Hebrew or Latin

Just quickly, this is a heads up for the fourteen smart people who read this often ludicrous offering.

Please notice Jake Stratton-Kent’s Patreon feed. I spend five bucks a month on it, though I am sure the amount is adjustable!

He recently included Golden Dawn as a usual suspect. That is a big moment for us, since his magical universe is built in Thelema and the O.T.O. I speculate that it may be possible to have that magic(k) if one is summoning in SOLOMON. The (Solomonic) spirits so loved in Thelema are posited to be necessary for his work to function like a wow elsewhere, but when combined and with the regular regimen of western art magic, evidently it RUBRICS in Golden Dawn as well, and it is time for this tradition to heal with the demons. In the long haul, the Angels alone were not all that was done. THE THIRTEENTH FAIRY of Sleeping Beauty fame needs to come to the table.

The GAME POWERS perhaps do not grasp the extent to which the three big lodges in America are completely different magical universes, and this whole astral situation has pushed so much of our work into astral — whereas it used to be ritual in the lodge — and has exacerbated these differences in that each tradition now constructs a different augoeides (astral body). Not everyone likes the astral. It is optional aside from skrying in HELLAS as well and a lot more fun than CANDY LITTLE GIRL.

We used to just show up and do everything and have a good time. Now when I show up, I am breaking the MOUND STRIKE and causing a LUST COW that nobody likes and crashing the astral. One can suspect that this is why THE GAME has taken such an extreme position that doesn’t make sense to anyone who knows me.

Just around the time that he mentioned Golden Dawn, I saw a spirit in his image on my boat. This is just an image in my mind, but when this appears, magic(k) happens.


I have said before that this spirit always starts out with a “Dukes of Edom” complaint about how I handle things, for it is unusual, and that is annoying in necromancy. The ghosts seem to like stereotypes and can often CRUEL those both unique and astrally capacitated.

Then the magic(k) happens and heals things.

This Patreon post gave advice to “young occultists.” Among other things, he advised people not to bother learning Latin or Hebrew — gasp! — I happen to be involved with both — the classical languages of western art magic — but consider the sine qua non languages of the academic world, French and German, a core requirement of any decent Ph.D. program in humanities, and I do see this, to get those LIBRARY COWS in, and Portuguese to access the living tradition in Brazil.

Now I am sitting here a phase shift away in FEMALE, short circuited by the gender magic in Hebrew and Latin, and curious enough to stay in the DOWN WORLDS so kindly assisted in by some GAME BOYS and GIRLS though it is getting to be time to think middle class again.

Two of my former romantic husband types were classicists of the Ph.D. variety and seem to be in THE GAME, I myself am halfway to a degree in Latin, and Jake Stratton-Kent’s oeuvre is based in the classics, as is much of Thelema. One can speculate that there is an impenetrable thicket of GAME surrounding anything in the classics and that it is demanding the new methodology. THE OLD.

Part of this situation is no doubt that goetic magic used to be used with a mindscape of “the antients.” A lot of people today go into the classics because they feel disaffected with contemporary society, and no doubt their intense focus on the classical culture lead to an astral state when consuming mind-altering drugs. More to Come on this important MISSION.

My shtick is that my erstwhile classmates and partners are put into the new methodology without being informed of the old or its broader options. We do not have to mangle our lives in such an egregious way to keep the MOUNDS all FOUND.


There is nothing wrong with having a methodology that works (!), but to those of us versed in the old work, we would like to stay at it, for in the end, it, too, works and we are generally minding our own business and not SÉANCE SPYING on those around us because we don’t need to “work off of” people outside of our tradition, which is demanding and erudite. Ritual, meditation, witchcraft/conjure, and normal organized religion are available to feed the astral capacity. Nor does it have to be entirely in dreams. SOLOMON is a great waking world.

JMG is currently trending about French, and had we but worlds enough and time, that would stay a go. And one can chisme out on random flotsam and jetsam, just to fill in some gaps. Superstars think big things and, by the way, a lot of domestic servants did stuff in Solomonic-ceremonial magic, not just WEALTH.

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