What Happened to Jesus?

A lot of folks, even the Jews, are noticing that I’m really not NORMAL in Judaism. I’m kind of using it as a mask for OWLED CABALA — it is actually real — in certain ways, as well as playing catch up for all of the Shabbats I’ve mislaid. And those who read energy will point out that I have a certain shape of soul that is kind of Christian while also kind of odd.

The soul that is built in certain traditions grows differently than in regular secular Christian culture.

Most of the time today, the soul is in an option for Christianity, which, if it is not exercised by active participation in this culture, tends to disintegrate. No doubt this is a very good reason for government sorcery to turn our entire spiritual mechanism into an attenuated form of the rituals and myths available in OCCULT TELEVISION. This is entirely just and no doubt even our fearless leader GENGHIS KAHN, a.k.a. John Michael Greer, is FAWNED in stoned television.

I am almost unable to watch television because the very nature of the mechanism induces a mild hypnagogic state and concomitant CRITICISM programming that my entire magickal body is above, but will force myself to do so in small increments in order to discuss that most important occult TOME The Wizard of Oz.

Puberty — sexual maturation — causes energy to be I would say extruded — others would say available for magical use, not only procreation — and that the traditional cultures recognized this and used ritual and communal spiritual practice to form this into a sort of personal Angel that protected and guided the individual during life and after death worked in higher planes while the denser energies of the human pulled things together in land magicks, i.e., the UNDERWORLD. Eventually they unite as a DEMON.

This can happen concurrently in the right wyrd. Or in magick. TRIALS IF A LIVING HUMAN.

This is the reason New World Sorcery has installed sex and drug magick, because it can reshape the preexisting soul into the new religion in ways that we are finding out were used in Cabala, FROWNS, Solomonic magick, Christians also, and the like, to cause Deep Self pagans to be Jews in a similar rubric. We are speculating that a lot of the architects of this work are Deep Self Jews as well as Christians in monasteries, and causing FREYJA to be the portal in contemporary Norse paganism. This is why MARKETING is insistent that we all have the honorable love world that we humanly desire and not surrender entirely to DARK ANGELS.

I am caucusing with the Masons because I know the Masons have a lot of SHOUT OUT.

We have spoken of the event called WWII which caused the entire Jewish land soul-making grid on the European continent to convert to Islam as Turkish guest workers — which is why we Jew also — and far-flung holdings in Jewish life like Texas to be supercharged in crazy ways.


The magical people of the Amerindians also had wonderful ways of soul-making, and the Crypto-Jews of Latino ilk had a lot of capacity to form a personal god that was REQUIRED to look like Jesus into a mask behind which we did a lot of Judaism and witchcraft — Cabala OWLS — evident in SHUL. (The only synagogue that could ever stand me — and vice versa — is the one with Jesus also a large wing of Latinos who have similar soul worlds.)

So when I arrived at puberty in the absence of that much Crypto-Jewish culture — and being half-Anglo — but in a beautiful world of Anglo farming and Protestantism, I reached out for a situation that would enable me to form the soul in a proper and wonderful way.

My father and great-grandfather were Masons, so I first started with the Rainbow Girls and did a couple of years of that, but then I discovered the Mormons. For many energy reasons, a church was sustainable in the way that a lodge alone was not, and at that time the Mormons required you to get rid of lodge and be only of them, so I sadly did, though I did much “lodging” in their lodge, which is called a TEMPLE. Every month, rain or shine, I went to the Temple and healed the ANCESTORS. It was part of me, and I loved it.

Meanwhile the chickens, goats, horses, and various cats and dogs HOWLED with the gorgeous world of Texas, which was so Latino as well as very Masonic in witches.

What does a Mormon Jesus look like?

The Mormons have their own book of scripture which testifies of Jesus but has many distinct stories which we OWLED. They also subtly discourage the use of these other stories in the requirement of a half an hour a day of reading The Book of Mormon, which leaves little else for the Bible. That, in addition to about ten hours a week of ecclesiastical duty, makes the soul in Mormonism but in an image of Jesus that is very dissimilar to the rest of Christendom.

