RUSSIA: What is a Demon?

GENGHIS KHAN does relate experiences in Russian Orthodox spiritual practice:

The heart has also been central to Western spirituality, in both orthodox and esoteric forms. Catholic devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus are one manifestation of this; another is the potent system of meditative prayer called hesychasm, practiced in Eastern Orthodox monasteries for centuries, in which controlled breathing and the constant repetition of a short prayer bring the awareness into focus at the heart center and open the door to mystical experience.

Greer, John Michael. Circles of Power (p. 149). AEON Books. Kindle Edition.

GENGHIS KHAN does not come out and say how important this must have been in his own ceremonial magick, though it is speculated he eventually had to put arrangements in place DAVEN. The Russian power strikes very hard in his Cabalistic Golden Dawn work, especially in the world of THE SWORD.

I have pointed out in the past the fact that the Golden Dawn’s use of the eastern cross for its banishing rites of the LBRP and BRH indicate that at the very least Eastern Orthodox practice was POINTED TO BUT NEVER RUBRICKED. Dion Fortune somewhere lauds the Russian Orthodox sorcery as oh kind of the best.

I am going with the notion that more Russian Orthodox sorcery was done than we are overtly taught in Golden Dawn, as perhaps was Jewish practice, and the fact that Russian Orthodox spiritual work was never really put together in a large-scale way in the United States, especially on the West Coast, means that we don’t really sniff it out in the energy world.

So here I am, splattered in everything, finally getting down to the object which is called a building and talking to those glorious GHOSTS and normal people and feeling the land power of the place and watching the whole thing take me in hand in certain ways, because I am going to agree that the ORIGINAL OBJECT WAS GOLDEN DAWN BUT NOW WE ARE IN SANTERIA  we find out that the poets knew the COWS:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time. (T.S. Eliot, Little Giddings).

As I sat communing with the power, a psychopomp told me what a demon was and spruced up my ancestors.

In a previous post, I related what the ancestors had taught me on a visit to our family cemetery: Christian death.

The Russian Orthodox world defined it further.

When Christians ascend in death — and they do it quite quickly compared to what used to be or what is in groups where much portal work is done — they go into higher worlds and leave behind a sloughing of energy that is often not very fine. If a lot of demon work is done, this can cause itself to be a GNARLY MESS a self-conscious energy being that seeks to make itself a home and feed and cause its routine activities among the living. HENCE THE NECESSITY OF THE DARK WORK oh it gets out of hand NOT IF MUCH FREEMASONRY FIRST, SANTEROS. This is why we have problems in demon work if it is not done with the EXCELLENCE OF THE CHURCH. The Latin Catholic Church does it very hard, which is why I have been instructed to strike bad guys. The Russian Orthodox Church trends more toward causing them to express the wisdom aspects of the Cabala and a great deal of elegance and refinement in the world in the style of Russia.

We need fancy churches. They are soothing and restful to these beings.

Russian Orthodoxy worked with the Jewish world in finer ways in the underworld, though I am not disputing the destructive actions that long-seated competition among ethnic and religious groups have experienced. At the very least, the Russian ethnicity profoundly represented in the power work of Judaism bridges the gap and, in the sweet by and by, you will see us COWED. If I had stayed in Brooklyn instead of Jersey, I would have had things put together. 

Chthonic work is not welcome in females, remember?

The occult writer Konstantinos, a notable dark worker, says exactly this of the demons, and it is hard for a Mexican to hear, in a book, but I can hear it in a church when it is my own father’s shell that is being reshaped into something rich and strange.

The farm animals can enter the power work of Judaism whereas the Christian world keeps them out. They cause EVERYTHING TO BE FINE INSTEAD OF NORMAL.

But we do like the Norse work, say the Europeans. Also COWED among the Rus.

We see from the PICTURE on the last blog post, PAIMON, that the Angelic order where this work was ORDERED TO BE PERFECTED by GENGHIS KHAN was the THRONES, so that is the trail of bread crumbs left by the Russian power that RUE can’t work with a menstruating female.

And the demon work is Russian.

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