How to Make Solomonic Discs

The work of sorcerer in a witch
Has molecules of death and rich

The wait for making Golden Dawn
Is never wealthy for the Fawn

But plough we must if LORD of Lee
I can’t remove my family.


I had intended to write a post about how to make Solomonic disks in the old style and naturally consulted the very tome where I had SNATCHED VICTORY FROM THE PLAYWRIGHT, Joseph Peterson’s fine ENGLISH version.

This working was initially silent but EFFECTIVE when I made up a set, whereas Mathers/Crowley was awash in CAMP, and now, after five years of work, I can finally hear ENGLAND and take their advice on how to instruct others on the construction of these immortal implements, the DISKS.

If you work physically, it immortalizes you. ROUT IS COWS. 

This work is for reading only, not even skrying. It works beautifully in the underworld and in other worlds by those who did this in life and can do it still in those other worlds. Animals can do the work in their world if we do the accepted types of magick and read. Perhaps this is why it is said that ceremonial magicians do an awful lot of talking and reading but they don’t do much magick. THEY DO. 

I am going to further speculate that the oeuvre of ENGLAND is more about helping folks work the astral, and that is an achievement. This is perhaps why the WITCHES COW. So, avail yourself of the fineries

At the same time, ROUT assisted me to get back into the work of Jake Stratton-Kent — wil o’ the wisp — hereinafter called GOETIABLATHER — who will get down to brass tacks about the WHIPPET.
Ceremonial magick always takes the magician DOWN and it is for many reasons, not just the attack mode of normal village witching.
I am not being racist here. I am half-Mexican American, and much normal village witching of Mexican type has been blammo’d all over me, to great effect. 
CURANDERISMO is mostly about taking care of the energy work of yourself and your family and usually involves healing, getting love, finding a good job, keeping the dark forces of energy worlds at bay — in some cultures, there is much seepage between the worlds — and generally keeping oneself right with the spirits. This is a good thing, and one that the mainstream culture should look into. It is also why the Latinos are more available for COWS. We do things. 
There is always the temptation in village witching to take more than one’s fair share, especially when someone is not seen to be behaving advantageously in energy work. 
When I was a Mormon youth — I converted at fourteen — I must have fielded attacks from such individuals, and though it takes a bit longer for the boomerang effect, in the end, it is quite LOUD. It was quite sad in one situation to watch a long-term psychic attack injure the attacker to such an extent that the Mexican Jews could no longer help that person FIND the middle class. It is a style!
Now the dominant strain is culturally Cuban and others, and achieving similar effects. This is not about the color of anyone’s skin. We are many of us possessed of significant amounts of melanin, myself included, and some village witches are quite pale nowadays. But village witching it is, and full of SHEKELS. 
In the end, you have to pay protection money and that is why we HOWL with lodges like our ancestors, as well as doing some village witching ourselves. It is not good to be oafish in the presence of POW POW. 

Someday I will make a blog post on HOW TO BE DECLASSE. How about an entire blog?

It is important for a budding ceremonial magician to learn to be déclassé WITH STYLE. If you don’t want to be déclassé AND NOTICED BY THE STATE, you don’t want to be a ceremonial magician.

The BOYFRIENDS cry out that I am female and should be a WITCH not a wizard. Rising too high in man power will get me slaughtered SLYTHERINED. RAM has pointed out that we are a wizard family, and even if I am not the optimal gender for wizarding, it is important for me to just wizard and forget about other people’s dimensional problems.

I adore the police. They are a permanent class in America. We have no idea how many of our GENIUS buddies are part-time consultants for the State, especially now in sorcery. It was always thus, points out THE JESUIT. NOUNS!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the two biggest obstacles in the making of an actual temple in The Lesser Key of Solomon are the painting of the floor design, principally the proper rendering of the Hebrew names, and the construction of the disks.

For the correct construction of Hebrew consonants, I refer to the B.O.T.A.’s fine guide, Hebrew Letter Workbook. I worked through this booklet and have never wavered in the whole business of writing and picking out Hebrew consonants. Staring at those holy letters every day for years didn’t hurt.
I have speculated on the existence of a gentleman’s agreement between the western art magicians and the Jewish world on how Hebrew — the holy language — was to be used, and that essentially the Christians can have the consonants but not the vowels. So adjure yourself with the consonants and read the Bible say the ancestors. Someday those little points will stick, I keep telling myself, while the Masons SLICK pull them off and secrete their power in some drug-filled Mason world and I can’t function. But they can’t seem to get the consonants. Those thingies ARE.

