and serve while hoping to eventually visit the other synagogues in the area to get to know all the TROOPS. And besides, how’s a little chutzpah?

The old Jewish soul has so many hard soul capacities that when we try to work together we fracture on each other. When I was in New York, these old souls all came in for my Catholic magic(k) as APES!

Most of the time, they like to work in Buddhism, but that drains the wonderful Germanic witchcraft called HEATHEN that I will not abandon especially with the guidance of the Celtric tribe in Druidry-ish stuff WHERE WE ARK.

Our blog character AGRICOLA– CALLING IN FROM THE CLASSICS — has recounted much of how these works were done throughout the blog. He was quite spectacular. These old Jewish souls often end up in the classics because the old ones can read in Hebrew when you are reading in Latin and Greek because they learnt it and did all kinds of reincarnation tricks like cultivating lives of power on all sides. It was always thus.

The Latinos like their bells and smells, and the Turks their dancing, and the Ashkenazi folks are very generous with the part-Jews who practice in these hard soul ways because it is not possible for me to do the strictest type of Judaism without cacophany in the RECTORY vision world of my others who have extensive correctness of a particular era and geography and even a particular Rabbi — and read the Talmud sometime! it is a giant machine that is baking this cake — and it is possible for those older ones to play into the GAME with just a modest bit of the older practices performed inveterately. It is also offensive to today’s WORLD Jewish community to be too tight. We are respectful.

This is very known in the Jewish community and those of us in Messianic Judaism are being lovingly guided and assisted in baalei teshuvah (those returning to Jewish observance). On first glance, it does not make sense that people who have never observed are “returning” to observance, unless you make clear that this is a carefully cultivated also deep world situation wherein nobody judges who has a right to be there, but embraces and includes. If you’re here, you’re Jewish in a Christian life.

So a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and much WORK in the normal, and figuring out how to make this happen instead of smashing everything like a career in the arts of a female. And if Hermetics is in the mix, why not notice that some of its luminaries, like Israel Regardie, Don Michael Kraig, and Ann Davies, were Jewish?

The hunt is on for the COW POWER, and I was never going to have a normal life — and what is normal? So no regrets, please.

We will notice that today’s BUBBLE of operative capacity is being banked on the bodies and graves of the Latino and Afro-Hispanic workers in the United States and other graves that may have such capacities, including those of the old lodge folk. I hope to research and specu-fiction on explore how this went in the 18th century of Europe, which used the power to build the science and technology that gave us the clean water, universal education, women’s rights, and all of the BOONS we so honorably petitioned.

Then they stopped the magic(k) and went haywire with no adequate spiritual situation.

I do not blame the male ceremonial magicians who were unable to speak openly about this. When I first began evoking HA HA HA the OWLS told me psychically that they could not do this or their bodies would fall apart. Plus this is a Christian magic(k) and it is hard to cross the streams at this level of power.

But I was invited to write openly about my experiences.

In a way, I have broken what was being attempted with JMG’s PoW! CoP! in bringing it into the vision world only. It originated as a ceremonial magic(k) training manual and retains those INTENSITIES. So we will stay the course and enjoy a rich and wonderful life of TELLING ON STUFF instead of professional witchcraft and hopefully we can get some old souls to figure out how to deal with HERE COME THE MEN IN BLACK, THEY WON’T LET YOU REMEMBER.

I will not go into the entheogen magic(k) and cause damage to the interface of SANE OCCULTISM. We will stay the course.

It is hoped that the inclusion of women in serious endeavors in the magic(k) of THE WORLD can preclude the technical requirement of restriction to sex and drug magic(k) with its concomitant social ills of sex crime, disease, drug addictions, and well-fed people who would rather live in dreams than reality.

Men have to give up some of the power, and that is KRAMPUS.

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