ARGO: St. Jerome!

I just found out this weekend — through normal internet chatter; I am NOT “in the know” except through some astral channel called SOLOMON that may or may not be reliable — that Jake Stratton Kent is in the hospital seriously ill in ENGLAND. Shout out to those OWLS and a hope for a speedy recovery, while cowering.

It always bothered me that St. Jerome was unwilling to carry his MOTHER across a flooded river for fear of the spiritual contagion of woman.

This is a GREAT EXAMPLAR and has done much damage in the the Church for the sake of holiness not to really “touch” a woman. In the legend of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, it is reported that her archenemy, the Archbishop of Méjico, replaced the floor tiles on his palace anytime a woman walked across them.


So here we are with St. Jerome and the inimitable ARGO reporting at last! that

“On the way there he had crossed a flooded river and carried an old woman across, who was the goddess Hera in disguise. In getting across he lost a sandal, and thus arrived at the city with one bare foot. The single sandal is frequently found as an emblem of Hecate, while carrying a woman across a river features in important Balkan folk rituals.”

— Geosophia: Volume 1 (Encyclopaedia Goetica) by Jake Stratton-Kent

So we must conclude that what St. Jerome was slyly referring to was these almost still-practiced Balkan folk rituals — ! — concerning Hera.

Jason’s entire later fate was ameliorated by Hera and this act of kindness/altruism.

Thus anyone who is willing to protect older women will get a great deal of luck therefrom, for older women have a LOT of magic(k) power even if society deems them disposable.

When Jason carried an older woman across a swollen river — fed her — he was granted a great deal of constituency that enabled that silly putz to accomplish a lot of fine things.

The comadres and their work is thus to be a matter of concern as the new man magic(k) rolls out in a system that has demographic issues vis-a-vis Latinos. More to come on history lessons.

So anytime the BIG PEOPLE come in with a new “man magic(k)” there will be a strike against women, and while St. Jerome is probably not talking about his own mother, who was Christian and presumably above sexual allurement, he would no doubt have been referring to the ambient witchcraft in a region, which the Church was “taking down” and must not be allowed to remain.

THE PRIESTHOOD is coming, with a great big pile of monks and their DOWN WITH MOM.

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