(BTW: I have finally learnt the vowels thanks to spending significant time with THIS FINE TOME. Pretty soon the language shout out!)

I give you a nickel, OWLS. 

How to make the disks?

There are many manufacturers of these items now in business, and it is not wrong to patronize them, as have I. Some of the items for sale are elegant beyond belief. At the same time, my wyrd was to work in my own way.

The purchase of disks from an established Solomonic magician is an entrenched part of the tradition, reminds one dealer from whom I have purchased.

Exactly, remind the Thelemites.

It is not wrong.

If that dealer is part of a great WORLD, that is wonderful. Thelema is such a world, and I salute it. The venerable Abramelin alumna Athena will sell you these items in a snick snack, and hers are part of a lovely rubric that the OWLS can inhabit from many sides: ATHENA. WOMEN ARE PARTICULARLY FAWNED OVER, we notice. 

She has other worlds available, too, that are now more popular, ENGLAND snarks. 


At the same time, the dominant paradigm of art magick, into which category the major cottage industry folks of disk-making must fall, is involved with the drug magick as well as the sex magick. This is how the Angel magick is done, not the DAMIEN magick, which likes to be spun, and these are not the same in the energy world of plants and animals.

I am not excoriating entheogen use outright, but we are at the point of some kind of SCORCHED EARTH POLICY about it, as well as tired to death of watching people who should not be on drugs be on drugs. We need some rubrics. 

Crowley knew that the new magick would involve the drug and sexual work — GET A LOAD OF PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE RUBRIC IN 1932 — and was no doubt admonished to get going with it and make it right for his work. 

This is why King Purson left me. The secret is in plain sight in art, but only INSIDERS can see it, after they have sold their souls. THE GOLD KING OF PROPHECY IN MY ART LEADS ON TO HOLLYWOOD but blogs — with no nuts, squirrel — can afford to be shy about the stupid. 
Thelema and Golden Dawn have worked with this for over a hundred years and have a very fine world of it which is open to New World Sorcerers if they care to enter it and perform the labor, as is the Norse work. I was called to do the work of the underworld power and that is more healthy without that particular work, but with other work, equally snarkful. 
PAIMON insists that the new magick of the Angels performed with drugs and sex is extraordinary, although it does not yet know how to control its demons. Here is where we are RAPPING galdr.

Those who assay my work will not be automatically routed to the drug and sex astral magick — which is no doubt eventually going to be wonderful — but to the BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA, with its painstakingly wonderful BUILDING PROJECT IN THE DENDRITES of each symbol, supped with the Body of Christ THE ANGELS OF THE CABALA, meditated on in the POWER WORLD of Hermetics, kindly, and the gradual opening of the psychic centers whose chemicals are built by the body itself, not some ad hoc biochemistry numchuk strike on FOUND.

Here the B.O.T.A. COWS weigh in. In that its work is almost entirely mental, it can go very high with the drug magick and much skrying, and it is important for US to go high. We don’t like the work of this BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA because it loops with ordinary Catholics, and they are low. They do not fly! They mostly just practice Christianity, and this is not what we are about! (Dr. Case was a Catholic priest, so this is, in fact, a joke.)
I will weigh in on this later when we discuss the workplace astral circle and its many peccadilloes. Without workplace astral rings, I EYE would not have been wrenched out of MY SOCKET I SEE. Mom weighs in from an early grave. 
The entire upshot of this is that the rote repetitive motion exercises power many things and must be done. They can also be used by the money people for their firmament. Doing the exercises exactly helps, while crossing them up also helps. That is why we have both the regular liturgy and the experimental work: THE MASS + THE BLACK MASS. 
The large systems were built in part to enrich the aristocrats and keep the bureaucrats like the church in perpetual power, so it is honorable to tinker with them. 
When we do both, it also binds the money and TRIALS success at a level that is human again. I am not stuck

Now let’s hear from RAM and his world. HORSES love tasks because they lived with humans in tasks. In the morning there is the bridle, the plough, the wagon, the saddle, the logs. Every moment is an important contribution to THE WORLD OF WORK. At the end of the day, a warm barn and sustenance. It is a horse world here, and the OWLS can find it.

New World Sorcery is always calling on horses. If you want a horse, you need to walk behind him in the back forty, not eat the power of a friend.