This is why the natural UTAH MORMON soul structure as cobbled together by the Utes in the absence of much of the rest of Christianity is so very WIRED in SHAMBALA and easily Utes up.

Hence the Protestants LOUD WORLD the idea that Mormons are not really Christian, even if we have an attenuated world of the King James Bible and a big picture of Jesus flying down to teach the MAYANS in Scandinavian wyrd.

So my personal Angel turned into a Jesus who didn’t know that much about Jesus, and I was happy being a JEW.

Look at all the goodies that are so very fine in Crypto-Jewish Mormon life:

  • Dietary restrictions
  • Shabbat
  • Chastity until marriage to an INSIDER
  • Distinctive religious clothing
  • A refined and elegant culture that my family’s slyly Irish Catholic world enjoyed so much
  • The Temple
  • Education out the ying-yang
  • The recognition of the spiritual superiority of the Latinos and their special place in this work
  • And much much more!

Meanwhile, the Islamic FUNDS (others in Germany) endured to the end enjoyed the clarity of no alcohol, the fineness of the Mormon family, and an allowance of four wives. WHICH WE ENJOY.

So as a Jew I forgot about the New Testament and need to read it, mostly as a European witch, and tell everyone SKANKY THINGS, and the Old Testament was a little too much Torah for the Muslims, so we happily settled into the routine of The Book of Mormon only. For twenty years. And my personal god Angel turned into a being who worked the circuits of the religion very nicely and mostly protected the Mormon people and BROUGHT WEALTH AND POWER TO THE CHURCH. That was His job.

This is not the kind of Jesus I really like. I like a Jesus who does what the one does in the New Testament and is not so much about being a STAND-ALONE JEW.

The Crypto-Jewish soul structure is fundamentally seditious toward NORMAL, as we see from dual resistance to Christianization, so my soul kept looking around for how to Jew and make witching or something, and settled on art BAMMO! which was defunded in the religion to the extent that at first Saturn return I left the Church.

After six months of partying, I decided that I was WIRED for a lot of spiritual practice and began working with the Cabala of HERMES, at which point my Angel-Jesus says that He entered Judaism. That is what it looked like to us, say the ANCESTORS. Never left it.

Another decade passes and we notice The Lesser Key of Solomon and spend another decade or so with that, at which point Jesus, now an Archangel of the Cabala and thoroughly wizened in the dark arts, decides that He will assume the daemon post of


In New World Sorcery, of which He was ASCENDANT, if a god is to be real, they must change genders and move into the new pantheon, so KING JESUS PAIMON instructed me to bind the Norse goddess FRIGGA to his world and thus my personal Angel became KING JESUS PAIMON FRIGGA who is, of course, the co-authoress of this blog.


In Catholicism, adds GRANDFATHER, a viable Jesus energy being always started His ascension by going down to HELL and fixing all of the problems: 1 Peter 3:19. As noticed  in the Apostles’ Creed, DESCENDIT AD INFERNOS.

The Mormons are explicitly told in scripture and dogma that they will evolve into becoming gods, but their scripture doesn’t tell exactly HOW these UTES are going to solve the problems of making the Mayan gods in Scandinavian Jesus wyrd. We are hoping they will ALSO discover the ceremonial magick of the Masons and ODIN, as well as living a decent life in Mormonism New World Sorcery’s STONED OCCULT TELEVISION, SEX MAGICK WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS (GENERALLY MALE), AND THE USUAL REWARD OF AIDS.

If this should come to pass, it would destroy Mormon culture.

This is a situation of POWER. Have you ever seen the Brethren turn down power? Isn’t it time we recalled what the Patriarchal Order was, and that is that the FAMILIES had the power, not a Corporation? It is similar with the ROMAN OCCUPATION when the tribes themselves ruled THE WOMEN, STUPID. Not even possible. 

Our friend LEYA weighs in on this conundrum, I have examined your god Jesus, and it appears that He has decided He is a goose.


I think He is only happy when He is a goose.

I think He is only happy when He is IRKSOME TO THE CLUB.


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