Masonic Death Worlds

Now the Bael post referenced Masonic death worlds in a way that no doubt has us all inquiring, WHHAAA?

I have been looking for a death world that we can all evolve into without crapping out our normal religion or death worlds and still getting along and FUNDING. This is how the Masons always were and probably still are.

Now I was, of course, a Mason in many lives, SAYS ORGANIZED RELIGION, and can form with you.

The old sorcery got intractably enchantable overgrown and didn’t move forward as quickly as hoped and did not really cause the objective phenomena of Latino work which is NORMAL and was entangled with the whole problem of how to enchant the technology as fast as it evolves?

I have inferred that at the time of alchemy the scientific world of Europe decided to dispense with the sorcery ANIMALS in order to move forward more quickly, evenly, and in a large worldwide structure that could be DECOWED from higher social classes, nonphysical realms, sorcery halfway across the world like China which is causing the contemporary astral work and generally taking a short cut that has resulted in a long cut

— and a little witch who is a pagan Jew —

noticing that her demon Paimon can enter the internet and do a lot of things with electricity itself, a clue that her energy work was used for such exploits. Intel? DARPA? The Mormon C.I.A.? KISS KISS.

In Tolkien, of course, this choice is represented by the elves getting on their ships and going into the western sea, never to return.

A lot of us in these traditions, including the classics, have the terrible longing for HOME found in these types of worlds where we are so fine with the old ways. How to get home? It is possible with extreme work in the old magic and a kindly way of life with a common kitchen garden down the street, perhaps some chickens and a goat, the catching of fish, the work of supporting local farms and other enterprises, and reducing our carbon footprint as I tried to do with a boat that had a solar panel and, other than that, cost $5/month in electricity to live on. Those of us who will NORSE WITH THE KEY will be afforded a scaled-down existence of exactly this type with the concomitant scale-up of underworld activity without drugs or the destructions of unbridled sex magick leading on to venereal disease. As THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN has said, You don’t bring all of your money into the world. You have to keep some of it in the underworld. 

I suspect that they are laying down the dream tracks and will eventually turn the whole thing on and our entire world will be in New World Sorcery — SHAOLIN MONKS IN AFRICAN MASKS — on the iPhone.

This is not entirely bad, but it is not being done entirely benevolently, there are no GROWNUPS, and that is what we are calling. The old ones do their own thing and you have no control over them, we are told by the rich FISH. At the moment, I am more inclined to try my luck with the old ones, having been quite offended by the entire rubric of everything from art to high tech to military and police to the church and I’m just WAILING.

The question of WHAT IS PAIMON will be addressed perhaps in the next post with a snappy photo made with pencils.

So the big people are racing to enchant technology with sociopathic WOW laboratory drugs, Afro-Hispanic religious practice that they would never be interested in otherwise snarling, uncontrolled sex magick, and evidently a lot of progress as well as KRAMPUS.

And the little people are getting divorced DECOWED IN THEATRE for the mission and now kind of curious.

The platform.

I have a lifetime in the Masonic tradition and many parents in it, and the Mormons can enter this world via their temple, the Germanic world was always in it in the demons, and I practice the dark arts which is how it was OUCH done, so it looks like everything can unite in this work in a reasonable way. So, Shaolin, let’s have it.

I speculate that New World Sorcery has a Masonic TRIBE since the government always used this world, but that Cabala/Solomon/Judaism cause my stuff to be kind of witchy in a way that their stuff isn’t. WE ARE WIRED AND CAN’T GET OUT.

This is really just lodges as usual and now they have BOOBS.

I think they are told not to practice too much but “ride” (sap! IRK) the workers and the Latinos in different energy worlds accessible only to the drug and same-sex entrancement in the RING OF POWER work of sex magick which is NO DOUBT transcendent done well but in the end becomes kind of avoidable.

I speculate that they are told not to get in the way of regular human magical practice and that there are unintended side effects from bringing this stuff into physical reality as opposed to lucid dreaming work in drugs.
I will have another one someday.
I am working on it. 
My second boat that was much predicted in the boat yard.
I am a speculative Mason not a physical one. 
I, on the other hand, am a woman and must be SHOWN UP.

I concede that the Masons can be quite corrupt and were but let’s figure out that when a tradition gets old enough it can be figured out in a lot of ways and worked finely by nice people.


The way the Masons do it — with the rubric of career and charitable service — suits me. I don’t want us to go back to a medieval SLUM of the 1% only this time in African masks as opposed to Graeco-Egyptian. This is what we said before, note THE MASONS. We worked very hard on democratic capitalism and civil rights, and I do not see how defunding my kind of magickal world in the way they have demanded is going to hold everything together as the smart set swoop in for a drug-fueled feeding frenzy directed by China which we notice had no democracy and really still doesn’t.

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