Here I must apologize to the gods AND THEY ME. I have been too flippant as well as wrong.

First, DIDYMUS was not a cow. He is an ex-husband who earned a doctorate in classics from one of the most respected institutions in the United States. 

– She is always writing about me, and we have been divorced since 1985.
– That’s what you get!
Furthermore, the DAMIEN claims it has been thousands of years since cows entered Judaism in full incarnation. In recent eons, they mated with the chakras in certain ways, and not necessarily the lower ones. It took a lot of bovine conniving to keep the Jews safe in Christian lands, and to this we owe them. I must aver here that I must respect the reverenced opinion that the soul is of God, not animals working into human spirituality like the Cabala teaches. Regarding the transmigration of souls between animals and humans, we can read in Gershom Scholem’s fine treatise, Origins of the Kaballah, location 5147 in the Kindle editionI must further hint that the god within my old flame was, in fact, an ambient avian power from

you are crazy because of the WHIPPET. dogs are not used to this work. BUT WE ARE COWED NOW.

the old country of Europe. I AM FOUND IN POLAND and you Germany.

Second, most of the doors are built by the birds and the greatest WHIPPETS. We do have a small FOUND of that here from the Amerindian power workers.

This is in the Amerindian lands where everyone is glad about these bird strikers.

We are in this music, too. We are OWLS.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, RABBI is curious about the drugs.

AMERINDIAN is much of what this work is, avers ENGLAND. Can’t behave is what RABBI sees. 

Second, the avian powers coming into the New World Sorcery are doing marvelous work in figuring out this CHINESE FINGER TRAP new magick, and it is to be hoped that they can loop into this work and create some wonderful things in the new stuff that I am tangling with.

I was instructed on how difficult it is for these beings. They have to leave their own worlds and evolution where they are stronger, enter the human thought stream, not get crazy, figure stuff out, die if you leave the work or lose your health — DIFFY Q’s NOT GOOD FOR THE GODS — try something on called MASONS Rosicrucians I think, and oh those are dogs.


THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN — he was actually a Kabbalist — hints that the dog world was worked in Judaism until the 19th century and in Christianity until about the 17th. After that, it was mostly aerial. Before then, too. 

Shapeshifting into wolves is very helpful COMING AT YOU FROM NORTHRLAND, as is work with Odin, and here in Thelema the godform assumption of Anubis. The canine structures are much older and it takes a great deal of power to work them. It was judged that RAM was able to do it. Dogs have tasks in human worlds. 
I have been informed that being a sphinx is a sure route to poverty. That is, working intensely with different animals. Here Beleth weighs in: This is how this magick was worked in the old days. Your great-grandfather RAM had work of horses as well as birds. You have work of cats as well as dogs.Christianity does not like dogs in the OWLS.

It is easier if they know they are dogs, but how the OWLS like it is hidden. This is why we in ceremonial magick command “a fair human shape.” Furthermore, the Norse work has the fetch which is a pure animal, not a sphinx as in the Greek work, and often it is humans who are in the animal form and animals in the human form, so we can all have the masks we need to do the work.

Death is different. Humans often fall apart in death whereas animals don’t. When RAM crawled out of the grave in 1927, his horses were waiting for him and they fell into the recognizable activity of ploughing, OWLS guiding him so gently and wonderfully. Animals have more functionality and can do better things in death, and when they have a rubric of great magick they worked together when both were alive, IT IS A STANDARD.

The ancestors are ALIVE AS WELL. This whole business of RAM is also of a context for how the work was done in the Pacific Northwest in the Gilded Age. 

RAM said that when he was trained in the work of SATAN — whom they called THE LORD — he was told that in death he would not be in hell but poor and that the Christians were not welcome. Ancestors assure me that he went to Christian heaven in the end, because that is all there was, TOWN COUNCIL. 

I am curious about the Thelemite death world. I have always said that when THE OLD BOY died, he jumped into the Thoth deck. A BLOG WORLD IS ALSO POSSIBLE. 
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I went to jewelry school to learn the craft of WISECRACKING making metal objects. The school I attended in New York was very old school and wonderful, and the Angels of Death were with me always. There were no text books or anything. I walked in on Day 1, and the head professor sat me down at a station and handed me a jeweler’s saw and a piece of jeweler’s brass and told me to start sawing. That is how I learned jewelry making. I can make competent and wonderful jewelry and probably will. Jewelry is important. Humans always have ornamentation.

