ARGO: Trade Secrets

Ya’ll want a Golden Fleece? We got a whole pile of them things out back.

As I was perusing the second volume of THE MASTER’s Encyclopedia Goetia, to wit, Geosophia, The Argo of Magic, in the latest lateness of the night, as I often do, it occurred to me that this first part of the work was, in fact, a road map of a Solomonic magician’s life.

The important thing to consider here is How long does a story last?

For that is what we are on about in THE GREEK WORK Northrland as well. We return to the subject of The Golden Fleece, that we have heard much about in grade school, and usually imagine to be a mythically important thing for fairy tales, a car seat cover shining with an Angelic halo, and, after all, isn’t Jesus called the Lamb of God? Perhaps that is how such a story could be preserved anyway, by some careless monk lumping everything into the category of off-brand miracles to fill in the space.

Here I must quote: “The fleece was that of a sacred ram, and would likely originally have been black, possibly dyed purple, as with sacred rams in Crete, Samothrace and elsewhere. . . It is extremely important to note that the ram was by far the most common sacrificial victim offered to heroes. The idea of a golden fleece, and the likely change in colour from the original, derives from the use of fleeces to capture gold particles in a river bed. Both the Hebrus in Thrace and the Phasis in Colchis were gold bearing rivers” (page 41-42).

Put enough of these particles of gold sand together and you can melt it down into a manageable state and eventually end up with gorgeous coins, jewels, insignia of authority, and the like.

Let us imagine Jason’s cousin as a prospector showing up on the scene with the perfect tool for panning gold, and lasting about forty minutes at the task before being KENNED as a claim jumper and meeting with the usual fate. News gets back to Jason in Iolkos, and he assembles a team of heroes to go whoop up on that situation and give his cousin a decent burial. In the ancient world, the magic of burial was thought necessary to assure one an afterlife. Look at what lengths people went to to arrange their burials in Egypt!

We are glad they cared about burial, because now, millennia later, we are digging them all up and looking at their clothes.

Today we have the protections of the Constitution in the freedom of the press and the like in saying whatever we like about important people, but it has not always been so; thus the old stories were often adapted for conveying news, and people always tried to read between the lines. Almost the entirety of the Torah is built on ancient stories adapted to convey certain situations about a family that is now called Judaism, whose tribal deity came to be adopted by the Roman empire and erected on important monuments throughout much of the world. It is embarrassing to now find out how much of the Bible should be considered a grimoire wrapped in literature! A NEWSPAPER.

The technology for acquiring and refining gold has changed from obligate rivers to large expensive operations of mining. In the course of the centuries, we have forgotten what was meant by the Golden Fleece and that the story was preeminently one of science and technology, trade secrets, and mineral rights. Thus we have turned Greek mythology, and the magics of the past, into ridiculous fairy tales when they are mostly reasonable, or why would grown men have pulled the skin off sheep, scraped it down, blackened oil with ashes, and painted these stories onto such an expensive medium?

How do you find gold? Pan for it in a river to start with, then find the veins near the river, and start digging from there. It is a pneumonic device, and a cautionary tale for the crime that invariably follows GOLD FEVER.

* * *

That the five-volume set of Encylopedia Goetia starts with the grimoire, not ends with it, is important to the Dukes of Edom our MEETING always THE HOT MESS! Nevertheless, the workers who actually function in the kinds of magics that traditionally caused and still can cause the hip and happening situation of lucid dreaming — or just plain ole psychism — are essential to the entire RUBRIC. The point of it is, drugs and television alone do not sustain an astral plane or we would have had one all this time. There have to be workers WIZARDS. I initially tried to find instruction by going to the online groups that used to be on Yahoo groups — just as Yahoo groups were being phased out. The old listservs seem to be out of my reach. A Google search doesn’t give any reasonable outcome. The books fell out of my possession, just as this female old style ritual ceremonial magician began summoning at menopause and I had to INVENT THE WHEEL like we used to. That is why everything is kind of stupid in the earliest parts of the blog. Maybe I will change it — maybe I will leave it a record of what actually happened — with additional illustrations. POOP. In any case, here we see the RUBRIC as it began and as it stands. It is a thing to be used for the development of consciousness THE SPIRITS, not to mention the occasional miracle, not gold-plated and kept up for only the highest, the smartest and the wiliest. In the end, having a wave of goetia magic always bubbling along should assist everything to be functioning better, and, in some ways, it is not even possible to FIND the grimoires without having the magic.

That is my experience with DAMIENS.

Happy Equinox and L’Shanah Tovah 5783!

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