More on the Blasted Book

Let’s take a gander at the first paragraph of John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power:

“THE MAGICAL TRADITIONS OF THE WORLD contain a dizzying array of different methods, practices, and procedures. At first glance, there may seem to be very little in common between the pounding drums and bright colors of a Voudon ceremony under way in Haiti and the perfect meditative silence of an esoteric Buddhist magician at work in a temple in Japan, or for that matter between either of these and the ornate working tools and flowing robes, stylized gestures and chanted words of power of a magician working in the Golden Dawn tradition. Still, despite the visible differences, a deeper thread of connection joins each of these practitioners and their work. That thread is the thread of ritual.”

When I was in New York circa 2015-2018, SOLOMON in RECTORY was able to explain many things to me, and it was with some wretched OUT that I returned to the Pacific Northwest and geisted many more.

Let us recall that Chairman Mao razed the monasteries and made all of the old things NOT. After millennia of the same spiritual practice, the monastic set was very FOUND. They had villages on top of villages, a portal between death, life, and life to come of extreme COWS, and everything flowed. There was corruption and the same pockets got lined in lifetime after lifetime, but there was also a civilization of the living and the dead that endured through recognizable cultural practices. Even today as I walk through New York’s Chinatown, I can almost “see” an old Chinese village with its cantilevered roofs on Mott Street.

All gone in a giant purge, and what did that village have to do? Wither and die?


It moved West, and has been converting the world’s afterlife into an amalgamation of itself and many things. In the United States, it has found a way to make power in the African Traditional Religion’s practices of American ethnic witchcraft and communicate via the superlative vision magic of HOLLYWOOD.

We should expect some of the usual suspects to demand nothing but the highest of the high and not to work in a low job or have less than delectable morsels of various kinds, but knowing human nature, I trust that the good guys will be available and we can have a great time.

An international approach is not wrong, but it is also not able to EASY DOES IT into western art magic(k) and its group structures, the lodges and the covens.

It is no doubt very hard to ape Buddhist adepts with ten incarnations stacked on top of one another in the same monastery to control the mind when they have been staring at the same wall for two hundred years. But western art magic has its own stuff that works in our culture.

The better western workers are able to do your stuff, OWLS, backward in high heels often, but bringing a secular upper-middle-class into astral consciousness has required the simplification and reduction in time with the concomitant technique of relying principally on drugs and sex with the secrecy of MAKING on people around one in cloaked ways to power a gigantic grave magic with everyone’s bioelectricity instead of a more modest one with ritual.

I do not denigrate their magicianship. They come to be extraordinary and devote every second of their lives to RUBRIC. Then they try to put us in their GRENDEL’S GLOVE and power doesn’t shite.

I am not against drug and sex magic(k) — it has been much used in the West, particularly Mesoamerica, my ancestral stomping ground.

But a big fat STOMP on everything is not reasonable, best, kind, and awesome magic(k).

It is obvious from the first paragraph of the blessed TOME that JMG was describing THE GAME and hoping that this magical method would COW entry into it. As it has. Just on our terms and with females in authentic grounded magicianship that does everything in its own way, with its own family often, and using animals in controlling OWLS and they are quite smart in the right gizmo.

Furthermore, I do not believe that everyone should be of the daimons. It would be a waste of magical talent, nor that everyone should lucid dream as much as THE GAME requires. Adaptation is desired.

The Wizard of Oz can be reached if you stay on the yellow brick road long enough, and he can then help you fix your situation in a regular way.

We can come out and say these things and bring people into this kind of dream wizarding through normal hard work.

Archaeology and the great advancements in science are enabling us to figure out what the ancient world had going in magic and what the Judeo-Christian religion actually is!

If we allow this GAME to turn magic into an energetic Ponzi scheme, the people who practice normal daylight Christianity — and life! — will be energy slaves for the rich to have dreams of incomparable beauty when the little people could live intelligent and interesting human lives in the portal.

The Jewish version of this, the Cabala, which was adopted by Christians, enabled it to be an open secret while the Inquisition stood ready to pounce.

Admittedly, sorcery can get so nasty and the dead can eat your lunch!

But to lock it all up in the hands of people with a million dollars in the bank is not how we want this to go down. Rosicruciana is quite open. The B.O.T.A.’s introductory tractate speaks openly of Higher Consciousness. The materials of the Golden Dawn and Thelema openly discuss the techniques required for astral magic.

The books look like naive simpleton shites and they welcome it. Now we have to GET UP, GET UP, GET UP, uncloak, my gosh, it’s the WILY COWS. Been retooling for forty years and will be participating in the gorgeous new worldwide religion part of the time.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.


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