The Lion familiar was with me. It was THE LION OF JUDAH. The Jews were always the ones who dealt in gold, silver, and DIAMONDS.

That is how we got THE DEAL in. You have to have a deal. It is very special.

You make your own metal work.

I have not been JUST with Jake Stratton-Kent, though He did help me quite a bit. I have recounted how His image showed up in the chief Wiccan store in Manhattan and helped me get the Khyphi incense wrong not very fine. Who does this but prostitute witches with Manhattan all avowed?

But the Raven of Odin alighted on His shoulder and showed me the way to go home — to the witches of the Lower East Side and then to Seattle BETTER NOUNS.

If items can be purchased locally with cash, that is better for the GODS also ghosts who can get into them locally and also to support the local economy. That is important, especially in FOOLS magick.

Now what we are going to be doing is metallurgy, which is discussed quite beautifully in the work of J S-K as one of the pivotal GUILDS of the Ancient World. I highly recommend reading the first chapter of Geosophia which is now available on Kindle whereas when I got the set it was $50/book. Thus ceremonial magick is coming into the grasp of those who need more affordability. 

Now what IS a Solomonic disk? We are told it is a piece of metal that is round.
A coin.
Back in the day, the poor had very few coins, and the rich had them all locked up in chests. The GAMBIT of The Lesser Key of Solomon is a Catch-22. You have to get a coin to get the key to get a coin.
In Greece, if you wanted the ferryman Charon to get you across the river Styx into Hades, you had to pay him a coin, and people were routinely buried with coins for this purpose. Hence the grave robbers, who risked a bit if the dead didn’t make it across the river. If the magick we are involved with echoes into Greece, the coin can be used as a means of contacting the deceased.
The most fundamental way of dealing with Clavicula is to take a piece of money, efface the image from the State, and draw the sigil onto the money. This would be better done with paper currency at this point, and if I had to do it over again, TRY.
But this is not how things went with me, and I am not really very adventuresome at the start, so I have made a bunch of fake coins out of sheet metal like all of my compadres. With much passion, however
As for the sigils, let’s consider how things were in preliterate Europe, which is to say, the 19th century! When the census was made or a tax collected, the person being queried had to sign the register with their “mark.” I WISH I HAD SOME POWER OF RESEARCH EXCEPT MEMORY. I would imagine most of these marks were an X. That was the modest thing to do. But no doubt some people put together a fancy mark that represented their signature, and this was widely recognized, like a signet, a ring used to place a mark into the hot wax used to seal a letter that indicated the author. 
I would wager a guess that some of the sigils available in ceremonial magick were the made-up signatures of witches and wizards and the land spirits who worked with them. After a while, these marks would come to form part of the energy database of the local magick, and any spirit — or worker — who wished to involve themselves in a particular activity could look up the work and use the sigil as a means of working in the same way.
On second thought, a lot of it was astrological and alchemical-looking, with some squiggly lines that are clearly impish in nature.
This is what they are now, echoes of possible workers from centuries ago that are now WISELY FORGOTTEN SAY THE NEW WITCHES able to be called up in that database called the Church THE FEY which they also use LIKE FOOLS. 

Thus we have kept these sigils rough and ready like the witches they were. Wizards no doubt had the niceties called jumping over the line to get the job done. A really awesome witch looking for a bit of afterlife money could be available for a lot of work. WIZARDS. 

But if these items are not locally available, please consult the following links to provide yourself with the necessities.

All that was pretty long-winded and I haven’t gotten to the instruction part yet.Step 1: Select the spirit you want to work with. I would recommend flipping through the book and seeing which one wants to work with you. Some don’t.

RAM worked with SATAN, whom the ceremonial magicians called THE LORD and recommended that I work with one DAMIEN for quite some time so that my body doesn’t have a lot of problems. So maybe make one disk and see how it goes. I have regaled you with tales of my adventures with various DAMIENS in this blog, and you can decide who is interesting or who you are instructed to work with.

The metals are very important.

