YAAKOV (Jacob): More on the Poplar

More normal in actual practice, we think.

CALLS COMING IN, Do you believe in Judaism?

I believe I am sitting here in Temple. That is my belief.

MARKET this as everyone.


This is always going on in the underworld of Judaism.

We will discuss BE HEARING FROM Hitler some more by and by, for that is always going on as well.

Now, let us return to the post on Yaakov and the poplar trees: https://buildingtheunderworld.com/2021/08/25/jacob-iaakov-trade-secrets-and-the-poplar-tree/

IBN EZRA: Ibn Ezra posits that the hazel is perhaps the almond tree. Let us shake this out a bit.

Now the almond is a very famous tree in the Torah, probably the most famous. Aaron’s rod, which flowered and bore fruit as a sign that the Levites were Israel’s designated priests, was the actual branch of an almond tree.

The oil holders in the Menorah in the Tabernacle were commanded to be fashioned after the blossom of the almond tree (Exodus 25:31-40). It was thus a very high visibility tree in Biblical iconography, and it is reasonable to think that the hazel rods of Yaakov were, perhaps, an oversight on the part of some sloppy scribe, given that the trio of poplar, hazel, and chestnut could conceivably be TRADED UP with a bit of almond. I mean, why not?

The hazel is a tree associated with the Greek deity Mercury, whose serpent of healing is suspended upon it.

The ancient representation of the wand of Mercury was not the stylish thing with two serpents in perfect vibratory attunement sprouting the wings of enlightenment, but a homely t-shaped holder with a single serpent and probably realistic. The walking stick of Aesclepius was said to be wrapped in a serpent, and the healing sanctuaries run by his cult had freely roaming serpents evidently helping with the magic(k) of healing.

In the ancient world, snake venom was used for healing purposes, and even today medications used to treat high blood pressure and heart attacks have ingredients from snake venom, and later in the Torah, a serpent of brass is used in a healing situation (Numbers 21:9-11).

The healing aspects of hazel with the serpent of Mercury might have been a bit distasteful, if they were even known to medieval Spain where Reb Ibn Ezra worked, though I do not consider it beyond the realm of possibility.

It is also a wile magicians use when working another rubric to work a partial correspondence like an herb instead of the entire g-dform, and that may also be what we are looking/not looking at. Astrology has been part of the Judeo-Christian underworld since the beginning, and, in some ways, probably always will be.

However, more to the point, is the spiritual energy of Mercury indicated by the hazel.

Let us recall what these rods were used for, and that is agricultural magic(k) to ensure a particular phenotype in the mating of the flocks. Jacob’s wages were tied to the prevalance of a particular pattern in the fur of the animals, him taking the least prevalent pattern and Laban the most.

Now Laban changed Jacob’s wages “ten” times, upon noting the proportion of spotted, ringstraked, and off-colored animals. Whether this was paranoia or simple gamesmanship in breeding, we can’t be sure, for who is telling the story here but Jacob’s party?

In any case, the Angel Penial assisted by sending him a dream instructing him on how to manage selective breeding in order to achieve the necessary result in the coloration of the offspring. One commentator explicated this event in terms of rational animal husbandry rather than a visual cue influencing the embryo: https://www.scienceandchristianbelief.org/view_abstract.php?ID=178

Now what does this have to do with the almond versus the hazel?

I must first profess respect for Ibn Ezra’s opinion, for it is very wise. While the distant ancestor did, indeed, use a wily bit of trickery to maintain his wages in the face of an unfair employer, it does not do to elevate the principle of Mercury in the situation in Europe wherein the Jewish people were subjected to a powder keg world of true belief, enforced poverty in the Christian working class, and pograms.

It is better to go the route of theology, that of Jupiter, ennobling everything while sweeping it under the carpet — Whatever is, is right — and the Rabbis’ gorgeous, inspiring theology of spit and baling wire with the rough bawd of farm technology and every social ill and personal foible imaginable spelled out in plain sight, and placed in comparison to a perfect G-d image, that of Jesus who never did anything wrong, as a impetus for dumping on the Jews as usual — let us just put this into the pretty business of the almond branch and chant in joy.

Whereas the Lucifer tribe says, it is not honorable to sidestep the hazel entirely, for there are times when we need it to keep our jobs.


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