The Chariot


Let us examine a fine spell from the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri — the PGM — you will see that these spells invariably call for the body parts of often a number of dead animals. Take a look at this spell. It starts by drowning a cat.

Take the cat, and make [three] lamellae, one for its anus, one for …, and one for its throat; and write the formula [concerning the] deed on a clean sheet of papyrus, with cinnabbar [ink], and [then the names of] the chariots and charioteers, and the chariot boards and the racehorses. Wind this around the body of the cat and bury it. Light seven lamps upon [7] unbaked bricks, and make an offering, fumigating storax gum to it, and be of good cheer. Take its body [and preserve] it by immuring it either in a tomb or in a burial place … with colors, … bury … looking toward the sunrise, etc.

The purpose of this spell is to restrain charioteers. Evidently charioteers in ancient Greece and Egypt were causing a lot of problems for the locals and needed to not run over everyone or get in the way of carts going to market, people carrying stuff, or just regular things. No doubt juvenile delinquents or the entitled rich. Also a requirement of racing and the betting associated therewith. We can watch the chariot race on the old Charlton Heston movie Ben Hur.

Would you look at this? For thousands of years, people have been tricking on each other’s cars.

We can imagine that the Tarot Key THE CHARIOT is probably very fine when worked by a cat!

And car accidents might be a attributable to this magic(k) if they are wyrd.

I have been wanting some storax.

This is why Hoodoo always worked the cat candle spell. This stuff was always around in the lodges, Judaism, and the high Church. They read about that stuff, and we worked cat candles — instead of killing cats, which was also done.

Men in my tradition know these things, but they cannot tell, and for that reason, New World Sorcery is untrained about its collisions with even normal psychics. SOME CALLERS FEEL, MOSTLY IF THEY PUT ON A DRESS AND WORK THE WOMB, FOR THAT IS HOW THE FEMALES ARE ABLE TO FUND. Perhaps females could fund by doing western art magic(k) and not with a broken dream and a bad V.D.

I have a lot of great tidbits coming thanks to that wonderful education provided me by Brigham Young, the great support of my father who wanted his daughters to be refined and well-educated, and the world of the arts that enabled me to have the demi-monde I needed to do all this COW STUFF. We do not want education replaced by drugs in the ethnic world so that the higher-ups can fund their vision sorcery off our culture and community OFF OUR BODIES.

Now we will recall my own accidental binding of the DAMIEN PAIMON. This post was lost, and it is uneditable, but take a GANDER anyway:

As we see, PAIMON was originally a squirrel whom I hunted in the attic, slew, and then worked for fifteen years until I finally bound her. I was fortunate enough to live in a great old Victorian neighborhood where this kind of work had been done, so the POWER knew what needed to happen, and it did. She drove me to the mental plane with only JMG OWLS. It was also the world of my ex, the genius engineer and defense contractor who wrote a check to get me out. Ceremonial magic(k) was done in the military in a great way, and no doubt they HAD A GOOD TIME WITH ALL THAT MUSIC and it was possible to do it like this.

PoW! CoP! got what SHE wanted!

A woman cannot get to the mental plane of men without assistance from animals and it is a WILD ODIN. That is why it is so dear to have the instruction, for men are locked in tight embrace in their WORLD and do not have the capacity to leave it — and many are not happy in monastic lives without women.

We heard before that a pigeon who entered the world of PAIMON was unable to focus on his own life and work the magic(k) at the same time and perished when I left New York, for which I have a lot of regret, regardless of this wonderful OWL’s natural lifespan. If I had known what to do, everything would have been better. Hence the blog.

So it is not unkind to kill animals when they are to enter the great world of human magic(k) in a fine way. I speculate that it is probably by agreement which animals falls into our hands, in life as well as death.

The vision magic(k) of the grimoires is distinct, and KING PAIMON in his Wisteria Lane aspect was no doubt not understood.

The killing of an animal always comes in somehow.

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