GOLD: THE GAME. It is much of information about how to react to COWS, but you must have done a great deal of energy work ahead of time, or New World Sorcery can cause you a lot of problems as can normal religion. RAM said, Don’t work with too many gold powers. They play tricks on you.
I have said before that I relinquished BELIAL at the instruction of BELETH because both of these DAMIENS route the money. If you want big money, like a corporate job or something, BELIAL will have you working 90 hours a week, and that leaves scant time or energy for LOVE whereas if you want to deal with the vicissitudes of GAME, BELETH will tell you all about what the sex magicians in your energy know — ! — and route the money more reasonably. Also wonderful lovers are available. 
LEYA is not always typing. 
I wish to reestablish a connection with BELIAL at some point because He is the energy-value-command world of THE CHURCH IN COWS and he has much information about things. Very good with Lucifer energy as well. He is a fine old Jewish demon, too. His Hebrew name means beli “without” ya’al “value” and was used to describe astral sorcerers from what I can tell in the Torah (Deuteronomy 13:2-3). This whole business of the dreamers of dreams and looking into other gods is kind of like us who probably fit the bill. Much lore of BELIAL is available, all throughout the Middle Ages. You never got a straight answer from the Church. PLAYING BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE is what RABBI would say. Show up to Shul, KLINGONS. 
In any case, I will get a drawing in of BELIAL at some point. I saw him often at the great demon church of Manhattan! The one where the great men of the world go to heal themselves from shaping the circuit of so many trillions of dollars and where does the money go? 
– We have to trust it goes for good. 
– I actually do like this computer, so I absolve you for this individual computer. 
– For millions of them!
SILVER: GRANDFATHER says that the underlying saint structures of the humans can avail us in silver and actually cause reasonable magick for our lives, so try that on. LERAJE is wonderful for pulling together executive ability in those who have to dwell ETHERICALLY in the Middle Ages as impoverished witches. THAT IS HOW WE ARE COWING THIS, says ASATRU. Nobody wants to really be a Scandinavian witch from the Middle Ages when the lice, the mice, the diseases, and the various TRIALS come in. OWLS. 
SHAX is much touted in the book as an evil power but is also mysterious and really wonderful when his dark wings flutter. He tells things sideways. Always think about what he has to say, because SHAX is probably also a name for Shakespeare who, at this point, is surely bound thereby as a GOD of the Rosicrucians. Reading and viewing his work heals the world of the Goetia and they can speak in it with SHAX.
COPPER: I am told that the copper powers can be used as entering the world of the Graeco-Egyptian magicians in certain ways and that is healed. This is not scholarship but PERSONAL GNOSIS in my rubric, especially since I work with HAURES whom the Thelemites like to call FLAUROS to differentiate the daimon from the Egyptian godform. HAURES is the spirit who is most able to bridge the gap between the demons and the Angels of Enoch and this is much used when he is in play. There is also VEPAR who is clearly a mermaid and thus in the Odyssey. FOCALOR always shows up for me in very Egyptian energy, almost as Anubis. I am speculating the work of copper itself, having been mined in the Bronze Age, was enchanted so greatly by those wizards that the metal forms up that world most efficaciously. This metal is also used in our era as electrical wiring. The bronze vessel suggested as an alternate locus for the DAMIENS is also an indication of that metal’s communicability in Graeco-Egyptian magick. It lacks the kind of money power of gold and silver, so it is not so full of stress.

The metals also have implications of social class, gold being the highest and lead the lowest. Tracking on one’s own class is WISE. FURCAS, the sole DAMIEN of lead, is very important as a go-between for the gold powers.

The metals also ride the body from top to bottom, gold in the head and lead at the feet, so if you are going to work this way, a good assortment up and down the trunk can help your health.
THELEMA points out, The DAMIENS are an all-encompassing world.
Step 2: Decide on the size you want the disk to be. I use 1″ to 2″. Using the template and the scribe — the pointy writing implement above, trace a circle out of sheet metal.Step 3: Use the circular snips to cut it out. Some of our WIZARDS are calling in to ask why we have the jeweler’s brass. Well, everything in jewelry starts in brass, and there is the matter of fixing Mercury, which is not safe. So why not use brass and maybe add an opal that you can glue on with jeweler’s glue? You can find one on this site if you want to work the Mercury spirits, including the famed Buer, who doesn’t like side deities to get his job done because the tradition is so much of him. I do work in many modalities for healing because it is hard on people who have opened the psychic centers. The disintegration of the body releases a lot of energy it seems like, and we often die before we die. That is how we know to call our kin, as GRANDFATHER called me to tend him at his passing. 

Step 4: Use the file to sand the edges so that they are smooth.

Step 5: Drill a small hole into the disk and place the bail through it.Step 6: Get the sigil from the book.

I used Joseph Peterson’s Lesser Key of Solomon in the kindle version: THE ELEGANT ONE.

I posit that the sigils of ceremonial magick were kept naive-looking so that the illiterate could enter the spells, because these are the folks who work with power. Then as now, evidently, the gentleman’s club of magick was somewhat separate from the workers’ set, and this is where we have all of the problems with the magick. The astral drug workers evidently use our stuff quite extensively in vision only; the Afro-Hispanic workers use the paper seals in mojos preferentially; and most robe-clad ceremonial magicians are in Enoch, not Solomon.

I and I alone am left to tell the tale.

When Mathers had the thing drawn up with those circle lines around the sigil and perfectly typeset letters, he made sure that no one would actually get the things made because they are impossible to make unless by a professional jeweler and no doubt all of the jewelers were under spells or consulting for the state. It is part of the hokum of the Golden Dawn that it was a gentleman’s club that accidentally got too real and turned into a crazifest and is now considered ineffectual — while it is both. I am speculating that New World Sorcery’s luring of regular upper-middle-class professionals into high level magick with drugs and sex as the means of opening the psychic centers and enlacing the minds telepathically has achieved a similar outcome of much shipwreck.

Study the Golden Dawn, SHAOLIN ELEGUA. You will see.

For quite some time after I decided to go ahead and honor the opening of the portal, the Mathers version was hopelessly crossed up and I had to go with the Peterson version for reals until King Beleth asked for the Mathers version and I lost my Peterson set in a giant mess along with all of my human objects. I suspect the gifts were tranced on by folks in possession of millions of dollars in net worth and were considered by Paimon to be potential tools of assassination. BYE BYE. 

It was very awkward, AND WIZARD NEEDS TO CONSULT HER LAST BLOG POST ABOUT MIDGARD. Also the life of Crowley. 

New World Sorcery’s chthonic work is evidently very prominent, and if you are not playing for the team, you get POW POWed.

The Peterson circle done up in Roman letters is a way of getting past the cross-ups of impinging upon Jewish energy work that we don’t comprehend. Ditto the black and white. It is a clear, white light, and I revere it. At the same time, there are so many minds in the beloved Mathers-Crowley version that I went with that in the end and have a lot of information from the mainstream while also being a giant mess.


Step 7: Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let’s copy the sigil for the seal. For this, we need the snipping tool.

On Macintosh, Command + Shift + 4 will turn on the snipping tool, which causes you to be able to copy a small section of the screen.
On Windows, press the Start Key. Find the Snipping Tool. Select the tool you want and snip out the sigil for the spirit whose disk you are to make. Alt + M will enable the Free Form snip to collect the exact part of the screen that contains the sigil for the seal.

Print the sigil at a size that will be convenient for the disk that you have made.

Step 8: Draw a circle around it with the template. (The Masons point out that there is a compass that can do this job with tradition. The template is what was used at jewelry school, so we have the template available. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.) Draw a circle on the carbon paper. Cut them out with new scissors.
Step 9: Place the carbon paper under the regular paper with the sigil on it. Trace over it with a new ball point pen.
Step 10: Using the scribe, incise the sigil on the disk.
Step 11: Using new kosher salt, wash the carbon off. 
Step 12: Using the Dremel tool and a buffing attachment, buff the seal first with black diamond polish then with red rouge polish. Wash off any extra polish. 
Step 13: Place the beautiful new seal into a fine linen cover and in your collection of most prized items. It will connect to your etheric body and that is no child’s play. 
ODIN told me that once a temple is duly constructed and operative, the entire rubric of the world trends towards its confiscation. 
BAEL told me that if it is confiscated, the DAMIENS traditionally had to serve the new Master or the old Master would die of magnetic destruction.
Thus we speculate that when the Church confiscated a lot of those old tools, it used them for building the church itself, and when the Inquisition burnt too many grimoires and associated tools, the Church itself began to fall apart and the Church decided to just keep those old things locked away in the basement where they could still FUND while also not. Thus the DAMIENS always end up having it both ways.

So beware. Your energy world will be used simultaneously to heal the Church — the Shul — and break its stupidity IF WISE. 


  1. […] Now I had had some problems with Buer before that I chalked up to being technical, to wit, the whole situation of the seal being a requirement of fixed Mercury and not the more insular metals hitherto arranged. This is my description of how to make the seals using jewellers’ supplies, I having attended jewelry school for exactly that purpose and available to be BRAVE: […]


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